Written by CW

Dec. 26, 2016

Working in this job for about a month one day this new doctor arrived for his first day and myself working the frame area could admire him as he came back and forth from out of his office to the front desk but I thought of his ass every time . He was 6 ft and built very broad, but you could tell that he had worked out his body was well proportioned. He was in his 50s with silver sides and very handsome and distinguished.I took every opportunity I could to go to his office to ask him questions or just to say hello.

This went on for about two or three months of innocent flirting back-and-forth as we were both married. However that did not stop me from thinking about him and fantasizing about him at home with my own husband. One night after work after the clinic had closed I thought to myself "fuck it ! I would like to get alone in the office with him and see how agile that chair really is."

I went into the room and I close the door I got closer to him and pushed him against his desk,I got on my knees unbuckling his belt and freeing it from what I could see was already little bit of a woody ...now he was hesitant to push back and I kept going I told him to just relax I am not about to stop..... No one would ever know.

The next thing he has his hand on top of my head and with some force and pressure he was throat fucking me. He become buckled in the knees it was becoming a bit intense. I put him on the chair and told to sit there I was not finished. I pulled back the slit lamp. And pulled up my skirt, revelling I was not wearing any underwear. I backed into the firmness and I was immediately engulfed 1 deep thrust much to his surprise how wet and tight my pussy was. He was a good 9 inches..OMG

I instructed him to give it to me hard as he could possibility could handle. It felt amazing I did not even have to play with myself he was hitting all the right areas.. He grabbed my DD and squeezed them. Biting the back of my neck.

You could feel his balls tighten as he was about to unload. I jumped off and knelt before him...I wanted to taste him...it was warm and sweet, not what I was used to at home. I licked my lips...got dressed and told him I would see him Monday! Like nothing ever happened.....