Written by Steven312

Jun. 15, 2013

It was a hot and sticky summer evening in Calgary that night, I was in town for business, and after a day of meetings and boring conferences, I was ready to get out. I walked down the street with nervous anticipation, slightly excited, slightly nervous, trying to calm my nerves. I felt confident and looked great dressed in my best white shirt, jeans, a basic blue suit jacket over top, and my favorite pair of dress shoes on. Still I was nervous, what would they think of me? What would the introductions be like? It was the first time I had done this, meeting a couple in person from the forum. We had chatted many times before, but this was face to face, what would it be like?

I rounded the corner and ahead saw the sign for the restaurant, I mustered my courage, said to myself that it would be fine. I had done tough interviews and given speeches in front of rooms of people, this was nothing compared to that. I reached the restaurant and stepped through the door into the candlelight dim of the room, a sexy hostess in a tight black dress greeted me with a warm smile, and I felt my nervousness subside slightly. I explained that I was meeting someone and started searching the room. In the far corner of the room I recognized her from her pictures and from chatting online. I approached and noticed that she was sitting alone.

“Hello”, I said.

“Hello”, she replied, and smiled warmly as she recognized my face.

Nervously I made some forgettable small talk about it being a hot night and how the restaurant is a nice place. Then I sat down.

“You’re alone, I was expecting both of you?”

“Hubby is busy, had to go to Edmonton to see his relatives”

“I see”, I replied, trying to keep myself from smiling, I didn’t want to seem transparently excited about the possibility of her alone.

She was radiant. Her golden hair hung down to her shoulders and tantalizingly touched her partially bare shoulders. She wore a pretty white blouse that draped loosely from her shoulders, showing her sexy sun kissed skin. One bra strap showing, making me imagine her in nothing more. Her breasts hidden only by a thin veil of fabric, I wished to caress them through the blouse.

“Shall we order some food, I need a drink too”, I said.

“Yes, how about we order a bit of wine”


After we had finished our meals and a couple of bottles of wine the conversation was flowing easily. I tried not to talk too much about myself, as I have a bad habit of doing, but also tried not to pry too much, though I wished to know everything about her. We stared into each other’s eyes with ease, possibly smiled at each other a bit too much. Talking to her was so easy, so natural, so enjoyable.

As the dinner was coming to a close some tension started to come over me as I thought about what might come next, or what might not. But I tried to stay cool, pretend like it was nothing. We got the bill and I paid.

“Shall we go for a walk”, I said.

“Sure that sounds great”, she replied.

I felt the electricity of the moment flowed through my body. She stood and I glanced at her body as I put on my jacket. She was wearing a tight leather skirt and high heels, sexy but not trashy, so attractive with the flowing white blouse. I felt a surge of an erection in my pants for a moment, but suppressed it. We walked outside into the summer night, brushing against each other as we made our way passed the crowds on the street. I was nervous, but I also felt so amazingly alive. The heat of the night was glorious, the smells and sounds of a summer night in the city. Walking down the street with a sexy and beautiful woman, few moments in life are better.

We reached the edge of a slight look-off and glanced out to the lights of the city beyond. I turned to her and smiled and she stared back, saying nothing. The moment hung in the air and I knew I had to make my move; I reached out for her forearm and gently pulled her toward me and reached in and kissed her on the lips. It was amazing, starting slow and gentle the kiss became more sexual as we continued. I reached around to her back and ran my hand sensually over her blouse, she felt and smelled amazing. We continued kissing, this time our tongues played. I felt an erection in my pants growing and hoped my jeans and jacket were enough to disguise it in this public place. She reached inside my jacket and ran her hands up and down my back, then slid her hand down and over the front of my pants, feeling the nearly full erection, and act that only made me more sexually aroused. I tried to hide our sexual display from people but it became clear that she did not care. It was amazing.

“Let’s get out of here”, I said.

“Yes, lets do”, she said with a wry smile and a twinkle in her eye.


