Written by Canuckfuckers

Mar. 2, 2018

I lay my head back on the edge of the sofa as a low moan escaped, timed to her hand ever so slowly sliding down the shaft of my cock. The blindfold amplified every smell, taste and sound as she continued to massage my throbbing knob.

A hand took my arm and guided me towards the middle of the room. “I want you to lay down here” she directed. I complied happily, thinking she was going to straddle me and give me a good hard fucking. A minute passed, maybe two and nothing. “what’s the plan?” I asked “Just be patient” she directed. I felt her hand slowly travelling up the inside of my thigh and as her fingernails slid over my balls I inhaled sharply, feeling my sack contract like I had just jumped into a pool full of cold water. My dick sprung off my belly in reaction and her lips surrounded the head and sucked hard while her sharp nails continued to tease my nuts.

Unngghh I groaned again. Mrs. C can suck a cock like no other. “Baby let me take the blindfold off” I implored “I want to see that hot outfit you ordered. She pulled her lips off my shaft just long enough to say, “Oh not yet” and went right back to work. Suddenly I had the scent of hot wet pussy filling my nostrils. I inhaled deeply as I felt skin brushing against my lips. My tongue instinctively darted out and I tasted that amazing pussy. God, I love it when she sits on my face. I thrust my tongue out as far as I could to part her lips and taste her sweet nectar. But wait… my mind started racing… I can tell by the way she is sucking that she is facing me so how the hell is her pussy over my face… it can’t be I thought. No matter, I kept licking and suckling the pussy while she gobbled my cock.

“Lover…” I started and the pussy slammed down on my face like I was being prevented from talking! The juicy lips pressed down on my. I reached up to grab Mrs. C’s ass and my hands were firmly returned to my sides. The pace of sucking on my cock began to increase in time with the pussy sliding all over my tongue and nose. There! Now I knew it. Whenever I eat Mrs. C’s pussy while she is sucking my cock if she is getting close to coming she stops sucking, and she wasn’t stopping. There was another woman – holy fuck! My cock swelled so much at the thought that it hurt. My hips thrust my cock into her mouth, my hands reaching up and finding a pair of tits that were definitely smaller than Mrs. C’s.

I lifted the mystery girl high enough to plead “Come on you two” let me take this friggin blind fold off. A strange girls voice said “I guess he’s figured it out.” She moved off my face and slid the blindfold back. Mrs C looked up from my cock with a lusty expression like I have never seen. She rose up to her knees and ordered “go sit in the chair over there and don’t move off it until we tell you we are ready.” Holy – fuck I though – this is really happening! I moved to the chair, my cock bouncing with each step.

The girl positioned herself in one of our armchairs with her legs over the arms “are you ready?” she asked Mrs. C, “it’s time for your first taste of pussy” she teased as she ran her fingers up the slit that I had just been licking. Mrs. C dropped to her knees in front of her and her head lowered down between the girl’s legs. “That’s it” she coached “just do it the way you like Mr C to do it.” A smile spread over her face as my wife’s tongue circled her clit. Her gaze settled on me “Well Mr. C, is this what you wanted? Your wife eating another woman’s pussy?” “Oh god yes,” I moaned as I slowly stroked my raging hard-on. She placed her hands on my wife’s head and guided her down “push your tongue inside my cunt” she directed. Mrs. C eagerly complied. “Mmmmmmm yesss” her head tilted back.

My wife looked up at her with a mischievous smile “Now it’s time to rock your world like Mr. C rocks mine” I knew exactly what would happen next, two of Mrs. C’s fingers slid deep inside the girls pussy and she started rubbing that spot. She looked over at me “Do you think I can make her squirt baby?” II have no doubt you can lover” I replied. “Okay, I want you to come over here and lick her clit while I finger her pussy, and when she squirts I want you to lick it all up. “I have never squirted” the girl protested as I sprung out of my chair. Mrs. C calmly assured her, just lay back and relax sexy… the more relaxed you are the easier it will be. Would you like my hubby to play with your nipples while he licks your clit?” “Of god yes” she replied.

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was watching my gorgeous wife finger fuck this hot little minx while I licked her clit and twiddled her nipples. Clearly, she was loving every second of it. Her juices were oozing all over the chair and the pace of Mrs. C’s thrusts were beginning to quicken in time with the girls breathing. I could feel her chest heaving under my hand as I massaged her little tits. All of a sudden, she yelled “ohhhh fuck” and my wife grabbed my head directing it into a stream of the girls cum which shot all over my face. “Ohh fuck ohh fuck” she kept repeating “that was so fucking amazing” I heard her saying as Mrs. C grabbed my face and kissed me deeply, sharing this lovely lady’s cum.

“That was fucking amazing lover” I said as our mouths separated. “Oh we are just getting started” She smiled seductively.