Jan. 27, 2017

Rose: The concubines all play with each other. Sleeping all together in one big room Full of cushions, silks, sexy..... Humm. I was imagining myself seducing the new girl, kissing her, with all close and massaging, touching, giving just the right amount of space. Tasting her sharp tongue. Quivering from freight. I pet her until I can tell from her breath she's calm but also excited , others telling her to relax and enjoy me as we had all been very close sleeping naked and heads resting on tummies and full ripe breasts.

Rose: Hummmm. Are you almost hard yet?

Jim: All hard way back at the word harem and you in it

r u sleeping with your harem ladys again tonight ??

I could give u somthing for them to taste hmmm

Rose: Yes, but not sleeping. Too bizzy to sleep. The new girl has just cum against my tongue. You would of liked her taste. All horney and innocent taste. I know you would like her taste. Sweet and a little bit muskey. Kiss me now and find out.

Jim:Hummmm. Nice!

Hmmm luv the muskey tart taste you must have made her squirt right in your mouth did you let her innocent tongue find it's way between your cunny lips and did you flood her mouth with your sweet nectar hmmm I know you did

Rose: Woke up thinking I was dreaming, but no, laying here between the NG and my favourite. Others against and about, starting to stir. Unwrapping themselves from each others arms. Must get dressed and ready to do our chores. Each one of us waiting to be the one called upon by our master. Each one of us eagerly waiting . Will I be the one tonight? Maybe . Or maybe he will want more then one.

Jim: I can tell right off who has been training this young sexy little innocent hmm ---go fetch this girls teacher I am in the mood to watch two wet pussys play and pleasure each other ----oh yes I can still taste that young cunny on your lips so you did play last night ----show me now how you have been trainning her ----

Rose: Yes your Majesty. Taking the new girls hand, leading her towards the big plush bed, we both glance towards the big chair sitting at the end of the bed. Our majesty sitting patiently waiting , his eyes watching us.

Jim: Who am I

Rose: Our Majesty

Jim: I knew it

Rose: Bizzy majesty

Rose: Feeling his eyes, those magnificent eyes, those eyes that command respect, those eyes showing respect, sensitivity, curiousity, those beautiful eyes. Watching us as I kiss the innocent one. Her face so sweet . Her lips nibbling on mine as her hands pinch each of my hard nipples, sending little shocks down over my belly. Laying side by side , she straddles me, rubbing her wet hot pussy on my leg, making her groan. I can hear a sharp intake of breathe from our majesty. I know he is enjoying. I know he is hard. So hard. I so want to take his cock and swallow it down deep in my throat. But no, I have to show him what I have taught this new girl. She has learnt well. With her grinding, she wets my leg,so hot.... She takes each nipple in her mouth, hum so nice,slides down to my pussy. Planting little kisses on the way down. She then opens my legs, kisses and sucks on my pussy lips darting her tongue up and down. My hips push up, placing my hand on her head, pushing down ,I can feel her tongue , so sharp and so hard sliding in and out. I try to keep an eye open for his Majesty's gaze to see if he approves. I'm hoping so, as I approve. My pussy lips are swollen and want a hard cock sliding in and out but I must show him what I have taught her. I can not lose favour. I can feel her fingers inside , in and out , her tongue concentrating on my clit. I know I'm close to coming. I can feel wetness escaping, I'm reaching the top. Fuck I'm cumming. Come on girl, give it to me. Bring me over the top. Oh yes, that's it. Yesssssssss!!!!!!!! Oh FUCK

Jim: she is so into this new girl I had no idea she was so sexual and bi she seems to get off so hard on the soft tongue of a woman!!!---- I with my hard swollen cock needing to find away to keep her interested in me ---It is one thing to sumon a cunny to fuck and yet another to have such a woman as her to pleasure me so completely so sensually ----she never should know how she has me so wrapped up in her sexuality that I could never do without her in my harem

