Nov. 13, 2016

I know its unfinished but its my first shot at writing and having trouble going from there

Part 1.

We decided to spend our anniversary in the mountains all alone, just the two of us in our most primal, lust fueled state. Something about celebrating our love in the wilderness was really driving me wild. I felt like I needed you inside of me constantly. When we took breaks for food and rest we found ourselves fantasizing about what next we would do to one another. Things couldnt possibly get any better for us. Then we discovered them.

We had hiked deep into the mountains to assure we were not disturbed during our weekend together. Apparently we weren't the only ones who had thought of this. We came across them while hiking down to the lake for a little skinny dipping. He had her pinned against a tree, one hand holding her arms above her head, the other massaging her clit while he thrust himself deep inside her dripping pussy.

We both stopped dead in our tracks in disbelief on the scene unfolding before us. After a moment or two of staring I grabbed your arm "we shouldnt disturb them!" I whispered to you. "They they would like it if we did" you countered, a sly smile spreading across your face. We remained hidden, witnessing in awe some of the most raw, passionate love making we had ever seen. Far better than any porno.

After awhile I couldn't help myself, I slid down to my knees and began unbuttoning your jeans. "Keep your eyes on them and dont make a sound" I told you as you groaned softly while I slipped your hardened penis into my mouth. You instantly grabbed me by the hair and thrust yourself deep into the back of my throat.

Unable to contain your excitement, you pulled me back up and kissed me deeply. "We are going to go introduce ourselves now" You announced with complete confidence. "But first, you need to be much less clothed, it would be rude to come over dressed" You told me as you began helping me undress. "Are you sure about this?" I asked hesistantly. You responded by slapping my ass hard and dragging me with you out of our hiding place.

You cleared your throat loudly as we approached making the other couple jump at the sound. "That looks like an awful lot of fun, hope we arent havent disturbed you guys too much. Its just that my fiancee here is feeling real thirsty and I was hoping you two might be willing to share some of those juices being wasted on the ground at your feet." You told them while pulling me in front of you to display to them my bare body. You gripped my right boob firmly with one hand while the other traced along my thigh. "Well? What do you think? Can we join in the fun?" You asked them.

She looked up at him with uncertain yet curious eyes. " I'm not dont know about this" she whispered to him. "I have never done anything like that before. He smiled down at her and stroked her cheek softly "well we did agree not to hold anything back this weekend" He reminded her. " It could be fun, why not give it a shot?" He coaxed her, pulling her tightly against himself so she could feel that he was still very much ready to go.

"Don't worry, I will show you what to do" I told her, cautiously approaching. "May I?" I asked. You smiled in triumph, "Ashley is very talented with her mouth" You told them while pushing me gently to my knees in front of her. She spread her legs slightly at my touch, allowing me to first slide a finger between the lips of her pussy. She relaxed ever so slightly as i pulled her pussy lips apart, allowing me to slide my tongue in along her clit.

Meanwhile you walked around us to approach her from behind, gently fondling her breasts and tugging on a nipple while the other man kissed her neck on the other side. "I think we are really going to enjoy this" he whispered in her ear.