Written by MarieAntoinette

Jan. 13, 2016

After that last intense round of mind-blowing sex, we’re both starving!! I throw on his t-shirt and he simply walks naked into the kitchen to see what we can find. I am surprised to see that it’s fully stocked - he obviously spends a lot of time here. He grabs a beer out of the fridge, offering one to me - I decline in favour of water telling him I am more of an occasional wine drinker. “I have that, too” he says pointing to a wine rack with several bottles. I take a peek at the labels, find my favourite pinot noir and bring it to the table as he prepares some sandwiches and a plate of fruit. I watch the muscular lines of his legs, buttocks and torso as he moves confidently in his task. I am fascinated with his manly body and the many tattoos covering much of it. It’s an odd contradiction to see him in such a domestic setting, yet incredibly sexy. He catches me watching and says with a warning “you’re going to get me going again..” I look at him with a challenge in my eyes “Is that a threat or a promise?” He pushes the plate in front of me - “Eat! You’re going to need the energy” I laugh and take a bite. He opens the wine, pours me a glass and we toast to a great weekend. The sun is going down and I shiver with the chill of the dropping temperature. I pull off his shirt and show him my erect nipples…”I think I need some warming up..” I say suggestively. He picks me up and puts me over his shoulder playfully slapping my ass but walks past the bedroom to the back door. “Are you throwing me off the cliff?” I giggle. He puts me on my feet and I feel his hardness as my body slides down the front of him. It’s breezy and even chillier out here, but he’s removing the cover to a gorgeous hot tub and turns on the coloured lights. “This should warm you up - get in, I’ll get our drinks” He comes back with our drinks and the plate of fruit and slides in next to me. I take a drink of my wine locking eyes with him over the glass, savouring the taste and the heat of his gaze on me. Putting the glass down I move closer and his arm closes around me. I can’t help but slide around in front so that I am straddling him in the hot bubbling water. I wrap my arms around him, nuzzling into his neck, kissing him, tasting, inhaling him - god he turns me on. His arms are around me, his hands caressing my back, my breasts. We are taking our time, enjoying the sensations, kissing, teasing, playing with each other. I shift my hips and he slides inside me, deep. I’m rocking slowly, grinding in a sensual rhythm, the heat building. His grip on me tightens as the tension builds. His kisses more demanding, biting my neck and shoulders, sucking hard on my nipples. My hands in his hair pulling him closer, urging him, begging him for more as my body succumbs to the sensations and my orgasm explodes white hot at the same time he gasps and buries his face in my neck crushing me against him as he explodes inside me...We are frozen there for several minutes before we move, gradually relaxing in the soothing water. Sipping our drinks, playfully teasing and laughing as the sun sets, the steam of the hot tub rising into the air. The stars are amazing out here away from the ambiance of the city. We try to pick out the the various constellations and he insists that the big dipper is in the hot tub!! I can’t disagree. I realize the bottle of wine is now empty. I’m feeling quite warm, inside and out and step out of the tub into the cool air. “Silly woman - you’re going to catch cold” he says coming up behind me as I lean on the wooden railing. He puts a towel over my shoulders but I can feel his naked flesh against my ass so I give it a little wiggle. “Not with you around” I murmur. I’m feeling satiated, relaxed and sleepy as my body cools and shiver runs through me. He turns me around taking me in his arms and I lean slightly on the railing as I wrap my legs around him while he kisses me. The towel falls to the ground below and the cool air makes me shiver some more. He lifts me from the railing and carries me back to the bed where we cocoon under the covers tangled together as the heat builds up again. Spooning he enters me from behind thrusting deep and slow. My body instantly responds, wanting all he gives me in a hypnotic rhythm that makes me feel like I am suspended in the most delicious sensations of a dream. He takes his time ..always in control until I feel it..the swelling, the tension - I love that feeling and it sends me over the edge with a satisfying tremor through my body. He pulls me tighter pushing deep inside me as his cock pulses until he’s spent. Satisfied, exhausted and warm I feel his arms tighten around me and we drift off with him still inside me.