Written by tomtomcan

Sep. 28, 2011

As she walked up to the venue Jaz had no idea what to expect. She had agreed to attend the meet and greet out of curiosity more than anything else but she still felt a touch of butterflies in her stomach as she approached the door. She was taller than average and with her ash blonde hair knew that she would find it difficult to discretely enter but that had not stopped her wearing high-heels for the night.

Pushing the door open she was pleased to see the room was reasonably full and that those there already were a sample of everyday NZ - but with a twist in that they were members of a swingers website. She was greeted by one of the organisers who asked her name, made her feel welcome, then introduced her to a couple of the other guests.

As the night passed Jaz circulated round the room and chatted to several people before being introduced to another tall girl with long dark hair named Sophie. After introductions and initial small-talk the girls discovered they were both from the same town - about 2 hrs drive away. At this point Tom, who had introduced them, left the girls to chat as it was obvious they were hitting it off. Jaz and Sophie continued to chat into the wee small hours before returning to their separate accommodation for the night followed by the drive home the next day.

The girls continued to chat online and met for coffee a few times and there was definitely a spark there but, as if by mutual agreement, neither pushed things to follow through - their home town is not the biggest. Meanwhile they both continued to chat on-line with Tom, who had introduced them. Distance making it a little easier to tease and share thoughts without the pressure to meet.

Time passed and Sophie decided to move to Auckland to chase employment. Jaz was sorry to see her go but was pleased for her. The girls remained in contact and, once Sophie was settled in to a new flat, they decided that it would be a great idea for Jaz to visit Auckland for a weekend. As they were chatting and planning their weekend Jaz jokingly said "You know, Tom has always said he would by us a drink if we were in Auckland together! How do you think he would feel if we suggested drinks on Friday night?" Sophie laughed and replied "Well, he had better bring his wallet - I feel like a cocktail"

After a little more joking round Jaz sent Tom a message about drinks and he offered to pick them up and be the sober driver for the night.


After finishing work a little early on Friday Jaz tossed an over-night bag in her car and began the drive to Auckland. As she drove her mind raced ahead - she was keen to meet with Sophie and see, feel, smell and taste her. Although they had not taken their thoughts and desires further before she knew that they would this weekend! Jaz had carefully chosen her attire for the weekend and packed boots, a short skirt and top for drinks tonight. Sophie had made no secret of the fact that she liked the look of Jaz's long legs and she wanted to show them off to both Sophie and Tom - although the two girls had both agreed they were unsure what to do with Tom after drinks icon_wink.gif

The trip seemed longer than usual but Jaz eventually found Sophie's new flat and pulled in to the drive. She grabbed her bag off the back seat and walked to the door - knocking twice. The door opened to reveal Sophie standing there wrapped in a towel as she had just emerged from the shower. The girls greeted each other with a laugh and hug then went to Sophie's room - picking up a couple of wine glasses on the way. Once there Amanda pulled a bottle of wine from her bag and pored two glasses as Sophie got dressed in a mid-length shift dress and boots.

"We don't have long before Tom gets here - but feel free to use the shower if you want Jaz" said Sophie. "There is a fresh towel on the railing". Not needing a second invitation Jaz quickly went the the bathroom and undressed for her shower. As the water ran down her body and she washed the work-day and drive away her mind wandered a little - thinking of the sexy sight she had been greeted with at the door - the towel had only just covered Sophie's breasts and had almost fallen off as they hugged. Jaz found her hands wandering over her body in sync with her mind - over her breasts, down her tummy, between her legs as the warm water cascaded over her. She must have lost track of time a little as it felt like she had only just jumped in the shower when there was a knock at the door before Sophie opened it, looked round the room, and said "Hey, come on girl - Tom is here!"

A little embarrassed Jaz quickly finished her shower, dried herself and got dressed before stepping in to the lounge to see Tom and Sophie chatting on the couch. With a twinkle in her eye Sophie said "Now girl, what HAVE you been up to?". Jaz laughed a little and didn't say much more before Tom stood and said "Right, lets go - I hear you two want cocktails!"

As they drove into the city the conversation flowed easily and it was obvious that all three were comfortable in each others company. After parking the car Tom led the way to a bar on Princes Wharf where he asked for the cocktail menu and told them they could choose what ever they liked. In theme with the way the conversation had flowed one requested a "Sex on the beach" and the other a "Screaming Orgasm". Laughing a little Tom went the bar ordered the drinks - together with an orange juice for himself. The barmaid smiled at him and commented on his hard luck at obviously being the sober driver for the two women.

After a couple more cocktails and ongoing teasing conversation with the girls putting Tom on the spot and asking questions like "who do you think has the better legs?" and "What about our breasts?" Tom didn't really know how to answer - but he managed to find his way through the mine-field unscathed. After more flirting, a little dancing and the occasional teasing touches they all realised it was late and time to go. Jaz and Sophie made one last trip to the powder room together and, as they returned Tom detected an additional spark in their eyes.

The 30 minute drive back to Sophie's flat passed quickly and they were soon parked outside the door. Toms jacket had been sitting on the back seat and, being a little chilly, Jaz had spread it over her knees as they drove - Tom had not noticed her slip something into the chest pocket.

