Written by Michaelmas

Dec. 29, 2017

On the surface, just looking at your sweet face, you look so demure! So innocent.

The room you enter is fairly busy, two other couples, one or two single men. The room has gone quiet the moment you walk in, your presence has not gone unnoticed. Standing there with your man next to you it is not surprising the focus of attention is now on you.

You look very alluring! Your lovely figure not hidden by much and not much left to the imagination. Calf hugging black leather boots. Your choice of lingerie has the men the room lustfully leering at you. The woman on the other hand, well perhaps just a little jealous of your appearance, as attention has been drawn away from them. A band of black lace wrapped around your waist, thin black satin straps wrapped around your thighs and the cheeks of your bum. You can't quite call them panties, as there is no material at all to speak of. Your pussy and bottom fully exposed for all to see. Your bra doesn't hide much either. A wisp of black lace cupping your lovely breasts and strap wrapping around your neck holds the whole package together. Your pink nipples already stiff are more than evident pressing against the sheer lace black fabric. Delicate, fine red satin bows decorate the bra at the top of your breasts. A single red bow adorns the black lace just above the mound of your sex. You look delicious!

You like the attention, just as much as you like the act of sex itself. It wasn't by accident that you dressed this way, this was going to be your evening...

You and your man know exactly how you want the evening to unfold and neither of you hesitate. Guessing that you have both been carrying on a little foreplay before you came to the room he is obviously aroused. Still fully clothed, his erection pressing against his jeans, he guides you over to the bed. You sit down with your feet resting on the floor. At the end of the bed your man kneels between your thighs and without any hesitation leans down and presses his mouth against your sex. You can hear a pin drop in the room. Everyone transfixed by your action, just watches, as you lay back on the bed with your arms stretching out above your head. You drape your legs over your man's shoulders as he eagerly attends to your pussy. The silence in the room is broken with your moans of pleasure as a warm, moist tongue presses against your sex.

You are aware that everyone in the room is looking down at you. You like the attention. You have given your body over to the oral stimulation you are receiving. Your arms layed out on the bed. You glance around the dimly lit room and see one of the men standing beside the bed gazing lustfully at your lovely body. He has his cock in his hand, you watch him in return. Staring at his cock, watching it harden to his touch. Aroused at the sight you clamp your thighs around your man's head rotating your hips slowly, grinding against his face. You notice too that one of the women, not now jealous of your appearance when you joined the room, is now jealous of the oral pleasure you are receiving! She wants a piece of that!

Seeing her standing in the room wearing a white cotton blouse and nothing else, you see lust lust in her eyes. She enjoys watching you. You can see her head turn back and forth, scanning the length of your near naked body. Looking over at your man's head while his tongue tickles your clit, then looking you deeply in the eyes hypnotized by your passion. You give her a little smile motioning her to join you. She doesn't need a second invitation, she knows what you want!

Carefully climbing onto the bed with you. Kneeling over you, her soft thighs touch the sides of your head. Sitting down softly on your face she now has her sex over your moist mouth. The moist lips of her pussy pressing sofly against the warm lips of your mouth. Your moans of pleasure now muffled as you reach up with your hands, grabbing her hips you hold her in place while she rides your face...

It did not take long for her to cum! Your tongue lapping at her clit had the desired affect! Still, her cries of pleasure were muffled as she maintained the hold on the Lady sitting on her face. I haven't been an inactive participant during the evening so far. I had asked you both before hand if you would let me take pictures of events as the night progressed. You had agreed!

As your Lady's orgasm subsided you stepped away from the end of the bed. There she was laying prone, legs spread and with the other woman still enjoying the ride she was getting. She had leaned forward grabbing the headboard of the bed while she pressed herself down on a willing mouth. I had taken up your spot on the floor, camera in hand and was now kneeling between you Lady's legs! With her feet still planted on the floor, her legs spread, I had a lovely view of her glistening pink pussy! Snapping off a few quick close-ups, I lifted the camera up, focused my attention as well as the cameras on the scene in front of me. Looking up the length of a beautiful woman, seeing her soft belly, her lovely breasts I focused the camera on the round bare cheeks sitting on her face. I took a couple more pictures from the perspective I had. Doing that I too got up from between those shapely legs and climbed onto the bed. Standing up on the bed, straddling the soft, cute body lying beneath me I had a lovely overhead view of one woman's shapely hips and ass hiding the face of the woman beneath her. Taking a few pictures of that scene I jumped down from the bed.

