Written by Mitzy

Feb. 7, 2018

She looked through the large windows at the displays behind, catching sight of her reflection as she did so. Her hair shone copper in the flourescent light, her green eyes scanning the racks for something new to wear. Her suede boots clicked on the tiles beneath her feet as she unbuttoned the top button of her trench in response to the malls' heating system. In the reflection behind her, she saw the man who had been following her since she walked inside.

He was tall, powerfully built and dark. His eyes missed nothing as she slipped through the crowds, behind clothing racks and around corners, seemingly unaware of his presence. She went back to looking at the dress in the window, crossing her legs as she stood and giving in to a long, luxurious stretch. She noticed his surprise as her coat lifted enough to show her lack of panties.

Dropping her arms, she wandered from the storefront window and began down a quiet hallway. As though she were fixing the top of her boot, she bent and twisted enough to be sure he was still following. He was, and closing the gap fast. She headed towards an exit sign at the rear of the building, feeling her hips sway against her petticoat in time to her steps, the click clicking of her boots echoing in the empty space. Only a few steps behind now, she heard the pad of his shoes as he stepped toward her. She stopped to read an old flyer posted on the wall; not seeing what it said, she waited until she felt the presence of the man behind her, then turned.

He stood inches from her face, and she felt his hot breath on her bare chest as he traced a finger down her clevage, opening a few more buttons until her breasts were as bare as her neck. His intent was obvious as he stepped closer and pushed her into the wall, his cologne warm and spicy in her nose. One large, rough hand grasped her thigh and wrapped it around his waist, his fingers trailing up their length to find the join between her legs, exploring.

Her hands reached down to his jeans, finding the belt buckle, then the button, then the zipper. Gently, she slipped her manicured hand inside his pants and pulled out his swollen cock. Both her hands were now working, one massaging his balls, the other slipping up and down the length of his shaft. He bent his head down to her breasts and pulled one nipple between his teeth, sucking and biting gently, coaxing small groans of pleasure from her.

Her breath came faster, in shallow gasps as shivers of excitement woke every nerve in her body while his hands continued their probing. Held against the wall, she strained to get him closer to her, thrusting her hips at his stiff, now dripping, cock. One finger moved toward his tip, tracing the rim along the edge of his head, feeling his shiver as her nail dragged slowly up over the top and back down the other side.

"Please." She urged him when he pulled back from her. She feared for a moment that he'd changed his mind, when his hands grabbed her arms, pinning them tight to the wall above her. Sudden passion flared in his eyes as one hand encircled her neck, the other still holding her wrists tight. His mouth was hot on hers, his lips bruising hers as he crushed down upon her, his body covering her naked form as he thrust deep inside her.

An explosion of colour washed over her as she felt his cock push her thighs apart and plant itself deep behind the pink, velvety walls of her clit. His hand moved to her mouth, covering it against her gasps; his eyes boring deep, his teeth tasting her neck, face and breasts.

He dropped her arms and lifted her up onto his cock; lifting and dropping her again and again on his throbbing member, his hands now spreading her ass wide, fingers pressing into her unused hole, working their way deeper with every thrust. She felt the trickle of her juices running down her leg, hearing the squish as his thighs pressed into hers and pulled back.

Hurredly, he pulled out and dropped her to her knees before him. She felt the slick of her cum on the floor under her as his arms pushed her head over his cock, bobbing it up and down for her over his shaft. She felt his surge of excitement and tried to pull away before he blew, but his hands held her head tight.

"Eat it." He demanded, pushing her mouth further over him, his tip nearly choking her as he forced it down her throat. She looked up at him, her eyes a mixture of wonton slut and fear, her hands trying to push herself away but the wall was there. He threw his head back and groaned as she felt hot cum trickle down her throat; she gagged but he kept her there until every last drop had escaped on her tongue.

Pulling her to her feet, he zipped himself back up and looked her over with an appraising eye. He seemed to like what he saw; her legs, albiet covered in drying cum, were long and graceful, her boots making them appear longer than they were and forced her butt out behind her. Other than boots, she had only a trench and petticoat against the winter day. Her nipples were hard, pointing to the sky as she buttoned her coat back over her small, round breasts.

A case emerged from her pocket and she opened it, looking into the mirror. He watched with renewed interest as she applied fresh lipstick to her full red lips and smoothed her hair. With a wink in his direction, she pocketed the case and disappeared back into the crowded hallways of the mall, the click of her heels fading as she disappeared from view.