Rose: Breathing returning to normal, I check on our Majesty. The NG smiling at me, turned her gaze towards him too. We both begged with our eyes for him to join us. We could see that he was excited, his eyes bright, his chest moving with his breathing. He had taken his satin gown off and sat there naked. His man hood hard and dripping pre-cum . His big hand wrapped around the shaft gently stroking causing us to lick our lips. I nozzled the NG's neck, nibbling, kissing her ear lobes, stroking her breasts, circling her hard nipples against my palms. My Majesty knew what that did to me. I watched his face while I fondled her. I wanted him to come over and join but I also knew he would enjoy with his eyes and take his time. As I laid her down on her back, I tried guessing what was going through his mind. Deep in my mind, I would never say it, oh no, I couldn't, I wanted him to choose me every night. I would prepare myself for him when he did choose me in his favourite perfume, the most provocative silk gown, one that emphasized my full figure, telling him that I lusted after him every waking moment. Keeping this in mind I wanted to show him that I could make him not want anyone else. Focusing my eyes on his , I made my way down over her tummie down to her hairline. I could smell her sex, sweet and horney. His eyes locked on mine, I reached in between her thighs with my tongue, feeling and tasting her wetness . I fully pushed in, spread her legs, using my whole face I stroke up and down , my tongue licking hard on her clit, making her groan and moan. I could feel her reaching , reaching...... I had lost sight of our Majesty. Then, as the NG, started to shake and tense and groan and moan , I kept licking, I suddenly felt a hot hand, a hard cock, sliding in between my buttocks, I pushed up, hoping to hurry up his assault, I came as he entered me, squirting over the bed, cumming the same time as the NG. Both his hands pulling me hard back against his shaft, enjoying me cumming over his cock and enjoying the sound of the other cumming. Hummmm. I smiled smuggly to myself, knowing that he would have me cumming again and again. And I would have him cumming hard in my pussy, I would then take his cock in my mouth, tasting me and him mixed together. I would suck and taste him until he cums again. Hummmm. Would that be enough?

Jim:that was so fucking hot watching my favorite licking and sucking that NG till she squirt all over made me cum hard in the cunt I want always on my shaft she is so enthusiastic and makes me hard when she pushes back so hard to get all of my manhood into her .I want her again later tonight I will command her not wash NG off of her face and fingers I want to taste their love making and feel her mouth on my cock then taste my self and those two lusty woman on her lips then------

2 months later:

Rose:A quick knock on the door, a servant announces that I must prepare myself. My magesty has asked for me. I instantly felt my pussy twitch, felt hot and moist. It had been 2 months since I had laid with him, not since training the NG and then making my magesty cum 3 times. Why was he ignoring me? What did I do to anger him?

Dressed in a red long flowing silk dress, hard nipples straining against a tight bodice, I'm standing in front of him, I can smell him, I can feel my face going red, my body quivering, my arms straining from resisting reaching out to him. His hunkster body so close to me. My juices flowing , my legs weak. He steps closer, his right hand circles around my back, pulls me towards him, left hand clasping my right hand, he swings me around all the while not taking his eyes off my eyes. So bright and so electrifying.

Ending up near his bed, I misstep and loose my balance . He catches me. In one minute my clothes were stripped from my body. He ran his hands down over my lips, stopped at each breast , pinching each nipple , then down over my tummie to my aching aching pussy. Oh fuck. His fingers rub down and find my wet hot pussy, swollen lips, hard clit, begging honey well... Oh fuck... Oooohhhhhh. Feeling every stroke. Each stroke making me wetter and wetter, suddenly soaking the bed.

Stopping, he brings his fingers to my lips. I draw each one in, listening to his breathing coming huskier and huskier, his hard hot cock on my leg. Oh, I must have that cock. I must taste him. My mind races, it has been so long. I push him on his back, I put one leg over and nestle my hot wet pussy down on his handsome mouth. He drove his tongue hard over my throbbing clit and reached as far as he could in my honey well. Repeating this action, driving me wild. In the mean time I had slide down over his fucking horney body , putting my mouth over and down on his thick fleshy cock. Humm yummm. Both sucking and licking together, his cock swelling, my pussy screaming. Oh FUCK. I'm going to cummmmm. My toes curled, my legs go rigid, my hips pushing up and then down, a sharp moan deep in my throat cumming out louder and louder. I'm plateauing, I'm at the top, oh fuck............. Here it is!!!! OoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOO

I've got my hand on his cock, stroking and stroking, my mouth ready to catch his hot cum. I wonder how much he will give me. Instantly , he spurts his cum over my lips, as I clamp my mouth over the top, he fills my mouth, so much, I swallow.

He sits up, stares at me, moving his gaze up and down my body, his eyes stopping at my breasts, he commands that I spread my legs, his eyes move down to my cunny, glistening wet . His cock still half hard, I know he has more. I know he will fuck my pussy, MAKE me really feel his hard thick cock. He asks if I want his cock. YESSSSS I want your cock. Yes please!!! Fuck me. Fuck me hard. In one split second, his cock hard, he enters me, pounding me deep and hard. Deeeeepppp and harrrrrrd......... Fuck my pussy by. Fuck meeeee haaaaaaarrrrddddd. Cummmmming yessss. My hands reach around to push his butt into me as he slams and then empties him self .

Snuggling up to him, before calling asleep, I wonder if I'm still his favourite.