Written by 6ULd88s

Sep. 21, 2016

It was a warm summer's eve when he arrived at their rendezvous point. She had picked it out when they had talked and he had been there before, although never to meet someone for an intimate experience. It was just off the highway at a roadside picnic area by the lake shore. He had been there with her that day and fantasized about having sex right there on the picnic table where the traffic could witness it, but had never thought for a second that she would be the one to proposition him. He was as nervous as he was excited and didn't know if she would even show...

She drove into the lot and could see his shadow in the distance from her headlights she had never done anything like this before. Her heart was racing she had wanted him from the first moment she laid eyes on him so asking him to meet her was scary and exciting all at the same time. She turned off her car and sat there in the silence thinking this is crazy, she opened the car door, got out and started walking towards him. He looked so handsome in the evening twilight it stirred things deep in her.

Her car pulled into the picnic area and it hit him that this was now very real. He felt a jump in his pants and a light sweat form on his brow. She stayed in her car for a brief second and he thought she might bolt, but then the door opened and out she stepped. She was stunning in the moonlight. It made her curves jump to attention and he found that he was more attracted to her then he had been that afternoon. He remembered the lingering kiss on his lips as she said goodbye earlier. It was moist, warm and filled with passion, but he suddenly felt his mouth go dry and his heart leap into his throat. He slowly approached her, hoping that this wasn't a dream or a moonlight mirage. It was the touch of her arms around his neck and the soft, yet urgent kiss that shattered the dream and brought her into his reality.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and realized what they were doing and that stirred feelings deep inside her that she had never felt before. He was absolutely lovely to touch and feel in her ar. The kiss they shared made other kisses look tame and ordinary. The passion that was unleashed when their lips touched was filled with desire and wanting. She knew then that she had made the right decision and that he was all she wanted.

The kiss almost made his knees melt underneath his own weight. He had never felt so much emotion balled up in one kiss before and it made him forget that they were out in the middle of nowhere, exposed to everything and anyone who might be venturing out this time of night. His hands slid down her back and he felt the shivers as fingers touched the skin where her dress didn't cover. It was warm and inviting to the touch. He wanted more though so he let his hands wander further. He hesitated when they found their way to her waist. He had never been intimate with her and he needed her reassurance that this is what she really wanted. Breaking their kiss was an almost impossible task. He wanted to devour those delicious mouth of hers forever, but her approval was more important. He gently removed his hands from her waist and placed them on her cheeks. He looked deeply into her eyes with the question he was afraid to ask written in his expression.

She gazed into his eyes and knew the question he wanted the answer to, she couldn't speak she just nodded her head and pulled his face towards her and licked his lips softly. With that touch he knew that she wanted this to happen as badly as he did. He touched her tongue with his and the electricity was almost too much for them to take. She reached up on her tippy toes to get closer and slowly placed her hands on his face and opened her mouth slightly to him he leaned down to touch her lips and swept her into his arms as he carried her to the table.

In his excitement she had no weight. It was if she was already apart of him and he never wanted to let her go. He gently set down on the end of the table without once breaking the kiss. Though she sat with her side to him slightly that didn't stop him from getting as close to her body as he could. Hands roamed up and down her back, exploring the seam where flesh met material and he slipped his fingers down into the back of her dress as best as he could. The other hand was also not idle at all. It rubbed her stomach in widening circles until his hand felt the unmistakable edge of her breasts. With almost wondrous curiosity he allowed his fingers to trace its curve through her dress and let it pass up the middle between them until his hand was cupping her tender flesh for the first time.

She leaned into him to get as close to him as she could as his hand cupped her breast, a tiny moan escaped her mouth. Her hands roamed over his shoulders and chest stopping at his waist she turned to face him and he was standing between her legs as she wrapped her legs around his waist wanting him to pick her up and kiss her. She needed to feel his lips on hers again and know that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. As he slowly picked her up she grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled it over his head so she was touching his bare skin which was warm and soft to her touch. She laid a kiss on his chest and ran her tongue from the kiss to his neck and jaw until she got to his lips.

