Sep. 10, 2015

In the heart of downtown. The sun had not come up. I'd been up for days with much needed sleep. I got off the seventeenth floor.My eyelids heavy and sight blurry looking for my room door. I slided the room key in the slit and it didn't work, frustrated after a few attempts, I tried to get in by opening the door with the handle. To my surprise the door was unlocked.

I opened the door to enter my room and I couldn't recall leaving the washroom light on! This female was standing in the doorway as l looked up, I was a bit starled. She had this look about her, I was to exhaust to panic.

She looked surprise to see me. Hello she replied. She was about 5'10 with a deep olive skin tone, with long silky brunette hair, going pass her shoulders, pressing against her cleavage, with long legs and bedroom light eyes.

She welcome me in. The room was in darkness when she turned off the bathroom light. I couldnt see! So I reached for my cellphone to get light. She turned her back to me for a brief moment, after she made eye contact with me.

Ruff! Ruff! it was the sound of a dog in the hotel room. Ruff! Ruff! The bark echoed louder. Shhh, Shhh! She replied loudly but quietly at the dog, quickly picking the dog up to cover it's mouth. Quiet! she repeated! Everything went smoothly as she giggled and continue into the washroom to put the dog away and shut the door.

A minute later, she's comes out the washroom and said " I am sorry if I frighten you! I wasn't wearing any makeup" I replied! I think am on the wrong floor!

She thought I was sent by the housekeepers coming to do some work on the lamps, I soon realized her English wasn't that fluent! She kept repeating lamp broken! lamp broken! come, come, come as she pulls me by the arm. "She pointed" at the lamp and replies that just keeps burning out the light bulbs. See! so many bulbs gone. She mentioned to me. Earlier she experienced the same issue twice, and called front desk and said she need a new lamp.

She went to the window in the nude gracing the room with all- natural jugs that I could only imagine palming with both hands and jigging them together. Watching my mouth water, stream between her breast, running ever so slowly down her body to her belly button. And admiring the rest of my mouth water flowing down to her private parts.

In the nude, she slightly bent over. Pulling the cord to open the blinds to look outside her hotel window at the waterfalls. What a great view! "I said". She "chuckled" as I watched her seducing me. This room is upscale and suited for gentleman like you "she said" looking away off into the dark skies and then immediately back at me.

In the corner of the room, she was standing still, sideways. Her body and both of her hands up! Just barley pressed against the wall. Her feet planted, with her long legs crossed, and her soft pink nipples. The thought of me tracing my eyes with her eyes was a turn on. I walked over to her and you could tell she was a little bit nervous. She replies do you like my body. I said Yes! as I looked in her eyes?smiled, then broke eye contact.

Few minutes go by...

The sound of the lamp switch flick'd on!. I could see she was on the floor laying by the bed post, by the reflection of the light in the window. I turned around and saw her bottom. My attention went back to this female. Which whom I had know idea who she was or why I was still in her room for sometime. She suddenly twisted her body and reached for her suitcase and turned facing me with a vibrator in her hand.

She began playing with her vibrator in her mouth. Licking it, gliding the vibrator up and down her private, while her legs spread wide. I was in a frenzy watch her seduce me and pleasing herself.

She said my name is Eva! She leaned back a little bit, lifting her left leg high in the air. Then other leg slightly bent and raised off the floor holding the vibrator with just her private.

She said "take your shirt and pants off". Then she placed the tip of her index finger, on her bottom lip. she stood on her knees nude with her legs open. You have a larger cock. She replied!

This time she leaned back on the floor, even more further using her right hand, slipping the Vibrator deep inside her moist pussy and started giving it to her private good.

On your knees now! She Commanded, as I finish undressing myself. Now! Crawl on your knees, she commanded pointing to the floor and crawl over to the queen size bed.

She stood up and then leaned forward, crossing both arms right below her size F Cup jugs with her legs still open. And said "I Am A THIRTY-FIVE YEAR OLD, DIRTY, AND I LOVE BEING A MILF" with a satisfied smile.

She pulled my foreskin back as she took my cock in her mouth A-H-H-H-H-H-H so yummy! She replied. Her cherry lips glided up and down my shaft. After a few minute deep throat action she wipes off the juices from the corners of her mouth looking at me with a smile. then slided it between her breast.

The anticipation of my cock inside her, got me overly aroused clutching the base my cock with a tight grip, hoping i will be ble to complete her sexual with all my might.

Just inches of her vagina above my cock, she lowers her labia with excitement on the tip and head of my cock. I could feel the inside of her warm wet bubbly flesh, spanking against my testicles, the look on her was engulfed with pleasure!

Then, she let's out a sound of a moaning and groaining. Oh! OMG, Oh! OMG Mmmm... as she takes a deep breath OMG fuckkkk!!! You are huge! Fuck me with that cock ya! She said! I want more she repiles. Faster, faster at the top of her lungs. OMG fuck! Mmmm. .. I glanced at her assets watching them swing back and forth boucing against each other OMG! OMG! FUCK YA! Baby. Am going to cum "she yells". Soaked and shivering with her eyes rolled in the back of her head, her orgamas demands nothing less than supersize.