Sep. 19, 2017


Mel liked to push to the limit. She was thrilled by public exposure. She wanted her partner to be dominant in bed so that she could slip into the role of sub.

When I asked her if she would like to be a call girl, there was a moment’s hesitation.

“What do you mean…? You mean, sex with a stranger… for money?”

“Yep, and your speciality would be what might be called, ‘Submissive MILF’!”

Another hesitation…longer this time.

“OK, but what would happen, exactly?”

“Well, that’s just it. We can set something up and ensure some level of checks and balances and security, but what will happen will depend on what the john does and how you respond to it, no?”

“OK, show me!”

So, I got to work. I decided to create a persona for her and advertise “her services” on the Web site. After several revisions, this is what I came up with.

Hi Gents! My name is Miss Mel. Let me show you why and how experience counts. Lovely, mature MILF with suckable tits and warm, wet pussy would like to be your sub or your fuck doll. Few restrictions. You won’t be disappointed. By the way, the pics are really me, all taken recently. And all these wonderful assets – tits, nipples, ass, pussy - are yours after just a quick call. I know you’d luv to see more of me, probably up close and maybe “play” with me too. See my menu and suggestions for donations, below. Call or text me now at 123-729-MILF (6453).



Rules: 1) You must be clean, showered and shaved (face). 2) You must contact me 2 days in advance. 3) You must prove you are D n D free. 4) Your donation is to be placed in my hand as soon as I arrive. 5) I leave if I am uncomfortable for any reason and you get your money back. 6) My driver is minutes away and can be reached by cell phone in less than a minute. 7) I guarantee your complete pleasure. 7) You host.

(* “D n D free” proof required in advance.)

We secured a cheap burner phone for her and assigned that number to the Web site. She wavered back and forth from excitement to hesitation. Her husband Jack worked diligently on the security issues.

The following Monday, the burner rang for the first time. Mel used her sexiest “cum-hither” voice to answer each call. During the next three days, it rang nine times. We trimmed the list to three callers. Each of the three gentleman callers agreed to the terms and, within a day, had sent to us the proof that they were indeed D n D free. One gentleman, who used the pseudonym Nap, seemed the likely candidate. His medical certificate was only 10 days old, he was 6’1”, 205 lbs, fit, 51 years old, a businessman from the city and he wanted her for 90 minutes.

We arranged to meet him at a hotel of our choosing, upscale, downtown with a place for us to monitor what would take place. He called when he had made the reservation in person and had paid cash – adjoining rooms, of course. Mel would be registering as “Mrs. Jackson”, the name we agreed on, and the reception desk would be expecting the Mr. Jackson’s “wife” to arrive separately. We checked in shortly after 5PM on the chosen Saturday. There was no problem at reception. In the room, by 6:30, the cameras were set up and her panic button checked several times. Jack and I retreated to the adjoining room.

Shortly after 7PM, our audio feed detected a knock at the door and Mel’s voice asking, “Yes, who is it?” We couldn’t hear the reply, but we did hear the metallic latch on the hallway door and Mel’s rejoinder, “Hi, Nap! Pleased to meet you! I’m Mel.”

“Ah, yes, the mature MILF with the suckable tits and wet pussy! Very nice, I might add. So far anyway. But we’ll be checking that out, won’t we!” Nap handed her the money and Mel put it into her purse.

“Thanks! The bathroom is over there. And there’s a bathrobe if you want to get comfortable.”

Jack and I watched the proceedings on the monitor of the laptop. “No, that’s OK. So, you wanna be a sub. While come over her and get on your knees.”

Nap grabbed a pillow, tossed it on the floor in front of him, took Mel’s hand and pulled her toward him. He them put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down onto the floor. He reached down for her hands and placed them on his crotch.

“Go ahead, Miss Mel the MILF, let’s see how good you really are.”

Mel undid the zipper on his pants and opened the fly and reached into Nap’s underwear. She removed an impressively long, moderately thick, uncut cock which stuck straight out in front of her face. Mel took it in one hand, pulled back the foreskin and, as she slowly jerked it back and forth, took it in her mouth. Nap was happy with that only for a very brief moment. He grabbed her hair at the back of her head and pushed Mel’s head forward. She almost choked, but adjusted her position and took a large portion of his erection into her mouth and partially down her throat. She came up several times to breathe and to coat his cock with saliva.

“That’s not bad, Miss Mel, but don’t move. I think I’m gonna fuck your mouth. You okay with that?”

“Mmmm, mmmm!”

