Aug. 23, 2018

The Lesson

Nearly exhausted, Jennifer rested her arms over the center of her windsurf board. Once again she had wrestled the board back into position, the sail now lying in the water opposite her. Her muscles felt like they had no strength left. She didn't need to worry about drowning, as her thin vest held her buoyant enough to keep her head above water. Frustration was setting in after an hour of trying, and failing, to hold the sail out of the water for more than a few moments. Each time she pulled it up, she would feel the board begin to move, slipping through the water as the anchor the sale created was released. Each time she had waited, gotten her balance, then moved to pull the boom into the breeze... and each time, she would find herself suddenly wobbling, just on the edge of falling, before losing it and once again splashing into the river. A couple of times she had landed on the mast, nearly knocking the wind out of her with the force of the collision. Fortunately the mast was fiberglass, and flexed so that she wasn't badly hurt. Still... she was done. Windsurfing was just not her thing.

"Frustrated?" The male voice suddenly behind her made her jump, a shiver running down her back as she turned. He was coasting up quietly, his right hand casually holding the boom, his sail near idle in the breeze. As his board slipped close he dropped the mast, letting it fall gracefully into the water, at the same time slipping down into a sitting position sideways on his board. Jennifer's mind registered well muscled legs, a wide chest with solid looking arms, nicely tanned all over. Sandy brown, almost blonde hair was kept nicely trimmed, and a bright, white smile carried up to his eyes. She'd heard that if a smile carried to the eyes, it was genuine.

"That would be putting it mildly", she answered. "I just can't seem to get my balance right."

The man nodded. She noted his hair curled a little, but his suit indicated he was still mostly dry. Obviously an experienced surfer. "It can be daunting, until you do. When I first learned, I was told that I wouldn't get it until I was ready to quit... and then it would happen."

Jennifer quirked an eyebrow. "What would happen?"

That smile again. "Then you get it. Your balance. Or your sea legs. Whatever you want to call it. I know it was that way for me. I think I was falling for two hours before I finally learned." His eyes squinted a bit, against the sunlight reflected from the water. "The good news is, it's like riding a bicycle; once you learn, you never forget." He nodded as he spoke, as if subconsciously encouraging her.

Jennifer held her breath a moment, then reached up, and in a quick move pulled herself up onto her board. She sat facing the man. Now that the sun was higher behind him, she could see his blue eyes. Light blue, with a darker ring of blue at the edge. Friendly eyes, she thought.

"I don't know," she sighed, "I think I'm done for the day."

He paused for a moment, his eyes considering. "Well, then this might be the time you get it. Come one, give it one more try." He smiled that smile again.

Jennifer thought for a second, but decided to try. "You're the pro." she said, turning to kneel on the board, reaching for the mast rope. It was a thicker rope, tied from the point where the boom met the mast to a loop near the base of the mast, its sole purpose for pulling the sail out of the water.

She heard him bark a short laugh, behind her. "Hardly! I've only been surfing for a few years. Still learning, too."

He watched as she bent, bending her knees while she balanced the weight of the sail, before leaning back, hard, and pulling with the weight of her body. The sail responded slowly at first, beginning to lift more quickly as the water drained from it. She felt the board begin moving through the water as the breeze pushed at the mylar. Now the end of the boom was just touching the water, the mast at about a thirty degree angle, and she balanced her weight against the pull of the breeze above and the current below.

"Okay," she heard him say. "Now, just hold there a bit. Feel your balance. Don't try to pull the mast up yet. Just feel the water moving the board. Feel the air. The most precarious point is when you pull the sail free of the water completely... the breeze will be pushing at the sail, and the board will be free of any extra drag, so it will move more too."

Jennifer looked back to see the man was now up, pulling his sail up into the same position in which she held hers. She noted the way the muscles in his legs stood out as he pulled, his shoulders flexing under the weight. She was surprised to find herself suddenly imagining what he would look like without that safety vest... or those swim briefs. She blinked away the thought... she didn't want to end up in the river again. Not the right time, girl. Besides, he was talking.

"Okay, you're doing great so far. Now, try to do the next part all in one smooth move. Pull the end of the sail free of the water, put a little weight onto your front foot, and at the same time pull the boom up to catch some of the wind. Not all of it, just enough so that you feel the sail pulling you." He nodded encouragement, smiling again.

"Okay, Jennifer... nothing ventured..." she murmured to herself, and pulled. There... sliding her hands onto the boom, weight on her front foot... feeling the breeze catching the sail... the pressure pulling at her arms. She felt herself almost falling toward the sail, and eased her back hand a bit, dumping just a little of the breeze out of the sail.

"Excellent!" she heard her new teacher shout. "Now ease your weight onto your back foot a bit, but keep most of your pressure on the front foot. Remember, that's how you steer your board."