The encouragement from the men in the room was evident. It did not take long for the woman leaning onto headboard of the bed to reach her orgasm. She shuddered her hips twitched and she came at your Lady's expense clamping her thighs against the head buried beneath her! Quite a site as we all watched two women laying on the bed, the white sheets ruffled from the activity! Both panting for breath! You walked over to the end of the bed lifting up one leg at a time, removed your woman's boots. It took her a moment or two to recover, but once she did, she stood up. Her mouth glistening, her hair ruffled she looked pleased with her efforts and yours!

I couldn't help noticing how helpless she looked standing there trying to catch her breath! I took a couple of pictures of face, her waif like appearnce, but hardly sinless. She looked very sexy standing there in the middle of the room. Now it was her turn.

You were now naked sitting on a chair in the corner of the room. You motioned for her to join you and she did. Her bare feet and naked legs stepping over to you. She stood there before! You reached up taking hold of her hips turning her around slowly so she was facing everyone in the room. You guided her to sit on your lap. She did so, at the same time reaching back between her thighs grabbed your erect cock and guided it into her sex. She was very wet and your cock entered her from behind very easliy. She rotated her hips slowly pressing herself down on your erection and settled herself on you. Your dick buried inside her sex she let out a soft moan that had everyone's attention. She sat there without moving, but you could feel the walls of ver pussy clench around your dick as she took control of your cock. Everyone could see the lust in here eyes and I took a few pictures of her pretty face, focusing on those soft wanton eyes.

It wasn't just your cock that she wanted! She leaned forward pressing the flesh of her soft ass against your belly. You had a firm hold of her hips as she rocked on top of you! She asked for the two other men in the room to join her! They strolled over and taking each one in turn your Lady extracted their cocks from the confines of their jeans. Upto know both men in the room were just casual observers. She now made sure they were active participants.

Taking each cock in turn she drew, one at a time, the head of each hardening member between her lips! Teasing for now. Kissing and sucking the head of one cock and then the other! Her head turning back and forth between the two standing before her! At the same her time her hips rotating against you as she slowly started to grind against your legs. Your cock buried inside her, she was beginning to enjoy the attention.

I hadn't hesitated taking pictures of either cock being teased by your ladies mouth! Her soft warm lips and tongue now eagerly toying with the tip of each erection. Both men's cocks now hard. Her attention now focused on one stiff cock she looked at me, looking at the camera and then deftly took the entire length of that cock down her throat! Her lips puckered around the girth of the erection she looked directly into the camera while I took some pictures. She managed to hold the cock for a few seconds and I could see in her eyes the lustful effort she was making keeping that length of cock buried in her face! Her eyes starting to tear up! A very lustful look, some very sexy pictures. She puulled her head back slowly and the cock slowly slid out of her mouth. Not all the way, she held on to the now wet cock with her hand and softly sucked on the engorged head. More than the other fellow could stand. He had been playing with himself the whole time and he annouced that he was going to cum. The moment of truth!

This announcement changed the center of attention. Her hips now grinding harder against you. She was really turned on by the possibility of the other fellow cumming over her face. She wasn't shy in asking him to do that either! I was wondering the whole time if she was going to ask either of them to allow it. Then it happened. The fellow jerking his own cock brought it over to that pretty face and almost instantly shot a load of white cum on to those lovely lips and nose! There it was a load of white spunk running down the cheeks and chin of a very lustful Lady...

She did not bat an eye! With warm cum dripping off the end of her chin, down on to her chest. The sweet, creamed face looked at me and smiled into the camera while she a little more aggresively rode the cock she was sitting on. Lifting her ass up from your lap she allowed your dick to slip back, stopping just as the tip was about to pop out from between the lips of her pussy then came down hard on your cock. She fucked you like that a couple of times while you held on to her hips and then stopped. Her gazed focused on the cock she had down her throat moments ago. The cock that hadn't cum yet. I caught that wanton gaze on camera! Capturing too the hand as it reached for the cock and guided it it her mouth. Slowly drawing the length between her lips and down her throat. That movement all captured by the camera.

