Written by ManInMidland

Mar. 1, 2019

We arrive at the house, both of us horny and excited. We head straight to my temporary bedroom. I put my suitcase and backpack down. You stand in front of me and peal off your clothes as I remove my shirt. You undo my pants and push them and my underwear to my ankles. As you do you take my cock in your mouth tasting my precum, feeling me harden. I sit on the bed and you rise up and straddle me but I grab your ass and hold you above my cock as it points up towards your wet hole. Then I slowly lower your hips and my cock spreads your folds and enters you, its full length deep inside you. You moan loudly, you missed my cock. You start riding me, slowly at first, as I sit on the edge of the bed, hands on your ass so you don't fall off backwards. Now riding fast and hard you push me on my back and grind me hard, you cum as my hands find your tits and squeeze tight. You fuck me in a frenzy, your pussy dripping, soaking my cock and balls. You command me to cum, and I do, jerking and erupting inside you, so much thick hot cum it starts flowing out with your juices. I pull you off me, flipping you to the side and turning you with your ass in the air. My cock thick with cum and pussy juices, I spread your ass cheeks and slowly slip into your tight ass, the feeling of my cock stretching you causes you to climax again. You push back against me taking me deep. I am still hard and I fuck you slowly, you moaning and continue to orgasm. Then you tighten your ass as I enter you and I cum again, now filling your other hole. We collapse in a heap on the bed, cum dripping from your ass and pussy and seeping from my cock. You laugh. I smack your ass. "You miss me babe? And my cock?" "Oh fuck yes", you answer. From the door another laugh is heard. We turn towards the sound and there stands your husband. His cock poking out between the folds of his robe. In his hand, his camera. "Let's look at the photos I took of your reunion on the TV." And he heads to the living room.