We practically ran through the streets to get to the hotel. I held her hand as we progressed through the crowds on the street. I felt a bit of sweat on my back under the jacket. We reached the hotel and I held the door for her as she went through, then lead her to the elevator. There was an older couple on the elevator and we smiled at them like naughty teenagers, as they smiled back. She stood in front of me and held me under my jacket, one arm around my back, she smelled amazing as I tried to inconspicuously sniff at her golden hair. The older couple departed on their floor and we had the elevator to ourselves. Immediately we started kissing feverishly. I ran my hands over her breasts, gripped them as I stuck my tongue down her throat. She grabbed at my hard cock through my jeans, cupped a hand around it and started stroking it. It was all I could do to keep my calm, what if someone came on the elevator? We were both heaving with pent up ecstasy. I reached under her blouse and stroked her bare skin, slid my hand up to her breasts and pulled at her bra, pulled it down and found her nipple and played with it. The elevator doors opened on my floor and we ran out. I could barely get my key card in the door as she groped and hung from me and kissed my neck. We flung open the door and launched inside.

She started to undo my pants but I stopped her, instead I pushed her against the wall and moved down her body. First I lifted up her blouse and kissed her sexy tanned abdomen, then I ran my hands up her body firmly, feeling her skin under my big hands, up to her breasts. I pulled her bra down to expose her nipples and started sucking on them with abandon, combining soft licking with occasional nibbles. She flung off her blouse and I reached around and deftly undid her bra strap. Her bra fell to the floor and I stood for a moment and admired her sexy breasts. Then moved in and grabbed them with my big hands and sucked them and nibbled on them, caressing and squeezing the whole time. She played with my zipper attempting to undo my pants but I pushed her hands away and held them at her sides against the wall.

“This is about you right now”, I said

“Oh you tease! I love it”, she said

I turned her around so that she faced the wall and unzipped her skirt and pulled it down. Her ass was amazing, prettily displayed with a lacy panty on. I gripped her buttocks with both of my hands and played with her lovely ass. I went on my knees and slipped one hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy through her panties, she was so wet, her panties were just soaked. She was moaning deeply with pleasure and gyrating her hips gently. I continued playing with her pussy, I pushed the panties aside slightly and felt the wonderful softness of her labia, she was so soft and warm and wet. I had a raging hard-on in my pants but I resisted satisfying it at this time. Still kneeling I pulled her panties down to her ankles. I love the view of a sexy pair of panties down at a woman’s ankles, she still had her high heels on and the panties draped there over them and her sexy feet. She bent over slightly and I spread her ass cheeks with my two hands and thrust my face fully into her ass and pussy. I licked at her pussy up and down and alternated flicking at her clit with my tongue and sucking on it. I found it glorious that she had a pussy piercing and played with it; I flicked it around with my tongue and sucked at it, gently pulling on it. She was screaming with pleasure by now and we were both dripping with sweat in the hot hotel room, I licked it from her ass like the elixir of sex, I loved tasting everything about her. Almost bent over now and fully naked, she exposed her pussy to me in all its glory and I drank it up, licking and sucking at it furiously as she screamed. I took one finger and worked it in as well, deep up to the knuckle. Her legs were shaking and her back was arched in a beautiful concave arc, I saw the tattoo on the middle of her back. I kept working with my tongue and now two fingers, licking and sucking. Her screaming was reaching a crescendo and her breathing was rapid, I could tell she was getting close.

“Oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes”, she said over and over again. I was getting worried about getting a noise complaint from the hotel.

Then with a wicked arc of the back and a final spasm of moaning, her legs almost gave way as she came. Afterwards I gently cupped her pussy in my hand and caressed her beautiful ass. I licked at her pussy and drank up the pussy juices that came from her sex.

We stood up and I walked over to the bed. She approached me like a tiger in heat, the look in her eyes was positively terrifying, and oh so hot. She unbuttoned my shirt and threw it across the room, then pushed me onto the bed. She removed my shoes and socks and then unzipped my pants and took them off. My cock was so hard that the pants would almost not come off. Then she climbed on top of me like a panther and pulled down my underwear and pulled out my cock. Stroking it first gently, slowly, admiring it.

