Written by SeaFoam2

Jul. 19, 2017

I wrote this story for a lady on the site who wanted to be the sub in a master/slave fantasy. Unfortunately we never go to act it out in real life. :(

You step out of the bathroom with a hotel towel wrapped around yourself . I am standing directly in front of you as you come out. I take a good long look at you, then push you against the wall with my forearm against your throat.

“Listen.” I growl. “You are now my slave. Do you understand? Your only desire now should be to please me. I am your master and you are my slave. Any screaming or running away and you will pay for it. ”

You nod.

“I can’t hear you slave!” I bark at you. “From now on you will say, ‘Yes master’ or ‘No master.’ If you want to say something you may ask ‘May I speak master.’ And I may or may not allow you to speak. Do you understand.”

This time you correctly and meekly say “Yes master.”

“Good! You are learning. Now I have something more to teach you.” I reach up behind you and grab your hair and my other hand grabs one of your arms and I roughly drag you into the bathroom in front of the mirror. I am standing behind you with one hand in your hair and I reach with my other hand to grab the towel and rip it off you. We look at the mirror with you completely naked in front of me.

“What do you see?” I ask.

“Me and you, master.” You say.

I grab your hair tighter and slap your ass and say, “Wrong bitch. I see me and my property. “

I reach up and roughly grab a tit. “What’s this?”

“My tit, master.” You respond.

“Wrong again!” And I slap your ass hard. “It is my tit. I own you and every part of you.” I twist the nipple until it stings. “I can do whatever I want with you now as you are the slave, bitch. What is this!” I snarl as I reach down and grab your pussy.

“Your pussy master.” You respond.

“Good, you can learn. Now get on your knees, slut.” You obediently get onto your knees. I grab your hair with both hands and push your head down to my cock. “Lick my cock” I order.

You lick my cock from the base to the tip, then take my cock into your mouth. I roughly pull your head off my cock and yell at you. “You stupid cum slut! I told you to lick it, not suck it. If I wanted it sucked I would have said so. You can’t even get that right.”

I grab your hair and half drag you out of the bathroom and next to the bed. I grab a flogger from the bed and paddle each ass cheek with a few strokes of the flogger. I hear your slight moan as the small stings from the flogger caress your ass.

“I don’t like disciplining you, but you slaves need a bit of punishment to learn how to behave. Now your lovely ass is red and it is your fault.” I lick your ass cheeks where the flogger has hit them. “See, that feels better doesn’t it.”

“Mmmm. Yes.” You respond. “Yes what?” I ask. “Oh, yes master!” You belatedly remember.

“I think you are going to need to be taught a lesson, you stupid cunt. You just aren’t learning quickly enough. Get spread-eagled on the bed face-up.”

“Yes master,” you respond as you get onto the bed.

I quickly strap cuffs on your ankles and wrists and securely tie them to the bed legs. Then I slip a blindfold over your eyes.

“OK. Now you are going to be taught some lessons. You will be disciplined so you will understand what a slave truly is. You are nothing. Your pain and pleasure means nothing to me except that you learn from it. Do you understand?”

“Yes master.”

“Good. Prepare yourself.” I grab a towel and stuff it into your mouth. You can’t see anything through the blindfold, but you hear me rustling and a light clinking sound. You feel your nipple being pulled on, then a tightening sensation as what is obviously nipples clamps are placed first on one nipple then the other. You also feel a light chain strung between the two. I tug on the chain, and the pleasurable tightness of the nipples goes over to pain. Next you feel a tightening on each of your pussy, as I put clamps on your pussy lips and on your clit.

I pull on your nipple clamps and your pussy clamps. “See, that hurts, doesn’t it. That is what happens when you do not listen to your master.”

“See, if you were more obedient I would be able to do things like this.” I lick my finger and softly stroke your pussy. I rub around the lips and slowly insert my finger.

“Instead, I have to do this.” I tug harder on the clamps, sending waves of pleasurable pain through your body. I take the flogger and lightly slap your tits and inner thighs. I pinch around the nipples and tits. I reach underneath your ass and pinch it hard. I keep flicking the clamps every once in a while well.

