Jul. 1, 2017

JD loved porn and watched it as often as he could. One evening when I arrived for our “night out for a beer” he was glued to his computer screen.

“Can you believe this?” he said, motioning to the screen. It took me a couple of minutes to understand that I was watching a so-called “casting couch” video in which a fake agent talked women into getting undressed and having sex with the “agent” who explained that this was their “screen test” that he would share with producers that he knew.

“Come on,” I objected. “These girls are already in the business and the ‘shy girl’ shtick is just an actress following script.”

We went back and forth on this, neither one of us giving ground. Finally, JD said, “How about I prove it?”

Several days later, he invited me for a beer at a local hotel. After a couple, he looked at his watch and decided, “Come on. We gotta go. You asked me to prove the fake agent thing wasn’t a gag. And I’m about to prove it to you.”

Room 607 was an ordinary hotel room, except that DJ had installed a video camera on a tripod and there was a photographer’s light illuminating the bed. DJ also had a digital still camera and a small hand-held video camera. I thought to myself, “This is a crock!” But 20 minutes later there was a knock at the door.

Terry was about 40, about 5’ 6” in low heels, maybe 140 lbs, with light brown hair, short cut, almost boyish. She wore dark blue glasses and just enough makeup to accent her blue eyes, fairly high cheeks and thin eyebrows. She wore black, studded jeans, a nice silky blue blouse open at the neck and a contrasting red scarf. It looked like she had a nice body.

JD did his thing, explaining the “agency fantasy”, the need for the producers he knew to have photos and a scene or two with the “candidate” and a male “talent”. The he got her to talk about her sex life. She was divorced with two grown kids. In her sexual life, she’d been with one woman and several men. Yes, she liked sex, especially oral. No, she didn’t masturbate nor did she like anal. She’d had intercourse several months ago with a male friend. He then asked her to undress.

She hesitated only for a moment and then began to remove her scarf and unbutton her blouse. Hmmm, nice breasts well ensconced in a lacy black bra. JD motioned to me to take pictures with the camera. I continued to shoot as she removed her heels, then her jeans. The panties matched the bra.

“Nice!” commented JD. “Keep going…”

She reached behind her back and undid the bra. The breasts were superb – large enough with a slight nod to gravity. The nipples were almost the size of loonies. Click, click! More photos from different angles. JD was also filming. Whir, whir! She hesitated again, but JD encouraged her to get naked. Finally, the panties came off. Au naturel! Nicely trimmed but not shaven. The pussy lips were quite evident, dark, meaty and dangling.

JD called her closer to him. “What size are these?” he asked as he fondled her tits freely and without reserve. “And, guess what, Barrett. She’s wet down here,” he added as her spread her labia and stuck a finger inside her and up rubbed her clit. “And when’s the last time you had intercourse? Sorry, two questions!

She seemed a bit embarrassed but replied, “40D and it’s been months.”

“And now for the video… Let’s start by seeing how you suck cock.” When she hesitated, he pointed to his crotch and took her hand and placed it on his belt buckle. He indicated to me that he wanted more pictures. As JD’s pants fell to the floor, his cock stuck out generally in Terry’s face. She pulled the foreskin back and gently jerked him off. He put his hands behind her head and pulled her head to his cock. She kissed it first, then, pulling back the foreskin, licked it. Finally, the glands disappeared into her mouth. JD reached down and fondled her tits with one hand, the movie camera whirring steadily as it pointed downward to the obvious shot. Terry got busy sucking his cock in earnest. JD’s cock slid in and out of her mouth, a bit of spittle dribbling down her chin to her tits.

“Could you handle two cocks?” he queried, motioning to me to get involved. I dropped my pants, kicked off my shoes and socks as well as the pants and moved in. Terry reached out and grabbed my cock, masturbating me, sliding my foreskin back and forth, fondling my balls, but never stopping her blow job on JD. It didn’t take me long to get hard.

After several minutes, JD got the idea to move to the couch. We sat side by side while Terry, her tits on one set of knees or the other, gobbled one cock, then the other, sucking one while she stroked and jerked off the other cock. She was good. Each time a cock entered her mouth, JD’s or mine, JD would push her head down. A couple of time she managed to overcome a gag reflex. But Terry hung in there, gobbling or stroking cock.

