Written by RuckBogers

Nov. 20, 2014

… we pull off the deserted road and turn into an abandoned driveway. Once we are past the length of the SUV into the tress I stop and put it into park. The sexual tension is thick ss I undo my seatbelt, lean over to you putting my palm flat on the seat and between your legs. I slide my arm into you until it makes pressure on your pussy and kiss you deeply.

After a few moments we stop and I suggest we should put the backseats down and fold out a blanket. We rush to get this done.

Still fully clothed, you lay down on your back, I kneel beside you and we start to kiss again. I am fast to your breasts getting to them under your shirt. When I get there I am happy to find you are not wearing a bra. We kiss for a while as I move from breast to breast; nipple to nipple. Squeezing and pinching them as I go. You start to moan as I work them for a short time.

I stop only to pull your shirt up and over your head then attack your nipples with my mouth as soon as your top is on the floor. I push them together and suck on both nipples at the same time to your delightful low and long moaning. I notice your hips are starting to move around, and this makes me smile.

I sit up, reach down and slide my fingers in between your legs applying some pressure to your kitty. I can feel your dampness as my forefinger slides down to my last knuckle, and then you open your legs to accommodate my action. I start to rub your pussy a bit harder with my palm through your yoga pants as I lean in and kiss you again. However, I can’t because your breathing is low and heavy so I move to your nipples again. Taking turns sucking them as I play with your pussy. Fuck, my cock is so hard in my pants, I get a thought in the back of my mind that it might just split my jeans and pop right out.

I can’t take it anymore and pull your yoga pants down making sure to leave your panties on. I spread your legs as I move to face you and your hot body from below you. I see now just how wet you are, as your panties are soaked with your hot fluids. I move my head to just above your panties and breathe in your musk, oh it smells so nice. I want to taste it, but I will wait. I put my lips above where your clit is and breathe low and slow, transferring as much heat from my breath through your panties as I can. You let out a loud moan.

I use my goatee like a feather and move up to your breasts, circling them for a short time and stopping once on each side for a suck. I then move my feather up to your left ear and make a short snack of your earlobe, making sure I am breathing into your each as much as possible.

I whisper how much I want to taste you. How I want to taste you for the first time from your lips. You moan and without hesitation reach down under your panties to wet some of your fingers with your honey. You apply your pussy juice to your lips like lip balm, and I lean in and kiss you as soon as you are done. I taste your pussy for the first time as our lounges dart in and out of each other’s mouths and it is beautiful. I am carful to ensure I don’t leave any of your sweetness behind. Before I can ask, you reach down between your legs again and then apply a second coat of lip gloss. We kiss passionately until I have cleaned it all up again.

I love your taste and move my feather strait to your pussy. I stop and inhale you once again through your panties. Sitting up, I motion you to roll over and you oblige immediately. I ask you to put your ass up as high as you can, and you do this by putting the side of your face on the blanket while you arch your back at the same time.

The skin on my cock is so hard it feels like it is going to split if I don’t do something. My jeans are really starting to annoy me so I take them off as I take in the sight of your beautiful ass. I notice you are wearing my favorite type of panty; the back covers half of your cheeks and they are silky and gleaming in the low light of the evening. Wow, are they ever wet!

My cock thanks me for setting him free. I can’t believe how hard it is and don’t think it has ever been this hard in my life. It feels hard as a piece of glass and is dripping mega amounts of precum onto the blanket.

I kneel behind you and spread your ass cheeks open and then close them so your panties are pinched in the middle. I use my hand like a karate expert and start to rub your ass up and down the crack applying some pressure as I do it. You are moaning without control and I can feel the heat of your asshole on the outside of my pinky as I rub you.

A short time later, and without warning, I spread your ass wide and burry my face in it, breathing slow and low again right on your pucker through your panties. The heat from my breath has you going crazy and you tell me how much you like it. I drag my bottom teeth lightly over your pucker and listen to you moan with pleasure.

I want to taste your pussy now so I pull your panties down to reveal your hot pussy and ass. It does not take lone for your juices to start running down your stomach and towards your breasts, as I gently blow on your puss and ass to help cool it down. After a short time I ask you to move to your back again.

I put a pillow under the small of your back as you do and pin your legs to your chest after you lay down. You take over holding them back as I move down and kiss your clit once very lightly. Again I have your taste on my lips and want more. I stiffen my tongue and put it into your opening and lick you to your clit with a hard lick. I do this several times before stopping to suck your swollen button. You let out a pleasurable cry and have your first orgasm. I continue to suck and lick from your opening to your clit and back and back again. My goatee is soaked with your juices as you have cum several times now.

We manage somehow to move the pillow up your back further which makes your ass more accessible to me. Finally I get to spread your ass cheeks apart and lick your pucker as hard as I can with my tongue several times. Your moaning tells me I how much you enjoy this as you cum again. You then pull the pillow out from under your back and sit up and kiss me passionately for what seems like an hour.

I lay you down again and put the pillow back. As I start kissing you my hand moves to your ass and starts to apply some pressure. As I do this our kiss get more and more passionate with each second. I slowly move a finger into your ass and then another. I just keep the tips in for a bit to allow you to be comfortable with it, all while we are kissing. As I feel you loosen up slowly move them in further and start to suck on your tongue for a while. As I finger fuck your ass faster and harder, our kiss keeps getting harder and more passionate.

I have to stop kissing you as your breathing is heavy and loud while I continue to fuck your ass with two of my fingers. After a short time you shudder and cum again.