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The Ritual

Moonlight Madness


3 minute read

The ground was hard and cold. I tossed a rug down before I sat to unpack my supplies. I could feel the power and pull of the full moon as I laid out my candles and incense and set up a makeshift altar. I began the ritual.... the cleansing, casting a circle, summoning the elements. The moon pulsed. The incense was heady... it filled my senses. I straightened up , arms outstretched and my cloak slipped from my shoulders. I stood...skyclad, completely vulnerable in the silver moonrays. I called out to the Goddess and in the next breath the shadows moved---- A horned creature stepped toward me. I could see his eyes burning.---- and it most certainly was a He----his erection was fierce and dripping and his muscles gleamed. The flickering candles played against his heaving chest as he slowly advanced.... feet bare, lips parted. I was terrified but this was what I had wanted. One more step, then another. I did not move. His penis throbbed, purple. I held out my hand to his hardness., tried to wrap around it, but only partly. He was wet. I was aroused and wanted to taste him but first I spread my legs. His upper face was masked but his mouth was free. His tongue lashed out.I grabbed those horns and pushed him to my belly. He did not resist. His hands clasped my pale cheeks as he pulled me to his lips. His tongue hot and probing... " My God, how long was it?", sliding over my pussy lips---- long lunging strokes and then slipping into my wetness. Over and over--- teasing me---Almost---Almost... I started to quake. I could feel the wave about to break loose. He stopped. I gasped. He stood abruptly and grabbed my breasts roughly--- squeezing my nipples until I squirmed. He clamped his teeth on my neck drawing my flesh into his mouth. I arched my back and groaned, "Don'T stop!", The moon illuminated our heated embrace. He wrapped his hands around my waist and forced me around ---My back to his chest. his knees separated my legs and I felt the pressure against my slippery opening... and with one piercing thrust... he was inside of me! He growled--- low and wanting. Each thrust was long, hard and tantalizing... and then faster and faster!!! The floodgates opened and I released! My wetness became a gush... creaminess coating his legs and feet. It was almost unbearable! Heat, pleasure--- searing flesh inside my body---slapping against my ass, bringing me to peaks of ecstasy like a runaway train...again and again. With one final guttural groan he collapsed against me, overflowing down my legs and puddling on the ground. His arms held me in a vicegrip until the shuddering stopped. He threw back his head and sent a chilling howl into the night.... and then laid me on the rug. Without a word, he was gone. ....................... I think I slept for a few minutes. I released the circle, gathered my supplies, wrapped my cloak around my ravished body and melted into the moon.

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