After a while, I could tell JD was close to coming. He got up. While Terry was blowing me, he got behind her, grabbed his cock and aimed for her cunt. A few seconds later, her entire body shuddered to JD’s fucking her from behind, a loud slap as his hips slammed against her ass. She was wet. I could hear the sucking sound as JD’s cock pulled out of her pussy. Then he stopped, got up and helped Terry to stand. He instructed her to sit on my erection. She obliged, one leg on either side of my legs. She grabbed my cock and slipped it into her wet cunt. JD got behind her, taking close-ups with the video camera. A few moments later, as Terry bounced up and down on my thighs, my cock pushing up towards her cervix on the way in and her labia flopping on my nut sack as she came back down, I enjoyed her tits, fondling them, pinching her nipples, sucking them. We were also full mouth and tongue French kissing. Then JD had a new idea.

“We need shots from a different angle,” he explained. “Come to the bed and get on your back.” Terry complied. She lay back, JD spread her legs and invited me to the bed. “I need to get close-up pics and videos of you cocking up her pussy.”

Cock in hand, I moved in, aimed my erection at her pussy, her pussy lips now engorged and moist, clit sticking out proudly at the top of her meaty lips. I held my cock pressed up to her clit while JD took photos and videos. “OK, just fuck her!” he ordered. With the lens of the camera just inches away from the cock and pussy combination, I pushed my cock inside of her. “Take it out and stick her again. This time I want to see her face when you go in.” I withdrew my wet cock and penetrated her again, but this time, I just continued to fuck her while JD filmed and took photos. As my cock slipped easily up her cunt and my hips butted against her ass, Terry’s tits flopped back and forth. I reached up and fondled them, pinched her nipples some more, and even bent down and stuck my tongue in her mouth.

“Get on your back!” he commanded me. Terry climbed off of me and, while me on my back, she got on top of me, cowgirl style, and slipped my cock back deep inside her. Then JD pushed her forward. I heard him spit and Terry gasp. I felt JD get on top of her and I instantly knew what he was up to. He was fucking her ass with my cock in her pussy. Terry winced as her anus got used to JD’s 7-inch, fairly stout cock.

I couldn’t do much other than lie there and let the movement of Terry’s body friction my cock inside her. But I was able to manage some more deep French kissing – full tongue, nibbling lips, lots of saliva. The next thing I knew, I felt wet.

“Right on, Babe! Hey she’s squirting.” Indeed, she was. Then I recognized another sound. An intake of breath, a slight “whelp”. She was cumming and so was JD. JD was kneeling now, his cock still in her ass. I could now move a little more as well. I grabbed her by the hips and moved her up and down as much as I could. I was going to cum as well. With a few seconds variance, it was a triacta. Terry came with a series of shudders and a small cry, JD filled her ass with cum and moments later I filled her pussy with my cum.

JD extricated himself and Terry was about to get up. “Just one more thing. I need a close-up of the creampie.” Click, click, whir, whir! “OK, now you get to taste three kinds of cum,” JD chuckled. “Barrett’s, mine and yours!” And he took her face in his hand and led her to my cock, still wet with cum, pussy juice and squirt. He then inserted two fingers into her pussy, withdrew them covered in cum and popped them into her mouth. He replaced his fingers with his own cock. Each time, Terry cleaned off the member and swallowed. As she sucked his cock, he smiled and said, “Hey, this is great!”and encouraged Terry to get him to cum again. He did cum again, into Terry’s mouth and all over her face. Click, click, whir, whir!

JD then proceeded to take a series of close-up stills – face, tits, ass, pussy with lips closed, dark and meaty pussy with lips pulled wide open, vagina with three fingers inserted (mine), cunt with cock inserted (his), a pink rock-hard clit, cock in mouth (his again), anus with an index finger sticking in (mine).

Finally, we let Terry take a shower. More photos, of course. Then she got dressed.

“What happens now?” she asked. JD explained that he would edit the takes and send them to producers in the industry – which he did not do, of course. Then he added, “You won’t get scale today, but take this for your time,” and he handed her two brand-new $100 bills.

After Terry left, I admitted that JD was right about his gig. It had worked. “And we’re just getting started,” he added. About 45 minutes later, there was another knock at the door. The door opened to a 20-something, slim, blonde!