Written by Chevy

Jan. 13, 2017

WOW a new girl in the office. I'm dumbstruck but try to show confidence. "Hi" is all I'm able to manage with a small smile. Man is it hot in here. Must just be me. Man she's hot. My type. Slim, petite with a beautiful smile. Small, perfect tits, hot legs. Uhhhh.. what was it I came here for? Oh right, I need to talk to her boss about a truck. With one last smile at the new girl and it's back to the shop to fix more equipment. The rest of the day I'm locked in a day dream about seducing this beautiful girl but I did notice a ring. I'm not a cheater but damn I could cheat with her!

My daydream is a distraction as it continues every time I see her. The seduction would be so sweet. For a few days I don’t even know her name. Her boss is an ass and doesn’t formally introduce new staff. I eventually learn her name is Nat. Natalie. My daydream deepens as I’ve had an infatuation with this name since I met my first crush. Natalie. That name. This girl. The day dream gets more vivid as we chat over the next few weeks. I wonder if she’s caught me staring at her in a daze. Hey, dumbass, snap out of it. You have no chance, your both involved with other people. The days pass but my fantasy of her seduction doesn’t fade. I learn more about her and her life. She doesn’t seem like the cheating kinda girl but a boy can dream.

I guess I’ve always been different from other guys. Most guys just want to get naked and fuck. I on the other hand want hot steamy sex with this beautiful vixen. It would start at a mutually agreed place….

Hot kissing and petting. I lead her to the shower, our hands slide over each other’s bodies as I sensually remove her skirt and low cut blouse while the hot water sprays and steams up the bathroom. I fumble with my clothes as she removes clothes from me. I turn her around and run my hands over her shoulders, down her sides to her hips pulling her close to me. She raises her arms and wraps her hands around my head and neck. I kiss her neck, and trail kisses down to her shoulders while taking her bra strap off one shoulder then the other. I slide my hands around her sides and cup her beautiful breasts firmly. She gasps and lets out a small moan as I pull her close to me and nip her neck. She guides her hands down my back and pulls my hips closer, to grind her ass against my erection. It’s my turn to moan.

A sharp intake of breath .“Natalie”.

“Mmm I like how you say my name. You make it sound so sexy. Say it again”.

In a hushed whisper “Natalie”.

She turns to face me, never breaking contact. I lean in and kiss below her ear. She raises her neck and I slowly kiss down to her collar bone. I nip on her collarbone while I undo her bra and toss it aside. We move into the waiting hot water, letting it cascade over us. She slides her hands around my head and pulls me to her breast for some needed attention. I slowly lick her nipple and take it my mouth. Natalie gives a little moan and I feel her shiver. I move to the other nipple and she shivers again pushing my mouth harder into her breast.

“You’re driving me crazy” she moans.

“Well you’ve been driving me crazy for weeks and now I finally have you alone. I think a little payback is OK”.

I start trailing kisses down her navel. Natalie squirms and lets out a little giggle. She pulls me back to eye level to show me the desire in her eyes. We let the hot water cascade over us while we explore each other with our hands. I grab some soap and quickly lather some to make us nice and slippery. I push her against the shower wall and attack her neck again. She lifts her leg around my hip to grind her smooth mound against my throbbing cock. The feel of her against me is electric and I’m ready to orgasm from the heat of our passion. I need more. My desire to hear this beautiful woman in the throes of an orgasm is over whelming. I pull her tightly against me and I begin to kiss and lick my way to her naval letting the hot water wash over us. I place her leg over my shoulder and get my first look at her most private area. I place a kiss just above her mound and slowly drag my lips to her beautiful clit. I part her swollen lips to uncover her. She gasps and wraps her fingers in my hair guiding me to where she demands more attention. I lick her clit and close my lips around the tasty little bud and gently suck.

“AHHH Fuck, No more teasing, I want you inside me”

“Not yet” I tell her

I slide two fingers into her pussy and use them to rub her g spot.

“Ahh please I need to feel you”

“MMM No I want you to cum for me first”.

I continue to rub her g spot and place my mouth back on her clit and swirl my tongue around beginning to suck on the tasty little nub.