The midnight air was cool against his warm skin and his nipples became erect suddenly. He wasn't sure if the weather played a big part of that as his excitement was over the top already. The touch of her tongue made thought impossible and he gave up trying and simply began to feel. When their lips finally met again, it was like two magnets coming together. They joined and both sets of lips parted at the same time. Both tongues sought out the other at the same time and danced in each others mouths. He couldn't touch enough of her and was lost in their passion. His fingers began hunting for a way to expose more skin to touch and the zipper on her dress beckoned them to find it. In one fluid motion it slid down. All the way to her perfectly shaped ass. His hands immediately penetrated the opened material and started exploring her newly exposed body. As his hands travelled up towards her shoulders, his thumbs hooked the straps and slid them off her and they fell to her sides, exposing her breasts to the midnight air and his first view.

She moaned into his mouth as the air made she skin ripple and goose bumps appear. She crushed her breasts into his warm skin as their mouths danced together. She knew that she wanted to see more of him, she moved her hands down to his waist and slowly ran them along the belt that was holding them up and grabbed the buckle and pulled, undoing the buckle in one rapid motion. The button was the next thing to come undone and she could finally reach into the top of his pants and run her nails across his firm round ass. Her hands caressed and squeezed, pulling him closer trying to get inside his skin and losing herself in the moment knowing in her mind that they were going to be together.

Feeling her nails on his skin and having her in front of him, her legs spread and dress around her waist and the night air licking at their skin was enough to make his hard on almost explode in his pants. His hands reached under her falling dress and cupped the soft cheeks of her ass the same way hers had done with him. He kneaded them and fondled them knowing that just a little further down that wonderful divot between her ass was the source of all of his erotic dreams. He leaned as close possible and began tracing his lips from her mouth to her ear. He nibbled on her lobe and continued he journey further down her neck until he had made it to her heavenly breasts. His lips opened to taste those inviting buds, when the darkness was interrupted by headlights coming from the distance...

She looked up and tried to cover herself, nervous that someone was going to catch them in this intimate embrace. He stood as close to her as he could as the headlights kept getting closer and at the last minute before the parking lot the headlights turned down the street before the lot. She released the breath that she had been holding and thought that if this happened again she might not be able to breathe again, he turned to her again and finally enveloped her hardened nipple into his mouth and kissed and sucked on it as she leaned her head back and enjoyed the tenderness of his lips and mouth on her breast. He looked up into her eyes and knew that she was getting lost in the feelings she was having. Without a moment more to waste, he reached down between and pushed his pants and underwear down. His steel-hard cock was now free in the night air between them only inches away from her dress covered pussy. He reached out with his hands, grabbed the hem and looked her straight in the eye as it slowly lifted to expose her bare, shaved pussy.

She felt the first cool breeze on her pussy lips and sighed as he lifted the dress up to her waist he moved closer and she could feel him pressing his rock hard cock against her tummy. He was breathing heavy and so was she her breath catching in her throat he was soooo eager to feel more of her and be inside her he looked into her eyes lustfully

the desire to take her right then was almost impossible to resist, but he knew that he had never been with her before now. He somehow didn't feel right about just sliding into her without any more exploration. He regretfully pulled back slightly. He saw the look of concern in her eyes, like she thought he suddenly changed his mind. They were so close to joining their erotic passions together and he just backed away. He immediately smiled and rotated her legs around so that he could sit between them on the picnic table with her inviting pussy beckoning him to play with it. He leaned forward and for the first time tasted her sweet nectar on his lips. Her lips had already separated in anticipation of him, so his tongue easily slipped between them and found its way right to the soft skin at the top of her pussy hole.

She gasped as she felt his tongue on her skin the goose bumps he caused immediately made her shiver under his touch. She had never experienced such passion from a man before. He was gentle, passionate, loving and wanted to pleasure her fully his tongue gently flicking her wet juices every time he touched her flames erupted low in her body. He knew that he could make her climax just with his tongue when her head flung back and moans escaped her lips his tongue never leaving her, his hand reached up and pinched her nipple she moaned louder. She looked down at him that moment and their eyes locked. His lust for her was completely apparent to her and hers for him, but he was not done tasting her juices and pleasure that he could give her.