Jennifer felt the breeze pulling at her arms. She tilted the mast forward and back in marginal, small moves, the way she had been shown at the short lesson earlier in the day. Her legs shook a bit as she realized she was still upright! She risked a glance back to see that her partner was now twenty yards behind her. She was doing it! She was windsurfing!

"Ahhh!" she whooped with glee. She kept her concentration, though; she was determined not to lose this now that she had the board actually moving. She heard, rather than saw, the man sailing closer behind her. His voice carried easily over the water.

"I think you've got it!" he said. "Keep going! Let's see if you can make it to that island ahead."

Jennifer looked through the transparent panel of her sail. Sure enough, there was the small island that marked the midway point of the wide river. From shore it had looked small, but now she realized it was a decent size. She guessed they were a little more than half-way to it already.

As they sailed, Mark introduced himself and provided pointers on how to windsurf. How to hold her body straight, pressing her hips toward the mast rather than letting her ass hang out. How to keep her arms held in a way so that she wouldn't tire too quickly. Even how to get the most of her balance so that she wasn't constantly fighting to keep the board straight. Soon the island loomed close. By now they were sailing side by side, and the breeze felt more like a friend, rather than some phantom trying to knock her from her perch.

"Okay, now do as I do." Mark said, before leaning back to catch more wind, pulling ahead of Jennifer by a few yards. She watched as he rode the board right up to the edge of the beach, letting his sail fall into the water a few yards before the board tip struck the sand, stepping off onto the beach as his board grounded itself. He turned to watch as she followed suit, mimicking his move exactly. He grinned as she stopped next to him. "You're a pro already." he chuckled.

Jennifer couldn't keep the smile from her face. Hours of exertion had paid off, and she felt like she could tackle anything now. Perhaps even Mark. As he unzipped his safety vest, she noted a well muscled chest, covered with curled, light brown hairs. Again she felt a twinge, as if something was switching on deep inside her. He sat down on an ancient fallen tree, now stripped of bark and whitened by time and tide, it made for a natural bench on the small beach. Pine and birch trees lined the boundary between sand and forest, twenty yards back. Jennifer looked for a moment out at the other boaters, and at the far beach, back on shore, where her friends were sunning themselves. She didn't feel any danger, though, here alone with Mark. No warning tingles. Just another kind of tingle.

She clasped her hands together at her chest, and bowed slightly at the waist. "My thanks, surf master. I do appreciate the help." She unzipped her own vest, and let it fall beside his.

Mark laughed, and she sat beside him. They chatted a bit, about their vacations, their work, their friends. As they did, she noticed Mark's eyes straying, from time to time. He seemed to be drawn to her legs, and her breasts, but mostly he stared into her eyes, and sometimes he glanced away, back across the river.

Finally, one of those times, she asked. "What are you looking for?"

He grinned. "Just wondering when your boyfriend is going to come rescue you."

Jennifer felt her face flush a bit. "Oh, no boyfriend waiting for me. Not now, anyway. I'm just here with some friends today."

She saw Mark nod to himself slightly, his grin once again lighting his face. She could almost hear the unspoken "Oh? Good." run through his head.

Finally she stood, looking to their windsurf boards. "Do you want to get back out there?" she asked, reaching to pull him to his feet.

He resisted, though, staying seated. Suddenly she realized he was blushing, badly. His teeth were very white, showing now as he grinned ruefully, shaking his head. "I, uh..." he stammered a bit. "I can't get going just yet." His eyes were looking directly into hers. They seemed bluer than before.

Jennifer felt suddenly bold. She released Mark's hands, and dropped down to her knees, between his legs. She pressed her body against his, lightly, her face at his chest. As she looked up at him, she felt something pressing against her stomach. Something very firm. And very warm. Mark shivered, and the something throbbed, pressing harder against her. Mark looked down into her eyes, questioning. She replied by kissing him, fully, and hard. His lips tasted of salt. "I’d like to thank you for the lesson." she murmured.

Mark returned the kiss, groaning softly against her lips as his arms came around to hold her. He slid down from his seat to the sand, pulling Jennifer closer. Her legs slid around his waist, and now she could feel his arousal pressing directly against her own. His arms felt wonderful around her, holding her gently, with a strength that left her feeling protected and vulnerable at the same time. The low, building tingle deep within her was now blooming into full fledged lust. She throbbed inside, a wave of desire washing over her. She wondered, momentarily, at where this was all heading, but she felt no desire to stop what had started. She knew she was going to have Mark inside her, right here.

His kisses moved to her neck, then her shoulder, and Jennifer leaned back, away from him, to let him travel further. She could feel Mark's breath on her chest, his nose sliding between her breasts. He breathed in her scent, kissing her chest, right between her breasts. Her hips slid higher into his lap as he lifted her to his mouth, so that his arousal was now pressing against her ass.