“ Please Baby!” “I’m gonna cum”

I look up at her

“Cum for me Natalie. I want you to cum, just for me”

She tenses up while her pussy squeezes my fingers and I feel a warm flood.

“MMMMM FUCK I want you so bad” she screams.

She pulls my hair, pulling me from the beautiful pussy I was so enjoying giving pleasure. She guides me upwards until we are face to face.

“I want you. Take me to the bed” as she wraps both legs around my waist and her arms around my neck, holding me tight. She pulls my head back and nibbles on my neck and the electricity of her touch makes my knees weak. I fumble with the shower door and carry her to the waiting bed.

I set her on the edge of the bed and gently lay her down with her feet on the floor. She relaxes her grip but tries to pull me in close. I tear myself away from the hot kisses that she’s expecting and slide down her hot body, trailing kisses till I’m again staring at her beautiful pussy. I place her hot little feet on my shoulders exposing her fully to me. I kiss on the sensitive spot where thigh meets body. Natalie moans.

“Oh God, you’ve got me so excited. I want you to slide your cock in me. I need to feel you”.

“Sorry Natalie, I want to watch you cum. I want to taste your sweet pussy while you cum for me.”

“Mmm, I like how you say my name. It’s so sexy. I usually don’t like using my full name but it sends shivers through me when you say it”.


I moan into her beautiful pussy and slide my tongue from the bottom of her pretty pussy to the top of her mound. Her breath is in small gasps through clenched teeth while I use my fingers to spread the hood around her swollen clit and wrap my mouth around it. I nibble her, careful not to bite too hard. Her fingers are entwined in the bed sheets as she screams

“Ahh FUCK….Enough”.

She pushes me away with her feet until I’m on the floor and follows me down, pinning me to the floor. She drags her nails down my chest while straddling me.

“Now it’s my turn to tease”.

She slides her hands across my chest, down my arms. Our fingers entwine while she grinds her pussy against my cock. She slides along the length of my cock, not allowing me to reach her sweet spot. Her touch is electric as I feel the heat of her magnificent pussy almost bring me to release.

“Ahh…..Natalie, you’ll make me cum”.

An evil grin spreads across her beautiful face.

“Not so funny when we tease. Is it?” “It’s my turn to get what I want.”

Natalie rolls her hips and leans forward to guide my cock into her pussy. She slowly lowers herself onto me. Now it’s my turn to gasp and shiver.

“Oh my God, You’re so perfect” I moan. “Tease me, please me, use me, just take what you want.”

She leans forward and bites my earlobe.

“I need you deep inside; I want to feel you cum”.

Natalie starts to grind our pelvis's together.

“Ahh….. you’re so deep. I want you so bad”

She moves forward till just the tip of my cock is in her, then thrusts her pussy back, driving our pubic bones together. The pace quickens with long full strokes. Our breathing comes in gasps and moans as our hunger builds. I match her thrusts. She digs her nails in my chest. The excitement of her taking control is intoxicating. I place my hands on her breasts and gently squeeze her nipples between my fingers, applying pressure till she moans. She slides her hands up my chest and leans forward wrapping her arms behind my head, trapping my hands on her nipples. I raise my hips to match her thrusts, letting the pressure build. I can feel her excitement.

The pressure is almost unbearable.

“Mmm Natalie” “I’m gonna cum”.

“Ohh yeah …cum in me. I want to cum with you. I want to feel you fill me with your cum”.

I thrust hard into her pussy and grind my cock deep with my pubic bone against hers. I feel her pussy contract and I rock my hips.

“Oh YES” she screams.

I can’t hold back any longer as that familiar rush runs through me.

“Ahh Natalie” I scream as I pull her hips even tighter to mine.

She lets out a deep moan and shivers as I shoot cum deep in her pussy. She leans back digging her fingers into my hair and pulls my head to her tits. I move my hands from her breast to bite her nipple and she screams as her pussy tightens around me, milking every drop of cum from me.

We collapse. She lays on top of my heaving chest and lets her hair fall around us enveloping us in a hot, sweaty cocoon.

“Wow” she says in hoarse whisper.

“Mmm that was hot.” I say

“What will you do for an encore?”

I chuckle

“Really?” “Can I have a minute?”