Now fucking the cock she was sitting on, more vigourously than before, her head bobbed up and down trying with some effort to keep the hard cock in her mouth. Her fist had a strong hold on the base of the erection as she eagerly sucked on the engorged head. This time, this man was going to cum down her throat. She wanted to feel the throbbing cock between her lips! Her fist clamped hard around the base of the cock started pumping up an down its length. At the same time eagerly sucking on the helmut stopping on occasion to let her tongue come into play. It is evident she enjoys sucking cock! She moans each time the tip of the cock enters her mouth. Her moist warm tongue tickling the nerve endings on the underside of the head. Her puckered lips sucking eagerly on the head of the penis.

She stops for a moment to catch her breath! "I love sucking dick" were the only words heard in the room as everyone's attention was focused on the provocative statement and the lewd action as she guided the erection into her mouth. Moaning as she did so. The moans of pleasure not only came from the fun she was having, but also from the forceful way she was pounding down on the cock she was fucking. You were holding on to her hips as she raised and lowered herself on your cock. I could see the man standing in front of her was enjoying himself just as much. Her oral skills, the pressure of her hand around his prick and the look in her eyes as she took his cock between her lips put him over the top. Everyone could see his body tense as he started to cum. She, holding his cock firmly in place, could feel every pulse in her hand. She could feel too the head of his cock harden as it was about to cum. She felt the first shot of cum squirt into her mouth. Moaning and gagging slightly as he thrust forward pushing his dick deep into her warm mouth as he came. She made the effort to swallow as he drained himself inside her mouth and down her throat. She got what she wanted.

The guy was spent. You weren't, neither was your Lady! She leaned back against your chest legs splayed out over yours. Your cock still inside her. I continued to document the scene and took a picture of the two of you still in the chair. She turning her face towards yours asked to be fucked.

You started to get up holding onto your woman, your cock easing out of her cunt as you did so. You lifted yourself and the lovely little body you were holding on to until you were standing on the floor. She took the time to remove the sexy little outfit she had on. The black lace dropped to the floor and there she was standing in front of everyone totally naked. Her soft smooth skin glistening with the wetness of cum that had dripped down from her face. She now took the time to wipe of her face as she walked towards the bed. Aware that all eyes were on her she lay down on the white ruffled sheets. She lay there legs spread wide, eyes closed, her busom rising and falling with each breath she took. You leaned over her taking a pillow from the top of the bed, you slid it under her warm soft bottom. Raising her hips up off the bed. You lay down on top of her! Your chest pressing down on her naked breasts.

Your cock entered her with ease. She was so wet, her legs spread wide under you. One thrust took her breath away and you were deep inside her! Wrapping her legs around your waist. Her hands gripping the cheeks of your ass you came down on her hard for the second time. Then you started a quick forceful rythum as you pounded the lovely little body beneath you. She was more than ready to be fucked and fucked hard! The show she had put on in the room had everyone aroused and she knew it! She was eager and wet, ready to be taken.

You gave her what she wanted and fucked her without hesitation. Each of you knowing how to pleasure one another. She held onto you tightly as you repeatedly plunged into her lovely body! Her squeals of delight filled the room and you both sensed a mutual climax coming on. You each knew one another so well, you knew that you would cum at the same time. She shuddered underneath you as the first wave of her climax hit! You could feel the muscles of her sex clamp around your cock! That motion set you off and you froze for a moment as you started to cum inside her! Both of you totally absorbed! Totally enjoying each others bodies. It was quite a performance! Both of you drained by your efforts! She lay there vibrating as her orgasm continued! She lay there enjoying the moment!

The encounter not quite over, I managed in my state of sexual tension to start viewing the photos I had taken on the room's television. The two of you laying on the bed watching the evenings performance while the rest of the guests sat around the room absorbed by the pictures on the screen. Arousing viewing that had everyone thinking about round two...