“Do you know what a Wartenburg Wheel is, slave?”

“No master.”

“It is what doctors use to test reflexes, it is a little wheel with spikes on it. It delivers such delicious pain.” You feel a line of pricks against the skin coming up your inner thigh. I slowly run the wheel up and down your thighs. Then it moves up your belly to circle around your nipples. Lines of little bright fire follow in its wake. All of your body wherever it touches feels slightly painful then delightful.

We continue like this for a while, with me increasingly testing your limits of pain. Your cries come through the gag and I can tell you are extremely turned on. As am I. Your pussy is literally dripping, and my cock is rock hard. . I get to see your body writhing in pain and pleasure on the bed.

“You are such a whore, you are loving this. Your pussy is just dripping.” I stick a couple of fingers inside you. “I bet I can probably get most of my hand in there.” I add another finger into the pussy. It’s tighter, but with all of the juices flowing I can get it in. I drive my fingers in and out of your pussy for a while. I keep tweaking the clamps with my other hand, and twisting and kneading your tits. I am also slapping around your body with the flogger. I add the fourth finger to the hand pumping in and out of your pussy.

“You are such a loose slut. Most of my hand is in your pussy. Maybe I need to push something else in there.” I grab a fat cucumber and push it into your cunt. “Wow. It is like your pussy is just swallowing that cucumber.”

I loosen up the ropes holding you down and pull you up. I guide you over to the coffee table by the simple process of grabbing your hair and forcing you over there. I make you keep the cucumber in your pussy as you walk over.

“Lay on the table you slut and get ready for what you deserve.” Of course, you can’t respond because of the gag, but you do as you are told.

As soon as you are lying on the table I tie your hands underneath the table, and tie your legs to the legs of the table so they are spread wide. Your pussy with the cucumber in it is spread wide, and your asshole is puckering in the light as I push the cucumber it in and out. Your body is there as my play toy.

I pull the clamps off your pussy, eliciting a cry of pain from you as I do so. “Now bitch, I am going to pleasure myself on you.” I go around to your face and crouch in front of you. “Now you can suck my cock you whore.” I say as I pull out the gag.

You eagerly start sucking my cock as I place it in front of you. You gobble up as much as you can spreading your saliva all over my cock. I pull out and say “Suck on my balls.”

“Yes master,” you reply as you start licking my balls.

“Good slut, you are learning to do only what I say.” I reply.

I can feel the cum starting in my ball sack as you massage them with your tongue. I push my balls alternately into your mouth, and slap your face with my cock.

I bend over in front of you and push my ass into your face. My fingers reach around and spread my ass cheeks.

“Lick it, my slave.” I order. “Yes master.” You reply. I feel your moist tongue circling around my asshole. I love the feeling, and I keep stroking my cock as you do so. I let you keep doing that for a while, stroking my cock and enjoying the feeling of your tongue on my asshole.

Finally I straighten up. I lean over and give you a kiss. I whisper to you, “now you are going to get what you have been waiting for, you hot slut.”

I move behind you and pull out the cucumber. I start licking your pussy, but it doesn’t really need any more juices, I just love the taste and smell. I circle up around your asshole with my tongue. I relish the feeling of your brown hole puckering as I rub your clit and pussy with my hands. Finally I straighten up and I position myself behind you. I push my cock into your pussy and reach up to grab your hair with one hand and my other hand grabs your hip. I thrust into you as hard as I can, and I feel your body pushing back. I slam into you as our cries of pleasure echo throughout the room. I stop for a moment as I spit down the crack of your ass. My thumb is moist as I slide it into your little puckered hole. We both start fucking as hard as we can. Soon we are both near the edge. I feel your body starting to cum, and your orgasm pushes me over the edge. I can feel loads of cum emptying into you as we both shudder to a massive climax.

I am breathing heavily as I untie you. We both fall into bed. Our bodies twine together as we share a deep kiss.