Written by Alan_Rhodes

May 29, 2013

Like a lot of hot-blooded men my age, I really look forward to the summer. Young, nubile females wearing shorts so tight they seem to almost bisect their asshole and displaying a lovely long length of tanned leg; thin tops that barely conceal the prominent form of bra-less breasts tipped with pink nipples, or mini-skirts so short you can easily tell the colour of their panties.

The summer in question however, had been hotter than most. Temperatures soared upwards and the level of skirts followed course. Women were walking around in virtually nothing at all and that, thankfully, included my wife, Faye.

“Jeez, it’s hot!” Faye remarked one Saturday afternoon.

I smiled at her knowingly. As it was, she was only wearing a light summer dress. The sun filtered right through the material and it was obvious to anyone that cared to look that she was wearing no underwear at all!

“Well there’s not much more you can take off.” I joked. “At least not without getting arrested for indecent exposure!!

Faye grinned at me. A complete heart, she was always looking for new ways to try and get herself into trouble.

“That new fencing that you put up in the garden protects me from prying eyes. I reckon I could sunbathe topless without anyone seeing. Maybe even completely nude!”

It was a statement rather than a question and as Faye pulled a blanket out onto the lawn, I returned to the air-conditioned cool of the house. There were still a few chores I had to do.

I stood in the middle of the back bedroom and looked at the broken curtain rail. I sighed and wiped the sweat off my brow, it was going to take a good bit of work to replace the rail and the heat wasn’t letting up for a moment.

I turned the air conditioning up full and felt a cool shiver run down my spine as I began to drill two new holes in the wall. The window looked down onto the back garden and I had a birds-eye view over our enclosed land. Faye seemed to be dozing peacefully and, as she had threatened, had completely removed her sundress.

My work forgotten for a moment, I gazed down onto my wife’s naked beauty. Faye is few years younger than me – oh, all right, a good few years younger! – and the exquisiteness of her body never fails to arouse me. My eyes feasted on her firm breasts. The long slender taper of her legs, the smooth flatness of her tight stomach and her dainty painted toes filled me with an immediate longing. I could feel an unmistakable bulge in my shorts and pressed my hand to my crotch to ease the position.

But my erection would not leave me – in fact, as I continued to look down at my wife, it seemed to grow in its intensity. The blood pulsed through my shaft and made my cock head swell and my balls ached for release. My hand pressed more urgently as I saw her body turn as she dozed. Her legs opened slightly and I could see the lips of her vagina open slightly. It was a sight to behold and I was very near the point of having to masturbate to relieve some of the tension.

The movement wasn’t so pronounced, but, out of the corner of my eye, it caught my attention none the less. The man – no more than a lad really – was secreted behind some dense shrubbery and avidly watching Faye as she sunbathed. He seemed to have been watching for some time and, clearly, up until now, had been very careful about not making any sound.

Faye must have heard something too because she awoke and looked drowsily around. She could see me at the window and, without letting the young voyeur know, I indicated to her that she was being observed. I watched with some amusement as a wicked grin came over my wife’s face and she lay back down again. Her eyes closed but I knew that she was only feigning sleep. This was a game that I knew she loved to play!

Faye’s observer had regained his composure now and, as Faye had, to all intents and purposes, returned to sleep, he must have been quite certain that his presence had gone undetected. It obviously never occurred to him to look up at the widow from where I was watching the whole thing from behind the drape!

Now that Faye knew that she was being watched, she started to put on a bit of a show for her young man. Still pretending to be asleep she turned towards him on the blanket and allowed him to see her in all her glory. She stretched her legs out and parted her thighs a little allowing little glimpses of her moist sex lips. I strained my eyes to see and … yes, they were moist! Faye must have been getting rather excited!

Getting a little braver, the lad moved closer. I could see that his hand was imitating my own movements as he silently rubbed and squeezed at the obvious bulge in the crotch of his jeans.

He crept closer and closer, his eyes never leaving the naked form of my wife and his hand never leaving the crotch of his jeans. I wondered how long Faye would be able to pretend she was asleep – the lad was now almost at her side.

With a start Faye suddenly “awoke”. The lad looked mortified. He’d been busted and he knew it. There was very little he could do or say.

“I hope you like what you see!” Faye said in a fake stern voice. She was doing very well, I thought, to keep up the pretence of being shocked.

