Written by MarieAntoinette

Jan. 7, 2016

He comes into the bar that I sing at once in awhile. He’s married, about 5 years older than me and a biker. Covered in tattoos, rough and tough. I know he wants me and I know he wonders if I want him. I think on some level he senses it, but isn’t too sure since I appear to be such a good girl to the world. If he only knew what I was thinking…

It’s a gorgeous day. Most of the winter snow has thawed and the sun is warming up the cool air. I slip some comfy yoga pants onto my naked body and pick out my favourite long sleeved weekend top that has a low cut to show off my awesome breasts and make my blue eyes pop. A little mascara and lip gloss, a quick brush of my long blonde hair which is shiny and straight and I am out the door for a spring walk. I have the whole day to myself and I am thinking about what I might do with it.

Stopped at the light, I hear a motorcycle pull up and look over to check out the rider. It’s him! “Hey trouble!” I call out to him. I see confusion cross his face and lower my sunglasses with a smile, my heart racing..this could get interesting. He recognizes me and pulls over to the side of the road.

“What’s happening hunny? Pretty little thing like you shouldn’t be out walking alone, you might run into trouble like me!” he says and laughs heartily. He reminds me a bit of Chris Cornell.

“Maybe I like trouble” I say with suggestive sass “..perfect day for a bike ride!”

“Wish I had an extra helmet with me, I’d tell you to hop on right now” he says.

“Ohh...sad little me..” I pout playfully “...another day?” Inside I am cursing the gods - I am dying to feel my body pressed up against his. He seems mildly surprised by my coquettishness - and pleased.

“You can count on it sweetie” he grins lasciviously looking me up and down. “I’ll catch you later” and he drives off.

Now my blood is heated and I am going to have to use my vibrator as soon as I get home. I am daydreaming about how it feels to be on the back of his bike and what we could do together when I am startled by the sound of a motor close behind me. It’s him again!

“Look what I found…” he says holding out a helmet. I give him my best big sexy “you are the man” smile “woohoo! You rock!” I say and I give him a big hug - damn he smells good.

“Come on, girl, get on” he says with a twinkle in his eye.

I don’t even ask where we’re going, I just hop on and hold on as the engine roars and we speed off. His body is hard and strong. My arms are around him, breasts pushed up to his back, my inner thighs touching the sides of his legs. The vibrations of the bike making my pussy tingle and the closeness of this fucking hot man have me so aroused, I can feel the climax building. I shift slightly to intensify the sensations.

“You ok?” he says over his shoulder. “Oh yeah..” I tell him and our eyes meet in the rear view mirror for a split second and I know he can see the heat in mine. This instant connection sends me over the edge and I close my eyes, my embrace tightening slightly as the orgasm shoots through me, a slight moan escaping my lips.

I see him looking at me in the mirror again and put my lips close to his ear so he can hear my husky voice telling him that I just had an orgasm. He laughs heartily and revs the engine so we pick up some speed.

I notice that the houses are becoming sparse and the trees and fields more frequent as we leave the City. Which direction we are going, I wasn’t paying attention and I don’t really care. We stop to gas up. He picks up some food and drinks and stows it away in the saddle bags.

“Anywhere you need to be today?” he asks. His voice is so deep and sexy. I smile coyly, stepping up close to him, one hand on his chest, murmur not at all and kiss him. It’s a soft, lingering, very sensual inviting kiss. I back away slightly and look up into his eyes. His big, strong hand is on the back of my neck pulling me back to him and he kisses me deeply, demanding, showing me how much he wants me. Holding me there he pauses and says “You’ll be mine all weekend…” I am not sure if it’s a statement or a question, but I respond by gently biting his lower lip which makes him groan and kiss me hard. He breaks away quickly and his voice is gruff when he says “Let’s go”.

After that kiss, I am feeling incredibly horny and brave as he drives. My hands roam freely over his broad, hard chest, his thighs and between his legs. He can only reach my leg and he gives me a squeeze and a grinning wink in the mirror to let me know he’s loving it.

It’s a short ride to our destination which turns out to be a lovely little cottage nestled back from the road. It’s hidden behind a small forest of trees and situated on a small cliff overlooking the beach and lake below. There’s lots of land and very few cottages making it a very private and secluded getaway. I am tingling with excitement as he parks and I climb off, remove my helmet and shake my hair free.