His teeth caught the edge of her bikini top, pulling it downward, exposing one of her hardening nipples to his lips. He suckled her, his tongue circling, teeth lightly grazing her flesh. Jennifer felt electric shivers of arousal run through her body as his lips ignited a fire within her core. She could feel his lips, his tongue, circling, loving her nipple until it was fully erect, each touch sending another little shock of pleasure through her body. Each little jolt caused her hips to grind against Mark's.

She fell back as he moved lower still, kisses trailing down her stomach as his fingers found the ties at the side of her suit bottom, deftly undoing them. Mark's tongue trailed down to find her cleft, already wet and awaiting his touch. Jennifer's back arched as his tongue slid between her nether lips, pressing in, then sliding up to find her clit. Her hands slid into his hair, holding him to her core as he devoured her, each lick taking her a step closer to the edge of that precipice. She widened her legs, opening herself to him completely.

Mark slid lower, his strong hands sliding down Jennifer's sides and up her legs, loving the curve of her thigh. He looked up at her, watching her face to see how each touch of his tongue affected her. One hand reached to hold hers, and they linked fingers, Jennifer's tightening against his as his tongue brushed her clit. She could feel the fingers of his other hand, teasing between her pussy lips. They were already swelling from the attention of his mouth, now they began to flower open as his fingers slid between them. He didn't press into her immediately; rather, he grazed his fingertips up and down between them, separating them slowly, before beginning to press inward. When he did finally slip a finger into her, Jennifer gasped, her hips pressing back against his touch, as if to pull him inside.

So close, now, Jennifer could feel her orgasm only moments away. Before reaching it, she pulled Mark, dragging him up to find his lips with her own. Her fingers pulled at his briefs, pushing them down onto the edge of his hips as they kissed with an almost animalistic hunger. Her hand slipped down, between his legs, catching his erect length as it sprang free of his suit. Mark was very aroused, his length thick between her fingers. She found herself momentarily wondering if she could take him; her fingers didn't come close to closing completely around him. She looked up to see the desire in his eyes, and passion overcame fear. Jennifer slid her fingers down to his tip, pressing him to the mouth of her pussy. Her labia were open now, ready for him, and his eyes closed in reaction as she felt the first inch of him press in.

Here Mark slowed. Jennifer laid back again, one hand on his chest, the other on his shoulder. Mark held himself on his arms, looking down into her eyes as he slowly slid into her in small, measured movements. Each thrust carried him a little deeper, each withdrawal a little longer than the one before. Jennifer began to roll her hips up against Mark, matching his movements. Finally he filled her completely, his eyes closing in pleasure as he felt the silky grip of her surrounding him. He rolled his hips against hers, his hairs pressing and stimulating her clit, and Jennifer felt that tingle, that low pressure, building once again within her. Mark began kissing her again, lowering himself so that she could feel his chest brushing her nipples. She responded with more hungry, passionate kisses, her tongue darting to tease his. As she did, she felt Mark shiver, his body shaking with desire. His strokes began to lengthen, his speed increasing, pulling almost all the way out before sliding back into her fully. Jennifer slid her legs around his, pulling him in tight as she felt her orgasm rushing closer. His teeth were on her neck, nipping at her, sucking kisses lost in a flurry of movement as he moved harder inside her, his hips driving into hers as his control slipped away. Mark's hand slid into her hair, cupping her head from behind, and as he kissed her once more, hard, Jennifer's orgasm triggered, wave after wave hitting her, lifting, carrying her as her nerves exploded in pleasure. As she cried out, Mark shuddered in reaction; her orgasm had triggered his, and she felt him stiffen, sliding deeply into her, holding himself there as his manhood throbbed. Her pussy gripped him, milking him as he came, his seed filling her, his own cry of passion loud and wild. Finally he slowed, his muscles relaxing, and he lifted himself onto his elbows once again, again looking into her eyes as he stayed buried deep within her.

Finally he spoke. "Do you always thank your surf teachers this way?" A grin crooked the edge of his mouth.

"Only the ones that give me personal lessons" she replied, smiling.

They lay on their sides, talking for the next half hour. Finally feeling their strength returning, they sat, half naked, and looked back across the wide river, to the main beach where her friends waited. A flash of reflected sunlight caught Mark's eye.

"Do your friends" Mark asked quietly, "have binoculars?"

"Oh, no" Jennifer blinked.


Back on shore, Caroline dropped the binoculars down against her chest.

Her friend, Sandra, was sunning herself beside her on a towel. Without raising her head, she asked "How's Jennifer doing out there?"

Caroline's head shook slightly, and her shoulders jumped a bit as she choked back a laugh. "I think she's got the hang of it." As she lifted the glasses to her eyes once more, she shifted her hips back and forth, silently wishing she had a little more privacy.