Written by tomtomcan

May 21, 2012


As he packed his bags in the hotel room his mind wandered - he was getting ready for the post-match hydrotherapy recovery session but he was not thinking about that. Instead he was recalling an exchange of texts and phone calls from the previous morning that he had somehow managed to put out of his mind during the test match last night. The texts and calls were occupying his thoughts now. The slightly older but still very alluring lady he had been chatting to had promised him a treat if they won, and an extra special treat if he scored a try. This had not influenced his game but he HAD scored a pearler - the culmination of a backline move that had seen him finish with a searing run from full back for the final points of the match.

As they had discussed he left an extra key-card for his hotel room in an envelope at reception - not knowing what to expect on his return. Thoughout the hydrotherapy recovery his mind kept returning to the lady - wondering what she had planned. His team-mates noticed the distraction and gently ribbed him about his uncharacteristic absent-mindedness.

Finally the time came to return to his room and he slide his card in the door lock then slowly opened the door. His muscles still ached and his bruises were still sore but he felt refreshed. As the door opened he noticed the curtains were partially drawn and caught a slight flicker from candles on the desk and bedside tables. Coming round the corner he was greeted with an intriguing sight. Anna was reclining on the bed with a sheet draped over her lower half and a smile on her face. "Time for your reward!" she said as he walked over to the bed. "Drop you bag!" she instructed. He quickly threw his bag in the corner and proceeded to strip off his sponsored addidas training gear.

Standing by the bed - naked now - he saw that there were many candles round the room. Pulling the sheet back he quickly rolled her over onto her stomach so he could admire he legs and butt. She squirmed a little at first and then settled as he placed a hand on her lower leg and lightly traced a pattern on her calf. Following a little teasing of this nature he reached over and picked up one of the candles - playing with the flame. "Careful where you get that wax!" she said. Laughing a little he held the candle up higher and let a drop of wax fall onto her leg. "Ohhhh" she wimpered a little as the hot wax landed on her skin. He continued to drop wax onto her legs - slowly and carefully working his way up the back of her calf then thigh until the wax drops were landing on her butt - first one cheek and then the other. She tried not to squirm too much as he did this - but it was obvious that she was enjoying it!

Finally he instructed her to roll-over. With a smile she did so - with some of the hardening wax falling onto the bed linen. "Keep you hands by your sides" he said as he sat next to her and picked up a fresh candle. As the candle burned he let a little wax fall onto her legs - the front of her thighs this time - and then moved the candle to hover over her flat stomach. As wax dripped onto her skin she squirmed still more but did not try to move away. reaching up her cupped her breast in one hand and pinched her nipple - gently at first then harder. He slowly traced a circle on her stomach with the wax and then moved a hand to her inner thigh. Wanting him to touch her she spread her legs slightly but he did not take up the implied request but instead moved the candle to her breasts. All the while it was obvious to him that she was enjoying this as he could see her pussy was wet with anticipation.

After a little more teasing he moved round to sit stradling her legs while still holding the dripping candle. Leaning forward a little he moved the candle so that molten wax dripped onto her and running round the curve of her C-cup breasts. She lay prone - pinned to the bed by his weight - as he continued to drip wax onto her and moved the hot drops closer to her erect nipples. Finally a drop landed on her nipple and her heard, and saw, a sharp intake of breath followed by a wimper of pleasure. Needing no further encouragement he quickly moved the candle to the other nipple and let the wax drip where se wanted it before returning the candle to the bedside table and leaning forward to kiss her passionately.

As they embraced it was obvious that neither of them could wait any longer so he quickly slipped a condom on and rolled over so that she could mount him cow-girl style. His erect cock slide in to her dripping pussy and she immediately started to grind her pussy against his hips - slowly at first then harder and faster until the pent up sexual tension was released in a rush for both of them.

After such a large build-up they were both spent and lay on the bed cuddling gently - getting ready for round 2.