“You make a man crazy woman” he says as he pulls me up against him and kisses me mercilessly. It’s like an instant explosion of fire between us. His one hand tangled in my hair, the other under my shirt, I arch my back as he trails rough kisses down my neck and takes my nipple into his mouth…”you make a woman crazy…” I gasp…”oh yeah..” We are aren’t quite falling, more melting onto the thick carpet of grass. On our knees I remove his leather coat and t-shirt revealing his broad, hard, heavily tattooed chest. The mix of his manly scents fill my senses and make me crazy with desire. I inhale him deeply as I kiss his chest, suckling and flicking his pierced nipples with my tongue, scratching my nails down his back. With a growl he cups the back of my head with one hand and the other under my chin to bring me back up to his mouth briefly then pulls my already unclasped bra and shirt over my head so my large breasts are exposed for his pleasure. “Oh fuck yeah..” he exhales cupping them in both hands, squeezing gently. He runs his thumbs over my nipples then suckles one and the other making them spring to attention with the sensations of his hot mouth, rough skin and cool air. I fumble to undo his belt and jeans and finally feel his thick hard cock in my hand. I feel a rush of wetness between my legs and I want him inside me so bad. I nudge him back telling him that I want to ride him and standing up I take off my yoga pants and shoes in one sweep, lowering myself to my knees to straddle him, I lean forward and kiss him hungrily, greedily. His hands on my body are so big and strong - I love the sensations. Before I know it, he’s rolled on top of me telling me I can ride him later, he wants me NOW and he plunges deep into my wet pussy sending me instantly into orgasm. He’s fucking me hard and fast and I am meeting him stroke for stroke. The sensations of our hot bodies in the cool air, under the warm sun fuel the fires of passion beyond expectation and in that moment there is nothing but pure ecstasy. When I feel him swell and pulse into me it sends me into yet another wave of white hot pleasure.

He’s collapsed on top of me. When he makes a motion to move, I wrap my arms and legs tighter “no..I like this..stay for a minute this way..I love to feel the weight of you and the pulsing of your cock inside me..” He slowly grinds into me sending tiny waves of pleasure and I squeeze him with my velvet walls. Touching, kissing until our breathing and heartbeats return to a relaxed pace. “You better get inside and get ready for round two, sexy - that was just a warm up.” He says between kisses. “I’ll bring in all our stuff - you stay naked.” Kneeling up he fishes the key from his pocket and gives them to me.

The cottage is open concept with a wall of slide open windows facing the water. The rustic decor is very manly, but warm and inviting. There’s no evidence of a woman’s touch here, yet it’s clean and neat. I find the washroom and freshen up, momentarily wishing I had brought my purse on my walk so I could re-apply some lip gloss. I check the cabinet and find a brush and some vaseline - that’ll do. Opening the door on the other side, I find myself in the bedroom. All wooden and rustic like the rest of the cottage with a four poster king size bed that sits high off the floor. Sitting on the edge, my feet dangle above the floor which makes me laugh. I sink back into the soft pillows. I hear him come into the bathroom and turn on the shower. “You stay naked hunny, I’ll just be a minute” he calls out to me. I giggle with anticipation and excitement - “I have no choice but to stay naked silly boy, you have my clothes” He chuckles “yeah, that’s right isn’t it..” and I hear the shower hooks jingle as he steps into the steaming water.

I close my eyes reliving the events of the day with a slow, satisfied smile. My hands mindlessly roaming to my breasts and pussy. I become lost in the sensations remembering the way he took me on the grass right out in the open, rubbing harder on my clit and slipping two fingers inside my body warms and tingles with the subtle electric pulses of my arousal. Suddenly I realize the water is no longer running and I look through my eyelashes to see him standing at the edge of the bed stroking his hard cock as he watches me. “Your fingers would feel so much better..I croon” and he obliges me while I cover his hard cock with my hot mouth. I lick and suck him so good while he finger fucks me. I devour his cock hungrily cupping his balls, his hand cradling my head gently pushing me deeper and I am loving how he forces his fingers deep and fast until I am coming, squirting all over him. He climbs on top of me in a 69 to suck up my juices and eat my pussy until I am bucking under him. His cock is so big and hard and wet from me sucking on it, taking it deep and he loves it. His control is amazing. He won’t allow himself to cum just yet. He pulls me to the edge of the bed and starts fucking me - slowly this time, teasing me. Pressing the tip of his cock to my nether lips, pushing just the head into me. It’s so thick and hard, stretching me. My pussy wants to swallow it deep, but he is such a tease - pulling all the way out and just giving me the tip. I am pulling at his legs urging him to fuck me deep and hard, but he’s in control. He takes my hands and pins them at my side looking me in the eyes with a satisfied smile and says “uh uh...you’re mine and I am going to play with you” Then he pushes his cock in as deep as he can and holds it there while he kisses me taking my breath away. His rhythm becomes sensually hypnotic as he fucks me slowly, steadily, with intensity, watching me writhe and moan uncontrollably under his complete control as he changes up the pace and depth to keep me hovering on the edge until I am begging him please fuck me. “You really want it, don’t you sweetness” he teases me. “Oh yes, you fuck me so good baby - I can’t get enough of you, please fuck me hard and fast, please, I can’t ….” and he is slamming into me deep and hard and fast bringing me to the most intense climax I think I’ve ever had and yet he still hasn’t cum! He keeps fucking me fast and hard like I’ve never had. I feel like I am floating on a cloud of pure rapture and then I feel it...his tension, the swelling of his cock and oh hot damn, the pulsing of him squirting inside me his whole body focused on pumping into me to deliver the whole load. He is holding onto my shoulders leveraging himself to drive his cock as deep as he can and my legs are wrapped around him. He looks down at me his face inches away and whispers hoarsely “..I’m so sorry...did I hurt you?” A shadow of worried remorse crossing his gaze. I smile, tighten my legs and tuck his hair behind his ear shaking my head....”mmm...mmmm...If I died right now I would die the happiest, most satisfied woman in the world! Did I hurt YOU big boy?” Chuckling at my cheekiness he covers my face, neck and breasts in kisses and rolls to his side holding me close “Damn you are one hot woman! We are going to have one hell of a weekend…” Yawning he says “you better get some rest..” I relax against his warm, manly body and we drift off tangled up together.