The lad just stared at her open mouthed. I guess he was trying to think of something to say but the large bulge in his pants said it for him. This wasn’t going to be something that Faye would overlook.

“You always stare at women when they are sunbathing?” she continued. “Haven’t you ever seen a naked lady before?”


Faye’s eyes dropped inevitably to the young man’s crotch, still concealed by his hand.

“There seems to be something you want to show me.” She said. “Well, let’s see it then!”

Before the lad had any chance to reply, Faye had pulled his hand away and replaced it with her own. I was a little surprised to say the least. My wife’s exhibitionist streak had so far only been confined to the odd flash of boobs or panties. She had certainly never gone as far as this before. But I was intrigued. I wondered if she would go much further. I certainly hoped so – it had been my ambition for some time to see Faye with another man – maybe this was going to be the moment!

As I hunkered down behind the curtain to watch, I saw Faye pull herself up from the blanket. Her eyes never left the handsome young man at her side and as she led him by the hand I realised that she was heading towards the wood-built summer-house at the top of the garden.

For a moment I panicked until I suddenly realised that my wife knew exactly what she was doing. The main bedroom of the house looked directly down into the summer-house. She was making sure that I would have a perfect view!

I tore through the house and flung open the door to the main bedroom. The curtains were already pulled back and so, to avoid making it look obvious, I had to kneel down so that just my eyes were above the sill. I smiled gratefully. As I suspected Faye had led the young man into a position in front of the window so that I could see everything that was going to happen.

My wife was of course still completely naked and clearly wanted to see what her young stud had to offer. Her fingers fumbled quickly at his belt and, within a few short seconds, the lads jeans lay crumpled around his ankles. I almost gasped when I saw his hard, inflamed penis as it jutted at right angles away from his body. The whole length seemed to twitch and, as Faye wrapped her cool fingers around it’s girth, I heard the lad moan softly.

I could see Faye smiling as she masturbated her lover. His knees started to tremble and she took pity on him, kissing him full on the lips and edging him backwards until he was able to sit down in a chair. Faye’s hand continued to massage his throbbing tool and I saw the young man’s own fingers as they began to caress and fondle her erect nipples.

But I knew my wife, and I knew what she would now want. Slowly she pulled back from her lover. Her eyes feasted on his erect weapon and as she lowered her head I saw the young mans eyes close in anticipation.

My own hands were quite busy as well. My modest erection poked from the leg of my shorts and I squeezed the head in my fist trying to emulate the sensations that I knew Faye’s lover would be experiencing as her head bobbed slowly up and down on his cock.

Faye’s fingers cupped his balls as I masturbated slowly. I watched her head dip down further and she made a subtle change of angle. Suddenly her lover groaned loudly. I could just make out the shape of his cock head as it slipped into her throat and I could only guess at the wonderful sensations that he must then have been experiencing.

As my wife deep-throated her young lover, her free hand slipped down between her legs. I watched as her fingers parted the soft, wet sex lips and began to rotate slowly over her engorged clitoris.

As Faye continued to work both hers and her lovers’ body, I could see her legs starting to tremble slightly. Her nipples were now hard points of flesh as the man squeezed and pinched them – something I know she loves – and I could see that she was quickly on the verge of orgasm.

Faye’s body now went from trembling to an all out shudder. With great dexterity she somehow managed to keep her lovers cock firmly between her lips – although she did allow him to slip out of her throat – as her lithe body convulsed in orgasm. I watched fascinated – and with a solid erection – as her fingers flashed in and out of her dripping vagina as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

With a gasp of satisfaction Faye pulled back and the turgid weapon that she had been enjoying so much sprang from between her lips and smacked back against the young man’s chest. Faye was breathing heavily; almost gasping for air as the final throes of her climax rippled through her taught frame.

As she stood up slowly I could see that she was still unsteady on her feet. Her hands and fingers traced patterns over her lovers’ chest as she caressed him working her way luxuriantly up and down his excited body. She whispered something into his ear that I couldn’t make out, but the result was quickly evident.

With a sudden flourish my wife swung her leg over her lover so that she was sitting on his lap facing away from him and with his throbbing erection between her legs. Her hand grasped the solid weapon and guided it towards her open sex lips. I could see that her eyes were wide with anticipation and I heard a long moan escape her lips as he finally entered her.

Faye was frantic with lust. Her hands griped the arms of the chair for support as she began to slowly raise and lower herself onto the young man’s thick penis. I could clearly see how the width of his erection opened and spread her vagina, obviously filling her more completely than I could ever hope to do.

