Written by Bryce

Sep. 4, 2017

What a great day. Spending the day at the farmers market. The sun was shining and there was so many amazing fresh fruits and vegetables. It seemed like the whole town was out today. I was looking at some fresh strawberries and my neighbor came up beside me and she said strawberries were her favourite.

Danni was my next door neighbor she moved in a few months before. She moved in after splitting from her husband. She was always in the yard in sun dresses. She was a vision her long brown hair her sexy legs. Danni was always very polite and always said Hi I wondered why she never had men over to her place.

I asked Danni how she liked her strawberries and she said she liked them with whip cream. I said if she wanted to bring the whip cream I will pick up the strawberries and we can have dessert later. She said that was a great idea and she said she would be over later.

I went home I planned on making some strawberry syrup to put on a cheese cake for a dessert I needed to bring to a dinner party the next night. So I cleaned and heated up the strawberries and boiled them into a syrup and left the sauce pan on the stove to cool. For the rest of the afternoon I couldn’t stop thinking of Danni and how sexy she always looked in the yard. Today when she smiled and suggested we get together it was a thrill. I cleaned the rest of the strawberries and sliced a few and left a few whole. Put them in the fridge and went and had a shower.

In the shower I hear the doorbell ring. I got out of the shower and Danni was at the door. I was dripping wet dressed only in a towel. Danni apologized that she was early but she was excited to come over and visit. I said it was ok and invited her in. She said she didn’t want to interrupt my shower and she could come back. I said nonsense she was here and I just needed to get some clothes on and I would be right back.

I went to my room and glad I escaped because I was starting to get a hard on and hoped she didn’t notice through my towel. I dropped my towel on the floor and went to pick it up and Danni was standing there. She looked at me naked standing there and said she just wanted to know if she should put the whip cream in the refrigerator.

She was just staring at my cock and I could see her nipples stick out under her dress. She was not wearing a bra and I started to imagine what they looked like naked. Now I was completely exposed and hard. She came over to me and put out her hand and grabbed my cock. Her touch was so amazing. She stroked me and I felt like I could explode right there. But she stopped and she kissed me and said she had been watching me for months and wished I would have asked her out before. She wanted to have me with her strawberries and cream.

She said go get the strawberries and come back. Naked I ran to get the strawberries from the fridge but I also noticed the warm strawberry syrup on the stove. I grabbed the sauce pan and returned to the room. She was now naked and laying on the bed. She was even more beautiful than I imagined. Her soft skin and her beautiful breasts with her hard nipples. She said come here I want to put some whip cream on your cock with a strawberry on top and I want to eat it off of you. She took the cold whip cream and spread in all over my cock and my balls. Then she took the slices of strawberries and decorated my cock with a big strawberry on the head of my cock. I just laid there and enjoyed watching her have fun. After she crowned the top with the whole strawberry she began to have her treat.

Danni was like a kid in a candy store the wide eyed excitement she had as she started licking my balls. She didn’t miss a spot and made sure she licked every inch of my shaved balls. She even got the drip that went to my ass hole and she made sure she got every last drop. It felt amazing watching her lick and savour every inch of my cock. Biting the strawberries off my cock and feeling her teeth gently scrap against my cock giving me a bit of a scare then knowing that she is being careful and dangerous all at once. I am completely at her mercy as she has her dessert on me. She reaches the top and I watch as she opens her mouth and takes the strawberry and the head of my cock into her mouth all at once. She stops and she holds the strawberry in her mouth and comes up to give me a taste.

We share a kiss. The taste of the strawberry on her lips and the cream were sweet but it was now my turn to have my desert. I grabbed the sauce pan and she said “what’s that?” I said it was some strawberry sauce and she was now going to be my desert. I started with her nipples and I poured the warm syrup over her nipples. She let out a moan as the warm syrup drizzled over her nipples. I watched for a second and then it was my turn to lick and suck her clean. Slowly and gently licking her nipple once that one was clean moving to the next one. When she was all cleaned up I grabbed the sauce pan again this time I was going to have my strawberry Sunday. I started to pour at Danni’s navel and let the warm sauce drizzle down from her navel to between her legs. She moaned again as the warm sauce covered her pussy. I have been watching this ass bend over in a sun dress and I have wanted to lick this ass and pussy for weeks. I now get my chance and I am going to taste every bit of her.

Starting at her now strawberry filled ass hole I lick her. I stick my tongue in her ass and make sure I get every drop of that sweet strawberry. Continuing on I lick her pussy and dart my tongue inside her. I move to lick all of the sauce off her clit and slowly gently lick her and savour the taste of her mixed with the strawberry sauce. She starts to quiver and shake and her breathing increases and I can feel her tense up. I have wanted to make this beautiful women cum and this is a dream come true as she grabs my head and holds me as she rubs her pussy on my tongue.

It’s time to fuck this beautiful women I move myself and slowly and gently slide my cock inside her. Then I pull out and with a bit more intensity I push myself into her again. Each time I get a bit deeper and harder. Then I pick up the pace and begin fucking this beautiful pussy. I lift her legs onto my shoulders so I can get deeper and slam into her harder. Faster and faster till I feel like I am going to cum and I quickly pull out of her and shoot my load all over her tits.

This was the best desert I could have ever had and we shared many other deserts.