Nap didn’t really wait for a reply. He began fucking Mel’s mouth, while she hung on to his cock, moving the foreskin back and forth as best she could. Nap then reached down from her shoulders to her tits.

“So, Miss Mel, you’re kind of proud of your tits, eh!”

And he grabbed one, then the other, through her clothes, feeling for the hardening nipple. He reached down to her waist, pulled up her blouse and pulled it over her head, knocking his own cock out of Mel’s mouth and butting it against her nose.

“Come on, Babe, let’s get those tits out where a guy can manhandle them a bit. Would you like that?’

“Yeth,” mumbled Mel, her mouth full of cock again, her hands working the foreskin back and forth, gasping for breath every once and a while when Nap decided to “fuck her mouth” again.

A few moments later, he reached down and undid the clasps on Mel’s lacy bra. In an instant, the bra was gone and Mel’s tits were being squeezed and fondled by Nap who paid particular attention to her nipples, now rock hard. Mel moaned through her mouth full of cock.

“How about we get a closer look – and feel, he-he – at the rest of you.”

He took her hand, stood her up in front of him, reached for her waist, undid belt, clasp and zipper and pulled down her skirt. Immediately, he stuck his thumbs in the waistband of her thong and pulled it over her ass, down over her knees and let the skirt and panties drop to the floor. Mel stepped out of them both, naked now, except her stockings and heels.

“Okay, on the bed,” he commanded. “On your knees and spread your cheeks. I want to check out that pussy that you like to brag about.”

Mel complied, her ass stuck out, her cheeks spread exposing her slit, its lips and clit. Nap moved toward her, grasped her hips and pulled her toward the edge of the bed. After administering a smart slap on her ass cheek, he began rubbing the tip of his manhood up and down her perineum, from anus to clit.

“So, Miss Mel, what should I do with my cock. Ass? Twat? Where do YOU think I want to plant it?”

Mel seemed to understand that he was playing the dom and that she was being called upon to play the sub. She bent into the bed a little more, raising up her butt and pushing back toward Nap’s cock.

“Anywhere you like, Sir. I’m here to please you.”

And only a few seconds later, Nap had shoved his hard, erect cock into her pussy, his hips slapping up against Mel’s ass. Several more thrusts; Mel was hard pressed to keep her ass back against him to meet the thrusts of his cock. Each thrust penetrated her deeply and, at the end of each, as his long cock probably reached her cervix, Jack and I heard a kind of grunt from Mel.

Nap was pounding her now. Her buttocks and tits were bouncing back and forth at each strike of Nap’s hips against Mel’s ass. Often his cock would come completely out of Mel’s pussy only to be slammed back into her, parting her pussy lips on the way in, smashing his hips and balls against her ass. At the end of each push, his cock had fully disappeared inside her. Mel was squirting now and as Nap’s cock exited her twat, the squirt increased in volume down her ass and legs and his cock was covered in her juices.

“You’re pretty fucking wet, Miss Mel the MILF. You like my cock?”

All we heard was a muffled “Yes, Sir” as she buried her face in the linen and tried to keep her hips moving in time with his quickening thrusts into her.

“Ouf, pretty warm in here. How ‘bout you finish undressing me!”

Mel got up from the bed and stood in front of Nap. As he fondled her tits, she loosened his tie, undid the buttons of his shirt. Then she removed his tie, then the shirt. She reached down and undid his belt and the waist clasp. She pulled down his pants and shorts down to his ankles and bent down to slip them off, as well as his shoes and socks. On the way up, she noticed Nap had his erection in his hand and was pointing it at Mel. She obliged and Jack and I saw it disappear into her mouth again.

After a few minutes of this, Nap stepped away and lay on the bed, his head perched on its edge.

“Okay, My Dear, wipe that slop off your kitty and come here and fuck my tongue.”

Mel approached the foot of the bed, perched one foot on the edge and lowered her pussy lips and clit to Nap’s waiting mouth and tongue. Nap reached up and spread her butt cheeks to get better access to that smooth, moist valley between her anus and her clit. Slowly at first, but then with more obvious enthusiasm, she bobbed her hips up and down, Nap’s tongue penetrating her or licking her slit and clit, occasionally sucking into his mouth as much of her pussy lips as he could manage on Mel’s downward trajectory. Jack and I could hear the sucking sound as Mel would move away and Nap’s mouth would lose contact with her pussy. Bent slightly forward all while being tongue-fucked, she was managing to give Nap a rather sloppy hand job.

Finally, with another smart smack on her ass, he slid away from her, taking her hand in his.