“You have a lovely cock”, she said.

“Thank you”

“I just want to suck it all night baby”, she said.

“Go right ahead, I don’t have to be anywhere for hours”

Slowly she started licking at the tip of my cock, rubbing her thumb along the sensitive bottom portion of the tip. My cock twitched with excitement, I was so hard I thought I would burst. Then she took it between her lovely lips and started sucking. First going down and taking in almost the full length of it, then starting to slowly go up and down, stroking at the same time with her hand. She kept looking up at me with a look of sexual abandon in her eyes. She then left the cock and started sucking on my balls, while still stroking my cock. It felt amazing. Her hair was hanging down and brushing against my thighs and abdomen. Slowly she stroked my cock as she sucked on my balls. Then once again she wrapped her lips around my cock, this time working up and down feverishly, sucking away, biting sometimes with teeth on the outside of my cock. I was just about ready to burst but resisted, though difficult. It took everything I had to not blow my load all over her. Sensing my peaking and nearing climax she slowed down, and lift her lips from my cock.

She sat up smiling at me with an intense pleasure, and lifted herself up and with one leg raised grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy as she mounted me. It slid into her with a glorious rush of sensation. Her pussy was so tight and warm and wet, I loved the feeling of it wrapping my cock in its warmth. She was beautiful sitting on me, riding me, her breasts bouncing up and down; I grabbed them and caressed them, bent forward and bit them and sucked on them. She threw her head back and rode up and down; I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me in rhythm with her riding my cock, up and down. I wanted to give her every inch of my cock. Our sweaty skin slapped together, I moaned and she moaned, pure fantastic ecstasy.

I picked her up and rolled her over. I grabbed her legs and threw them up over my shoulders; grabbing her ass I slowly slid my cock into her pussy. Slowly at first I thrust my cock in as far as it would go, I wanted to feel every inch of her pussy, I wanted to enjoy the sensation of her tight sex being wrapped around my cock. Then I sped up, harder and faster, she begged me for my cock, and I complied. Holding onto your hips I forced my cock into her tight pussy, as she screamed in delight. The sensation was incredible. I pushed her legs to the sides and bent down and sucked and nibbled at her breasts, her nipples hard with excitement. Continuing to fuck her with abandon I used my thumb to manipulate her clitoris. I lifted up her hips and thrust my cock deep into her, slapping at her ass as I did so. She screamed with pleasure. I loved watching my cock slide into her sexy pussy, with the piercing riding along the top of my cock as I slid it in and out. Harder and faster I thrust my cock into her, as we reached a fever pace of lovemaking. The bed shook and pounded against the walls, her screams I am sure could be heard well down the hall. But I didn’t care. All I cared about was our furious lovemaking, and to what levels of ecstasy we would reach. We continued until I could tell by the intensity of her screams she was nearing her second orgasm. I kept pounding away, reaching down to suck on her nipples and grab her breasts. Sweat poured from both of us. Her breathing reached a staccato intensity and her screams intensified until the emitted a primal shriek, tensed up, screamed again and then relaxed. I let her lay down in the bed as I gently sucked on her nipples. Then moved down her body kissing her as I went, I kissed her inner thighs and the space above her pussy, such soft tender skin. Then I went down on her. I wanted to lick up all of her sexual juices; I wanted my face covered with them. I buried my face in her pussy and was soaked with her, I licked at her clit and her piercing and drank up her pussy juice, my face was covered in her. I loved it. She moaned with a deep pleasure and told me I was amazing. “I know”, I replied.