Sitting in the front seat Jaz pecked Tom on the cheek in an almost sisterly manner before she got out of the car and then Sophie, already out of the car, passed Tom his jacket through the open drivers window before leaning in and pecking him on the other cheek and whispering in his ear "have a look in your pockets". Not knowing what to think Tom said good night to the girls as they stood there arm-in-arm and then slid a hand into his jacket pocket. He smiled a little has he felt something silky and pulled out first one g-string then another. "I wonder whose is whose?" he said. to which Sophie replied "You might have to come in to find out!" and then turned and walked to the door.

Not needing a second invitation Tom quickly locked the car and followed.


As the three of them entered the house Sophie closed the door behind them, took Jaz hand in hers and then kissed her passionately before both girls turned to Tom and kissed him an an almost sisterly manner on his cheeks before returning to their passionate embrace.

Jaz could wait no longer and lead the trio into the lounge where she pushed Sophie down on to the sofa and began exploring her body with her lips and tongue. Working her way down from her lips, to her neck and then cleavage while her hands roamed over Sophie's long legs.

Not knowing quite what to do Tom sat and enjoyed the show as Jaz moved to part Sophie's legs and kiss the inside of each thigh - working her way higher with each kiss till her nose was almost touching her pussy. Seeing this Tom moved over to the girls and put a hand lightly on the Sophie's leg. She turned to look at him, smiled, and said "Not yet baby - your turn will come!" and gently moved his hand away. With a wry smile Tom sat there and watched as Jaz buried her face in the pussy in front of her - slowly running her tongue backward and forward over Sophie's clit then thrusting it into her - as far as possible.

After more of this the two girls stood and slowly, seductively, removed each others clothes - kissing each area of exposed skin as they did so while smiling teasingly at Tom occasionally. Once they were completely naked they stood and embraced while their hands explored each others curves - breasts, nipples, butts, legs and pussies.

Then, as if on cue, they both turned to Tom took him by the hands, and led him to the bedroom and begun to unbutton his shirt - taking the time to kiss his neck and chest as they did so - before they kneeled in front of him, and removed his shoes, socks and jeans.

They were all naked and Jaz told Tom to lie back on the bed - of course by this stage Toms excitement was obvious and his erect cock pointed toward the ceiling. Seeing this Jaz took charge again and kissed the inside of Toms thigh while Sophie took his cock in her hand and licked one of his balls. Seeing this Jaz decided that the other ball deserved attention too and took it in her mouth. The girls giggled as they did this and paused to kiss each other before they each ran a tongue up the side of his hard cock and round the head. Feeling and seeing this Tom moaned with pleasure.

This time it was Sophie's turn to take the initiative - she took the head of his cock in her mouth and slowly moved her head up and down - each stroke taking him in further while Jaz returned to licking and sucking his balls. After a few minutes of this the girls swapped and it was Jaz turn to take him in her mouth as far as she could.

After a little more of this Jaz said "I want to taste you again Sophie!" Hearing this Sophie lay back on the bed with her legs spread - inviting Jaz to taste her again. Jaz kneeled between her legs and bent forward to quickly bury her face in that wonderful pussy again. Seeing this Tom decided he was not going to be left out this time and moved behind Jaz softly kissing the backs of her legs and butt before thrusting his tongue into her pussy. Jaz loved the taste of pussy while her own was being licked and her juices were flowing.

After a little more of this Tom slipped on a condom then positioned himself behind Jaz doggy style while she continued to tongue and finger Sophie. He ran the head of his cock between her pussy lips and over her clit. Feeling this Sophie pushed back a little - wanting to take him in. Not wanting to rush things Tom let just the head of his cock enter her at first - moving in and out a little - before quickly deciding that he should change the rhythm and slid his hard cock quickly into her dripping pussy. He held her firmly by the hips and began to pound her from behind - slowly at first but increasingly harder and faster.

Meanwhile Sophie was lying back as Jaz licked and fingered her and the sight of Tom behind Jaz doing her doggy style was great. She could feel his thrusts as they were causing Jaz to move backward and forward a little - Jaz tongue was moving from her pussy to her clit in time with Toms thrusts. This brought her to the point of cumming and she pulled Jaz head in hard as she came in a gush - her juices flowing as a cry of pleasure escaped her lips.

This set off a chain reaction with Jaz cumming too as Toms thrusts increased in depth and speed. The sight, sound and feel of the two women cumming sent him over the edge and he exploded in a rush.

The three of them collapsed to the bed - there lust sated for now. All 3 of them were breathing heavily as they laughed and compared notes on their joint experience. After a little recovery time Sophie decided she should play the good hostess and asked the other two if they would like a glass of wine before donning a bathrobe and headed off to the kitchen.

She returned with three glasses and a bottle of sauvignon blanc to find Jaz and Tom reclining on the bed chatting. Sophie sat in the bed next to Tom as he took the glasses and helped her pour the wine then the three of them sat back, and sipped the wine as they enjoyed the afterglow of wonderful orgasms that had flowed through the three of them - first Sophie, then Jaz and finally Tom.

The conversation continued as hands occasionally roamed and lips were used for a little more than chatting. Slowly but surely the sexual tension built till all three were ready for a second round - a slower, more sensual experience ...

(That may well be the subject of another instalment.)