Jan. 31, 2017

At a gathering with my friends one night someone decided to bring out a game called crimes against humanity. I thought it kind of silly, but hey what the heck. We play and the laughs and perversions that came out of some the people even surprised me. Then one of the ladies brought up the idea of combining this with a bit of truth or dare. Let’s just say that when there are alcohol, topics of sex and others persuasive ideas floating around, things get quite interesting.

Well the topic of bondage and control came out. So since it was my turn on truth or dare I dared one of the men (Max) to be stripped and tied to a bed. Being a bold man he said sure. Well Max is a well endowed man. 9 inches plus. His girl friend Lisa, at the time decided in a drunken stew per to put a blindfold on him. She then stripped herself and straddled his lap. She began to grind herself into him bringing up a very large erection. One of the other women, Jane then bent down and gave his big cock a nice long lick. Max feeling this says take the blindfold off I want to see. His girl friend says no. Now the third lady Wanda, feels a bit left out so she peels off her clothes and sits on Max’s face, to see if his tongue is as long as his dick.

The two other guys that are there, Dave and Greg proceed to strip and try to get in on the action. They look at me and say “well, you going to join in?” I decide to strip but sit back and watch for a bit. Greg places himself between the Wanda and Lisa, to feed them his dick for a sandwich. Dave gets up behind Jane and peels down her pants to reveal a beautiful ass and no panties. He takes his thumb, wets it and starts to rub it in her moist pussy. Jane is now excited, sucking on Max’s dick and alternating to Lisa’s clit. It does not take long before she is having her first orgasm. I guess Dave was rubbing the right spot because she exploded with a gush. Soaking his hand and making a wet spot on the floor.

Jane says I need a cock in me now. She grabbed Dave a led him to the other side of the bed. There she laid down and Dave began to fuck her nice and slow. Lisa then took Wanda’s head and fed her Max’s dick. God could she swallow. She deep throat ed him in one gulp. Lisa then turned to me, noticed my raging hard on and came over to me and hopped on my lap. God she felt good. She was hot, wet and ready to fuck. Greg then went behind Wanda and stuck his dick in her ass.

The moans and groans were unreal. Max tied to the bed with a pussy on his face and lips on his dick, blindfolded. Him being very visual hated to be controlled in this way. Lisa changes positions on me to reverse cowboy so she could watch. Then Wanda and Jane switched, only Greg wanted to stay in her ass. So Dave got on his back, Wanda straddled him and Greg entered her ass again.

Jane then started to fuck the crap out of Max. Screaming:” she had never felt a dick as big as this before”. Then it all started, one after the other. Wanda started to cum, then Max, then Greg and Dave. Lisa was close, so I pushed her to the bed and started fucking harder. She started to cum, bucking and quivering at the same time. I turned her around and shot my load all over her face. Wanda crawled over and cleaned her face and my dick. Dave and Greg looked at each other with big grins on their faces and looked down at Max, who was still tied up. Jane kept riding Max until she exploded one more time for her satisfaction.

We untied Max and had a good laugh at what just happened. It was still semi early and the night was not over yet. But that is for another story.