“Alright, let’s see how well you can fuck.” And he stretched out on his back, his cock pointing straight up. He pulled Mel toward him until she was poised over his hips, the tip of his cock just below her twat.

“Come on, then. Fuck it!”

Mel took his erection in hand and lowered herself onto his cock. As she squatted onto his hips, all 9 inches of Nap’s cock disappeared into her pussy. After emitting an obvious moan of approval, she first moved her hips slightly back and forth, then, up and down. As she felt him deep inside her, she increased both the rapidity and the height of her rise-and-fall. Nap squeezed and fondled her tits with one hand and explored her ass with the other. Mel was getting excited now. She was pounding on his cock, Nap’s middle finger fucking her ass. Several times, she moved so violently that Nap’s cock flapped out of her cunt and stabbed uselessly at some odd place in her perineum. Mel would take his cock, insert it again, push down hard on his hips to fill her twat to the cervix and then resume her bouncing, fucking him with enthusiasm.

Jack and I knew she was cumming when we saw the squirt liquid trickling down over Nap’s hips.

“Holy fuck! Are you pissing on me?” He seemed a little disconcerted. He started to push her off…

“No, no! Oh God! I --- squirt --- ooohhh! ---when I ---- oh, shit! ----cum!” she managed even in the throws of her orgasm.

“Cumming, eh!? I guess it’s my turn, then.”

And Nap pulled her down on the bed, flipped her on her side, got behind her and raised her left leg exposing her twat. Cock in hand, he approached her pink pussy lips, inserted the tip of his cock into her cunt. Then he moved forward, closer to his wet target and pushed.

“Ahh, shit! O my God!” and she pushed back toward him. His cock disappeared again into her cunt.

As Nap fucked her, occasionally coming completely out of her pussy only to ram it home again, Mel’s buttocks and tits bobbed and flapped with each strike. Her body was covered in a thin film of sweat. Her vulva, belly, tits and face pink with desire and effort. All Jack and I could see was Mel being fucked, Nap’s cock doing fine duty, spreading her labia each time he poked her again.

Suddenly, Nap pulled out, grabbed his cock with one hand, squeezing the tip, and rolling Mel onto her back with the other hand. Then, he let go of his cock and streams of cum ejected. White, sticky cum flew onto Mel’s tits and neck, over her face and onto her nose and eyes.

“Open your mouth!”

And the final two spurts of pasty cum shot directly into her open mouth. Nap moved closer.

“Here, clean it off! Suck out the rest of my juice!” And into her open mouth, Nap inserted his cock. Mel sucked avidly, bobbing her head and mouth back and forth, pulling the foreskin back and forth as well. She sucked on him for several minutes, Nap barely able to hang on.

Finally, we noticed he was hard again.

“You want more, your horny little sub?” And he was once again between her legs, fucking her with abandon. We were surprised that it took him only 5 or 6 minutes to erupt again. Mel was full in. Legs spread, high in the air, hips meeting his thrusts, squeezing her own tits to help herself along.

We watched, amazed, as Nap exploded again, this time deep into Mel’s pussy. His exertion and her enthusiasm were punctuated with various vocalisations, oohs, aahs, expletives of various types, many panting breaths.

Nap dropped down on the bed behind and next to his sub. She looked used, abused, satiated, pink with excitement and orgasm. He snuggled up to her, placed her head on the crook of his arm and started playing with her tits. Mel’s body almost glowed with a sheen of passionate sweat. Nap ran one hand down from a tit and nipple, across her belly to her pussy, spreading cum here and there as his hands mover over her naked body. One finger disappeared, then two. Mel’s hips were in motion again. When he retracted them a moment later, they were covered in goo, a combination of his cum and her juices. The fingers quickly found her lips.

“So, what do we taste like, Miss Mel, fuckable MILF?” Nap took possession again of her tits.

“Mmm, good! A little salty maybe.” Mel pushed back against him, his cock lying flat against her butt crack.

Just then, the timer on Mel’s burner phone rang. Nap had used his time. Mel was now officially a call girl, Miss Mel the MILF. The camera watched an empty room while Mel and her john showered. They appeared briefly back in the room, dressed and shared a deep kiss with considerable tongue. A moment later, Nap was gone. Mel sat, exhausted, on the bed.

Jack opened the adjoining door and the three of us got together to watch the videos.

A couple of hours later, I asked Mel, “Hey, Miss Mel, there are more than three hours left on the burner cell phone. Should we keep it active or dump it?’

She paused briefly, looked at me, then at Jack. “Let me think about that.” And she winked at her husband. “I’ll get back to you.”