Nov. 30, 2018

Over the last few months we had become very close friends that shared one magical secret. Although we were both married to others, our connection could not deny the passion that burned within. Having had a few little get aways before, we booked a nice overnight get away just outside of the city at a nice little cabin and brought in some snacks so we would not have to go out. As we got comfy and kissing each other our passion grew as a knock sounded on the door. Hold that thought Tawney I said as I walked over and open the door to see Jenn, one of your close friends and confidant standing there with a wide grin with a small shoulder bag; she hugged me and walked in hugging you. I had met Jenn a few times prior and enjoyed her company and her sense of humour.

Your mutual expressions told me you knew she would be stopping by. We chatted for a little bit while sipping some wine joking around and filling the room with laughter as a warm summer’s breeze blew in from the open balcony doors overlooking the scenic fresh water brook gently cascading into the lake. Only then did I find out that Jenn had asked to join us for the day in order to get out of the house and have a little break from her domestic life (Home life for her was not overly happy). I knew from what you told me, that you and Jenn had experimented a little together and were quite comfortable in each other’s presence which I admittedly thought was hot. It was then, we decided to go for a swim and soak in the hot tub on the deck. As I grabbed our swim gear and handed it to you, Jenn had already taken her jeans off and now pulling her t-shirt over her head revealing her perfectly symmetrical zaftig figure. Even you made a comment as she smiled and blushed slightly making no real attempt to cover herself. With that encouragement, we chuckled and disrobed quickly. It seemed amazing that we all three had no desire to hide and decided to opt out of swim suites, all the while noticing that Jenn was checking us both out as much as we her.

We lounged in the warm water for some time laughing and “accidentally” brushing by each other as we talked and I rubbing your legs until another set pushed their way with an audible “my turn”. Without missing a sensual stroke Jenn’s legs were cared for under the slippery salt water jets. She arched back expressing this was wonderful as her full globes broke the watermark sending warm tingling sensations to my growing member. You looked at me and pressed your hand on my crotch with a coy surprised look and squeezed lightly sending me into a full erection saying softly – Tawney’s going to be very happy tonight. Jenn looked at you and where your hand was and told us if we needed a moment she would leave us alone… I laughed and choked back just give me a sec and I’m sure it will pass as we tried to be good hosts. We toweled off and went back into the room, towels in hand trying to cover my semi aroused state. As we got in, we all were a little chilled and I mentioned I would be turning on the shower so we could warm up and rinse the salt water off. You told me to go ahead and you’d join me in a minute while Jenn did her hair. With the right temperature I jumped in first as you followed shortly after and we were alone under the steamy water as we kissed with such passion that time seemed to stop and our desires grew. Jenn with a towel around her waited leaning against the bathroom counter could make out the silhouettes close embrace, hearing our slight moans over the rumble of the shower dropped her towel and decided to join us. As the curtain opened we held each other tightly in surprise and Jenn stepped in and hugged your back wrapping her arms around me as well. All she could say is she wished she could have a deep friendship like we did; that her husband forgets she even exists at times. With that you turned around and hugged your dear friend as the warm water fell over us all. As you hugged her, she sobbed quietly and I then wrapped my arms around you both as we let the warm water fall over us like a velvety blanket on a cold winter’s day. You maneuvered around Jenn in this large shower so she would be wedged between us and we could both hold her and console her attempting to make her feel loved. Looking at each other, I leaned over and kissed you once more and as I was backing away she grinned and told us not to stop. Surprised to hear this and oddly erotic as we both held a naked woman in the shower with us, we kept kissing each other as the three of us huddled under the hot water now feeling her hands run up and down our bodies until finally her lips approached our own longing for us to share a three way kiss with her including her in our delight. Jenn found your lips first and gently kissed you as I noticed how soft and passionate a simple kiss could be bringing my erection to full mast and brushing against Jenn’s belly. She then turned to me with hunger in her eyes and asked me to kiss me like you do her, make me feel alive. Exchanging a quick glance over to you, your eyes filled with emotion and fiery passion your mouth blowing me a kiss of their own my lips met hers as our eyes closed and lost each other in the most deliciously sensual kiss leaving us both weak at the knees.

Stepping out of the shower, I was little embarrassed due to my development and tried to hide my ever present erection. You both bent down in front of me drying off allowing me to see your perfectly shaped asses and beautiful heart shaped outlines of your pussies for the first time. Jenn slowly stood back up and turned to me looking down at my manhood and mentioned that you were right it is very lovely; you are very lucky woman. Trying not to lose it right there, I said the first thing that came to mind which was, who was to be the first to get a massage. With an evil grin Jenn looked at you and said we should pamper him after all he has been so kind to us thus far.

As I lay on the bed face down I felt two sets of hands rubbing some lightly scented oil into the skin on my back. The feeling was almost intoxicating, the feeling indescribable and as the pressure increased I could feel Jenn’s heavy breasts brush against the small of my back sending shivers up and down my spine making my cock ache for attention. Her nipples getting harder were now dancing on me like little fingertips teasing me even more. Not to be outdone you leaned in closer and dragged your hardened nipples on the top of my back as I moaned with delight. All of a sudden the pressure subsided, both you and Jenn instructed me to roll over. With hesitation I rolled over exposing myself and my full blown erection. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw the two of you staring at me and grinning. At this point Jenn said I’ll start with the shoulders as she repositioned herself at my head and I had the most perfect view of her swaying breasts as you started with my legs and thighs. It did not take long for your hands to find my manhood and caress it slightly which made my head tilt back and mouth open slightly teasing Jenn’s nipples as they passed over my parted lips almost suckling them. Jenn made on purpose and bent over me ensuring her nipple would find its way to my mouth as she kissed you passionately. I then felt your hand push on my stomach as you repositioned yourself and without warning engulfed my hard shaft in one swift motion. The velvety warmth overtook me as I let out a moan releasing her erect nipple. Jenn looked at me and commented this will not do as she got us and straddled my head lowering her glistening pussy to my awaiting mouth as I began to slowly suck on her lips and clit while flicking my tongue as she started to gyrate her hips ensuring she rubbed her clit on my awaiting chin with ever pass.