I sat back up and motioned for her to turn over. She laid flat on the bed and I admired her fine ass. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and again buried my face in her pussy, lapping up her sex. Then I moved over top of her and thrust my cock into her pussy, forcing her down into the bed with the weight of my thrusts. I fucked her like a wild animal, quickly, forcefully. I bit at her shoulder and licked at her ear, sticking my face into her lovely disheveled hair. Then I sat up and pulled her into me. Her legs spread and me in between I fucked her from behind as I grabbed her hips and pulled her into my cock. Fast then slow, fast then slow, just to torment. Her pussy felt so amazing, so tight. As fast as I could I thrust my cock into her, watching the sun tattoo on her back. Taking one finger I gently slid it into her asshole, in and out while I fucked her. She screamed with delight at the sensation. I reached around and held onto her heaving breasts and played with her nipples, holding them between my thumb and forefinger. I pulled at her hair, forcing her head back, as I continued to thrust into her. I slapped her ass once, twice, then again and again until her ass was red.

“Oh ya baby slap my ass, I’m a bad girl”, she said

“You know you are, I’m going to fuck that bad girl good”

The intensity of the lovemaking was enough to block out all other sounds, all other thoughts. In the intensity of the moment nothing else existed.

I continued to thrust and pull her into my cock, but I felt my climax being reached, I forced it back, suppressed it, I wanted this moment to go on forever. Finally I could no longer. I pulled out my cock and stepped back from the bed, without a word she moved to the side of the bed and knelt before me. She looked back at me with her beautiful eyes.

“Give it to me baby, cum on me”, she said.

Though I was an athletic man I shook from the intensity. I stroked my cock and could feel my climax reaching. No drugs have been created to ever make you feel like this, not yet. As I reached my climax my legs shook, my arm shook, my mind was opened. I came all over her sexy body, dripping down onto her beautiful breasts, dripping off her chin, getting into her hair. It was amazing, I almost fell over after I had released. She looked up at me with a satisfied look and licked the cum from her chin. Grabbing by cock and taking it in her mouth to make sure that the last bits of cum were hers and hers only.


We fell back into the bed next to each other, her head laying gently on my shoulder, the noises of the city outside of the open window could be heard - voices talking, cars driving by, a far off siren. We were both sweaty and exhausted, and totally at peace.

Slowly my demeanor started to change, and I could tell that hers was as well, life started to set in again. Worries, things to do. Who do I have to meet tomorrow? What needs to be done? We lay there for a few minutes more, I stared at the ceiling and took in the smell of her sexy naked body next to mine. She leaned over and kissed me on the chest.

“I probably should get going”, she said.

“Oh okay”, I said.

She stood up and walked to the bathroom, I watched her naked form walk across the room, illuminated by the streetlights outside shining in through the window. I stood up and pulled on my jeans and walked to the window and looked outside. The city glimmered in the distance and trucks were already delivering things to businesses in preparation for the next day. I could see in the reflection in the window that she was pulling on her clothes behind me. I turned around and looked at her, there is something incredibly beautiful about a woman who has just made love, a glow. We didn’t say anything to each other but I could tell she knew I was watching her. Dressed now she walked over to me.

“Well that was fun”, she said.

“It was indeed”

“We’ll have to do that again soon”, and she smiled at me with that wry smile and tiger like eyes.

“Yes we will”, I said, and smiled back.

I grabbed her gently by the back of her head, petted her hair, pulled her toward me, and kissed her. A long passionate kiss, and then she was gone.

I did not know it then, but I would never see her again.

I reached into the bar-fridge and took out a bottle of scotch, poured myself a stiff drink, and went back to the window and looked outside.

There are moments in one’s life it feels as if the world has stopped spinning on its axis. That the world has stopped moving forward, and your existence is a pinpoint of intensity, of pleasure or pain, or of ecstasy. I would go back to my life, my everyday existence, and move on. But I came to realize that life is not about every day but about those experiences that burn with such intensity that you feel as if the entirety of one's life were compressed into a few moments, an hour, a day.

I poured myself another drink and sat down to do some work in preparation for the next day. I would have to be up in a few hours, but couldn’t sleep. I listened to the sounds of the city outside, a gentle breeze coming in through the open window.