Nov. 12, 2016

You had taken a nice warm shower now in a bathrobe sitting at a desk working on something,

I standing behind finger tips gently moving across your shoulders over the robe, after a few moments you loosen the robe allowing it to slip down off your shoulders, I reach for the coconut oil which had been strategically placed while you had your shower, rubbing it between my hands to warm it, firmly pressing your naked shoulders as I massaged them and your neck, every now and then gently running my finger tips and nails from your neck out to the end of your shoulders than back across to the middle and continue massaging, your head drops forward slightly as you start to relax the stress of the day malting away, I kiss the back of your neck, you straighten up in the chair the back for your head against my chest allowing my hands to slip down between your breasts gliding over your nipples back up to your shoulders and back down again this time pausing, my forefingers circling your nipples gently pressing before takeing them between my fingers, I lean forward kissing your neck, whisper in your ear " I want you" , you stand turn to face me the robe drops to the floor, we kiss deeply I wrap my arms around you like an anaconda , releasing my grip I look deep into your sexy eyes as you undo my belt and pants, they drop to the floor, your hands grip and gently stroke my now hard cock through my underwear with your coy smile "so where do you want me", I look at the couch "that'll start" we move to the couch you almost on the edge I kneel between your legs lightly rubbing my hands on your thighs leaning forward to kiss from your knees up, you widen your legs as I move until I reach your soft moist pussy lips, I pause breathing in the sent of you, the tip of my tongue running the length of your lips, tasting you I want more, I'm tongue goes deeper slipping your lips finding your clit my tongue playing with it, sucking it into my mouth tongue still playing flicking your hips now rocking your hands on my head pulling me deeper moaning "oh yes...oh yes" , I feel a warm wet flow fill me mouth run down my chin I keep going sucking licking, you drop your hips pull my head up " stop...stop...I ..need to breathe", after a few breaths you sit up still holding my head you pull me close lick yourself from my lips then drive your tongue deep into my mouth, the heated kissing suddenly stops, I hear "my turn", we switch places, I'm on the edge of the couch leaning back as you pull my underwear off, taken my cock in your hands your warm moist tounge slowly licking for balls to tip, you do this several times before puling back the foreskin and licking just the tip, soft lips slip down over just the head sucking licking I'm moaning " dame that feels so good" you tease like that for few moments before slipping my cock a bit deeper into you mouth one hand sliding up and down my cock the other playing with my balls, every stroke becoming less as you slip me deeper into your mouth and throat, playing with me for several moments, " I can't hold back anymore" I hear "mmmhhh" as you take me as deep as you can, for the first time ever I cum in a woman's mouth, feeling the warm fluid exploding down your throat you drink it in, then slowly release keeping your lips wrapped around me I shutter as they and your tounge reach the now sensitive tip, "oh wow that was awesome", you stand then straddle me "think you can do it again", "hhhmm..let me see" , as I've already started to become hard again feeling your wet warm pussy lips against my cock, smiling "well he seems to think so" , we make our way to the bedroom, laying on the bed kissing hands caressing each other, I lay on my back you straddle me, I kiss your neck, shoulder down to your breasts, kissing, licking and sucking your sweet pink nipples, sucking harder as you pull my head to you, one hand cupping the other breast finger and thumb pinching the nipple, switching breasts, I can feel the tip of my cock just touching your pussy lips as you slowly grid your self against my tummy, " I need you in me" at that you reach for a condom on the bedside table, you slid yourself back to just above my knees, open the package and gently roll the condom down over my hard cock, I smile at how gentle you are, then you position yourself guiding me, I moan just as the head of my cock enters you "oh god I love that feeling", you start to ride slowly hips rocking the momentum builds my movements matching yours, you sit up running your hands up your thighs your tummy to cup your breasts pinching your nipples moving a bit faster and harder tilt your head back moaning "oh yes", leaning forward placing your hands on my chest riding harder and faster biting your lower lip you tuck your head to your left into your chest, I moan " it...cum for me" theirs a gasp your eyes wide you look straight into mine, I feel the warm wetness of you, the momentum slows you lay on me head on my shoulder breathing heavily "now that's stress relief"