With renewed intensity concentrated on the hardened bud of her clit. It was standing out from under it's hood screaming for attention and his mouth was eager to satisfy. His lips clamped around it and he gently sucked it in like fluid through a straw. His tongue began to dance all over it. He made a point of touching every surface there was to touch. His fingers began to trace their way up from her tensed ass and started to stroke the tender flesh around her opening before slowly inserting one finger in to the second knuckle. The gasp from both sensations was enough to almost push her over the edge. His finger continued to penetrate her and he was swirling it around to explore the depths of her pussy. The twin sensations were enough to start a chain reaction that bounced between her clit and her G spot. She began to pant softly and moan at the same time. It was if her body was arguing over which orgasm should happen first and they both started at the same time.

She leaned back and let the pleasure overtake her and her moans got louder and she could feel the orgasm gaining intensity as his tongue worked every part of her nether region. He looked up at her. Bathed in the moon light, she looked like an angel craving heaven. His attention to her warm skin was too much for her to handle in a rush of screams and moans her orgasm was intense and totally heart stopping. He never let up sucking her clit and the fingers he had deep inside her were still working her g spot. He knew if he continued she would orgasm again, and that is what he wanted her lost in the moment of pleasure, passion, and total abandon

He lifted his lips off of her swollen clit and looked her directly with a look of intense lust. His hand suddenly started to drive up and down in her soaked pussy, hitting the top and bottom of the entrance and inside as the space would allow. The contractions inside her was something she had never experienced before. It felt like he was trying to tear the pleasure completely out of her and she couldn't form the words to tell him to stop. The intensity grew and grew. No orgasm she had ever experienced built up like this and she couldn't control her thoughts or her voice. The scream in her throat fought to get out, but she held it in as long as she could. His fingers suddenly slow their pace and began a wild circular pattern that took her breath away. She couldn't stop the scream from escaping into the night air and with it came an explosion she had never experienced before. Her entire being gushed out of her and soaked everything in it's path. The feeling she experienced was so intense that she didn't know if her body could handle any more pleasure.

Her body quivered as she tried to catch her breath and slow her breathing. His chest was soaked and he looked into her eyes and smiled at her knowing that this would not be the only time they were together. He knew he was going to pleasure her over and over again. She moved herself and sat up to be close to his naked flesh. He was so hard she could feel his manhood against her thigh she wanted to taste him and suck his shaft into her mouth. She looked into his eyes as she reached out to him and lightly touched the tip of the head. He let out a tiny gasp as her warm finger touched his skin. He knew that if her mouth were to touch him, he would not be able to last for long as his passion for her was overwhelming. She bent her head down and opened her mouth to him and enveloped his cock into her mouth. She sucked him deep into her until she could take no more. He panted and gasped as she made him shiver and quiver. She licked and sucked the shaft with very long strokes from the bottom to the tip while fondling his balls. His restraint was waning and his release was very close. His breathing quickened and she knew his release was imminent. A few more strokes with her tongue and he groaned and threw his head back as his orgasm erupted deep into her throat.

Load after load shot from him as the orgasm continued. He couldn't think of a time when his climax had ever lasted this long. His chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath and his legs were wobbly from being tense for such a powerful event

He looked down and his face lit up with a contented glow. Even after cumming so hard he had barely lost his erection. The night air had an instant rejuvenating effect on him and he didn't want to stop. He lifted her up to stand with him and held her close. The warmth of their bodies against the kiss of the midnight breeze made her shiver against him and he held her tight. She buried her face into his neck and planted kisses along the side of it. His hands began exploring her ass and back, feeling every crevice along the way. It took no time at all for his erection to return with a vengeance and he was eager to put it to good use.