I suddenly realised that I had been holding my breath in preparation of my own release. With a long exhalation the air whistled out of my lungs and I felt the familiar contraction in my balls. My hand squeezed the head of my cock trying to postpone the moment but it was clearly too late. My cock jerked and spasmed. My mind reeled. I couldn’t take my eyes off the picture of my wife being fucked by another, younger man and, as he slammed his cock up into her body over and over again, I felt the warm wetness as my own cock exploded in my hand.

Really, I needed to clean myself up but I was afraid that I might miss something. Faye and her lover were now fucking hard and fast. She seemed to have given up trying to control the situation and, as he bucked his hips up and speared her tight hole with gathering speed, she seemed more intent on just keeping him inside her.

Just as I thought that he couldn’t possibly keep fucking Faye for much longer without cumming, the lad suddenly lifted my wife from his lap with his strong, muscular arms. His cock slipped out of her open hole and I could see that it was streaked with a mixture of her saliva and sex-fluid.

“Oh no!” Faye protested at the obvious emptiness between her legs.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’ve not finished with you yet.”

The young man’s words sounded a little stronger. He obviously felt that he was in control now; able to do as he pleased with my wife. By the look of unrefined lust on Faye’s face I would have to say that he was probably right. There seemed very little that she wouldn’t do for her lover.

With his cock twitching and still fiercely erect, the young stud pushed Faye so that she was bent over the table; her ass facing him. His hands spread her legs and, in a flash, he was back inside her pussy and fucking her in the classic “doggy-style” position.

Faye gasped and grunted as the lad rammed his tool in and out of her pussy as hard and fast as he could, rutting her mercilessly. His eyes were screwed tightly shut and the muscles and veins in his neck bulged obscenely with the exertion.

No tender lovemaking was this. My wife was being fucked – used really – by a young man with enough energy to ensure that she wouldn’t be able to walk properly for a week!

“Oh yes, baby!” Faye cried as another orgasm ripped through her body. “Fuck me hard!…Cum for me baby….Cum for me!”

“Oh yeah! I’ll cum for you soon. You wanna suck me? You wanna see me cum?”

For Faye, there was no answer that was necessary. She absolutely adores cum and the idea of this young man shooting in her mouth made her eyes light up.

In a flash she was kneeling before him in demure, sluttish fashion. Her head tilted upwards and her hand guided the still throbbing rod of flesh towards her mouth. Her lips locked over the head and I saw the unmistakeable shape of the glans as it pistoned in and out of her throat once again.

I knew this time that the young stud would never be able to stop himself from cumming. I was right. With a cry of lust he held her head and literally fucked her face; slamming his cock so far into her mouth that his balls slapped against her chin.

Faye took it all until the inevitable happened. Suddenly her mouth was awash with thick, creamy seed. She was swallowing hard but there was just too much and rivers of semen began to appear at the corners of her mouth and trickle down to splash her upturned and sweat-flushed breasts

In what was probably a desperate attempt to breathe, my wife released the erupting member from the confines of her throat and with a gasp placed it directly between her heaving tits. Her hands bunched the soft flesh around her lovers’ cock and began to work it up and down; milking every last drop of fluid up from his balls and into the deep valley of her cleavage. The young man was clearly delighted by this impromptu titty-fuck and preceded to pump his tool between the hot mounds, completely coating the sweet orbs with his seed.

I looked down at myself. My own cum had stained my shorts and was still dripping from the tip of my wilted cock. As I watched my wife and her lover collapse into an exhausted heap I stripped all my clothes off, threw them into the laundry and hit the shower.

I stayed in the shower feeling the cool water cascade over me for ages. My thoughts were filled with the scene that I had just witnessed and as I recalled seeing the young man’s cum pumping out between my wife’s breasts I could feel my erection starting to return.

“I guess there’s no need to ask if you enjoyed what you saw!” Faye said as she slipped into the shower stall next to me.

I grinned. My erection spoke for me.

Faye’s body slithered against mine and I could feel the heat and wetness that was her lover’s cum. My cock leapt as her fingers circled around my aching shaft. And as she dropped to her knees and I felt the exquisite sensation of being inside her mouth – a mouth that had only minutes ago been sucking another man’s cock – I thanked the heavens once again for having such a wonderful wife.