The mid-afternoon sun shining on my face wakes me a couple of hours later. He’s still gently snoring beside me. I look at his ruggedly handsome face, his dark locks covering one eye. I think about how when he smiles, the single dimple on his right cheek makes him look boyish and sweet - contrasting the scruffy five o’clock shadow. His eyes are strikingly blue when open and seem to stare right into your soul. He’s strong and muscular but not overly gym-worked. His chest is broad and thick. His body is solid, manly, like a lumberjack, but not hairy like one! His cock is big even when it’s resting! As soon as that thought enters my mind I want it, but first I quietly slip into the washroom to shower. Though I hate washing his scent off of my body, I know it’ll soon be on me again. I shower quickly and towel off checking to see if he’s still sleeping. I bring a hot cloth and clean him up which hardly rouses him. My hands are warm and soft. I begin at his ankles massaging him gently up his calves, over his knees and onto his thighs. His breathing changes as he begins to become aware of the sensations on his body, yet still not quite conscious. I hold his cock which is already beginning to harden and take it into my hot wet mouth. I love the way it feels when he gets even harder in my mouth and now he’s making little happy groaning sounds as he breaks through the barrier of sleep and feels my mouth and hands bringing him to a full erection. “...mmm oh yes baby..” he says in his gruff sleepy voice..”you are such a good girl…come and ride me so I can play with those beautiful breasts..” “Don’t you like the way I use my mouth?” I ask as I obey his wishes… “Of course I do..I just can’t come that way and I love to play with these fabulous works of art” he says. As I lower myself on his cock relishing the feeling of him filling me up, he takes my nipple in his mouth and suckles..the sensations sending tingles straight through my center. I ride him deep, grinding my hips as we quickly find the same rhythm. His hands find and grasp my hips and he’s pumping up into me. I feel his intensity begin to build and I know he’s close..”wait...wait...wait..” I say “let’s do 69..” and I turn so that I am on top of him sucking his thick throbbing cock while he’s eating and fingering my pussy. I can taste myself on him and smell our sex and it drives me wild. I suck on his cock in a rhythm of 5 or 6 head bobs to 1 or two deep throat paying attention to the rhythm of his hips as they start rocking with me. I hear him gasping with pleasure and I feel him begin to stiffen as his climax builds…his pleasure excites me all the more and I mercilessly suck and stroke him until he gasps loudly cursing out the exhilaration and explodes in my mouth. I keep sucking as his cum is dripping down my chin and over my hand. His now very sensitive cock is still pulsing, until he rolls me over, turns me around and drives his still hard cock into me from behind. He’s still swearing with the intensity of his orgasm but I feel him getting harder as he’s slowed down and is pumping me from behind until the blood flow returns and brings him to full arousal again. “Fuck me good baby” I tell him “Don’t hold back, I want every ounce of your passion..I WANT it bad..” I hear him mutter “Fucking hell…” as he’s struggling with maintaining control but when he drops the barrier and fucks me with pure animal instinct, I let go too and it’s magic. Our bodies both taking and giving as deeply as possible, sweating, grunting, smashing together with pure instinct driving us. I’m cumming what seems non-stop orgasm on top of orgasm and I want everything he can give me. I feel him stiffen slightly, swelling and then his climax is violent - intense as he plunges deeply with each shuddering pulse again and again until we fall spooned together on the bed, still connected with him inside me. He’s buried his face in my neck kissing and nuzzling, his breath warm and heavy on me, his hand on my breast, my hand on his. We lie there for a long time catching our breath and enjoying the aftermath of such intense pleasure. I love how he stays inside me and I tell him that I want to fall asleep with him inside me tonight. He laughs and says..”..you mean IF we sleep ..woman - you make me want to fuck you over and over”