I could feel that you and Jenn were embraced in each other’s arms and kissing each other with wild abandon. With all of the stimulation my hips were bucking and increasing their upward push until I grabbed Jenn’s hips and pulled them down onto my mouth driving my chin deep in her as I thrusted upwards into you with such releasing emptying myself into you as you continued to bounce on my still hard shaft bringing yourself closer to your own climax. Jenn dug her nails into my chest and lifted herself screaming Oh Fuck I’m cumming! As a torrent gushed out of her drenching my face as I eagerly drank the nectar the flowed. My semen oozing out of you with every downward motion until you clamped down and shuttered in your own climax. Both you and Jenn got off of me and lay to my left on the bed still holding each other as we all panted gently with a nice thin sweat glowing in the aftershocks. We lay there caressing one another for the next little while as Jenn held you tight and kissed your neck, foundling your breasts and playing with your clitoris and I behind Jenn wrapping my arms around you both as my hips rocked back and forth in a rhythmic motion. Her ass gently caressing my stiffening cock ever pressing harder against her. She turned her head to me and huskily stated “Fuck me from behind, I want her to feel you through me”. The head of my shaft found her glorious love passage and slid in with little effort as she let out a low grunt and tightened her grip on you. My strokes were slow and long not wanting this feeling to end as our bodies became one. I could feel your excitement growing as your hips were moving with our own increasing in intensity. I pulled out and moved closer to you and started licking your pussy still oozing our previous encounter, the mixture of your own discharge and my semen created quite the aphrodisiac. On my knees Jenn scouted under me grasping my cock and sucking it gently with her expert mouth. We were in the throws or ecstasy where no wrong can ever be had. You held my head to your parted legs as I inserted a finger at first only to use two after the first few strokes. Nearing your climax you told Jenn to take over as I repositioned myself behind her and entered her more deeply this time. You grasped onto the sheets and closed your eyes as your body riddled is pleasure as your hips bucked again and again; Jenn eagerly lashing her tongue into you sucking your clit and lips engorging them even further. My thumb still very wet from your juices playing with Jenn’s asshole as it disappeared sliding into her. Jenn groaning, telling me deeper, deeper until I could not offer any more but with each thrust my pelvis adding more pressure to her ass as my cock filled her pussy. Nearing my climax I started to cry out where do you want me to cum… as you looked at me with such intensity between convulsions and told me to fill her naughty hole up as I had another incredible release feeling myself pour into her with hot liquid. As I pulled out exhausted, Jenn’s pussy was slow to close back up and opaque white cream pooled and dripped out from her onto thigh and bed. I lay there next to you placing my hand on your breast as Jenn then got up and lay beside me now. We snuggled and fell asleep to the sound of the rushing water of the Falls only to wake up in the middle of the night to find you and Jenn kissing and groping each other before seeing that she had brought a strap on along.

Intrigued I was content in wiping the sleep from my eyes and watching until you saw me and told me to help Jenn. Not sure what you meant I rolled closer and knelt by you as both you and Jenn licked and sucked me so hard I could barely contain myself. Jenn lay on the bed as you straddled her and slowly lowered yourself onto the dildo strapped to her hips. You bounced a few times ensuring it was well lubed and in the right spot when you leaned forward and pulled your ass cheeks apart telling me to lick my assholes an the fuck hard… I want to feel both of you. I couldn’t believe my ears and did exactly as I was told rimming that perfect little button. Lubing myself up and a little more directly into your awaiting ass, my cock head slowly pushed its way in and then rested there as your body relaxed. You kept moving and with each new thrust my cock slid a little further into you for the first time. Jenn began to moan more and started to convulse as the dildo also was pressing on her clit vibrating with every thrust given as the dildo had a vibrating pad for added pleasure. You were quickening your pace clamped down your legs shacking with such intensity. My cock feeling like it was going to explode, I pulled out and started to stroke myself over the two of you and came hard sending ejaculate across your stomachs and breasts before falling to my knees on the bed and kissing Jenn as she was the closest.

We all fell asleep together only to wake the next morning with an urge to continue what we started. Selfishly Jenn wanted to spend time with her best friend and rightly so as she was going through a tough time, tougher than we had been originally informed. Watching the women caring for one another in a non-sexual way was sensual to begin with. As the day when on, Jenn stood back allowing us time for ourselves. Having an audience was certainly a new twist as we made love Jenn lay next to us playing with her beautiful round breasts and inserting a finger into her waiting pussy reveling in a few small orgasms only to be matched by our own. That night was filled with a voyeuristic and exhibitionist sense adding a definite dynamic that was not expected yet erotically sensual on many levels. We continued to play and love one another with lots of sensual kissing and caressing; beyond any measure or traditional sex. As if this moment was too precious to be wasted with a selfish act as we drank each other in and laughed, talked and cried holding to nothing and everything.

On the final day we all hugged farewell and promised each other regardless of our circumstances we would get together at least once a year for a reunion of sorts.