She could feel his erection against her body and she was dripping wet again for him She reached up and put her hands on his face pulled him close and kissed him with more passion then she had ever kissed any man before. His tongue felt so good in her mouth and she couldn't get enough of him, his passion, lust and wanting was overwhelming for her. He picked her up and placed her on the end of the picnic table. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He just barely touched her pussy with his cock and she gasped a tiny bit. She was so ready for him to enter her. His slide the tip of his cock into her moist crevice and the sensation he felt was intense and he knew she was expecting more of him inside, but he let the head of his cock rest just inside her and made it twitch just slightly. She kept moving her hips closer to him to take more of him but he held her thighs firm so she couldn't move closer licked his lips and then pushed his cock into her hard and fast.

The force of his thrust slid her back on the table, but his powerful hands caught her and pulled her ass back onto his thrusting cock to its full depth. Her entire body convulsed with the force and she felt as though she had been split in two. It was large. Bigger then anyone she had ever been with and she didn't expect the size that had entered her. It filled her pussy far beyond anything she had felt or even dreamed about. As he pulled out quickly right to the head of his cock, she felt her soul being tugged on. He quickly thrust back into her, almost taking away her breath. The pure force of his sex was too much to stay quiet about and she began to moan and squeal uncontrollably. His control over his lust was slipping as he began to jackhammer in and out of her as fast and as hard as he could. He had never wanted a woman this much in his existence and he never wanted to stop wanting her. Words that were unintelligible streamed out of her throat. Her orgasms started and stopped with no space between them. Her body tensed as his thrusts didn't seem to show signs of letting up.

The ecstasy she was feeling was absolutely mind blowing. She couldn't catch her breath. She thought the orgasms would tear her apart. He was thrusting with every ounce of power he had she could feel him hitting the deepest part of her. He was groaning and his breath was deep in his lungs she knew he was getting close to his release she wanted to feel that deep inside her, she knew after being with him she would never be happy with any other man and she wanted him more than any one else. He was throbbing inside her as he thrusted deeper and deeper into her. She threw her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasms took her to a place she had never been before.

Her entire pussy clenched onto his member like a vice as her orgasm tore it's way out of her. He pushed harder and faster than even he thought he could. The feelings he had for this woman were like nothing he had ever experienced, and no relationship could ever be like this again. His motions became ragged and his breathing was harsh. He could feel the orgasm start to build inside him. It was like a volcano at the moment before eruption. His face contorted into ultimate passion as he stared down at this woman who was about to take his load. Her face, lost in the throes of uncontrollable pleasure barely registered anything but the two of them. He shoved harder than ever and this thrust pushed him over the edge. He bellowed out in pure satisfaction as his cum gushed out and deep into her welcoming pussy. It was like he had not come just a few moments earlier and load after load spilled into her. The moment froze for both of them and there was nothing but bliss. His hard cock would not lose its size as he twitched with the sensitivity of having just emptied itself into her.

She could feel him twitching inside her as he released into her and the pleasures she felt were unmatched by any other intimate experience she had ever had. The look in his eyes was pure passion for her and her alone he thrust himself into her again to bring her to climax again. The screams of pleasure that erupted from her were exactly what he needed to hear after his own climax. Again they stared into each other's eyes bathed in the feelings of climaxing again together. He collapsed on top of her on the top of the picnic table and started to kiss and nibble on her neck and earlobes as she ran her nails up and down his naked skin feeling the sweat and warmth of him against her.

They had said nothing to each other the whole time. No words were needed. Both knew exactly what the other wanted and needed from each other. A smile appeared on their lips, followed by a quiet, contented laughter. They were lost in each other’s euphoria and knew that neither would ever want anyone else. It occurred to both of them that they were still exposed to the night and both simultaneously looked around to take in their surroundings. It was then that they spotted him. He was standing on the pathway leading down to the beach. Only half was visible but the moon showed the stunned excitement and awe of what he had just seen and heard.

They couldn’t move. Suddenly the knowledge that there had been a witness to their entire act of pure pleasure and ecstasy was somehow embarrassing. They didn’t know how to politely remove themselves from that spot when suddenly they heard the muffled sounds of moans and heavy breathing. The guy threw his head back and stood perfectly still. Seconds later, the girl stood up. She was directly in front of him and the excitement of watching the show must have been too much for them to walk away. There was a sheepish wave from the young girl and the couple disappeared down the path to the beach. This was the start of many more special nights out in the open.