Written by ManInMidland

Mar. 1, 2019

We fucked all night the day I arrived. Drifting to sleep, sweaty and smelling of sex. Smelling of us. I awake and need a shower, our mixed juices dry and crusty on my skin. I slip out of bed and to the washroom. A long pee while the shower warms. I close the door and the hot water rinses my body. I lather and rinse turning my back to the water. I don't hear you but feel you caress my ass and slide your hand between my legs, stroking my balls. My cock responds quickly to your touch. I turn and you are already kneeling as my cock strokes your cheek. You grasp my cock and take it in your mouth. Sucking with intense hunger. Eager to taste me, something you didn't get last night. I moan and you grasp my ass controlling my thrust in and out of your mouth. Hot water running down my chest and around your face. Suddenly my muscles tense, my ass tightens and I press my hands against the shower walls as I erupt in your mouth my huge load. You swallow again and again, the feeling causes me to spasm intensely and ejaculate more cum for you. You keep me in your mouth as I soften, the last of my cum flows onto your tongue. You stand and kiss me, our tongues playing. I turn you into the water and grab the cloth and begin to lather you up....

I reach around you and pour body wash on the cloth. The hot water warming your body. I start lathering your shoulders and back. Down to your ass and I press between your ass cheeks and gentle spread your legs and you moan as I rub your asshole. I rinse the cloth and soap it again. This time I lather up your front as I reach around your body, my chest pressed against your back. I take my time washing each breast, your nipples harden even with the hot water, the droplets arousing them even more. Down across your abdomen and you moan, pressing your ass back against my cock. You know where I am going to wash next, your breathing increases as I touch your shaved pussy and then your clit. I lather gently between your legs adding to your arousal. I know you are ready as my knee parts your legs. With my one hand washing your pussy and my other on your back I thrust my hard cock into your soapy asshole, easily burying it deep inside. You reach out and press your hands against the wall of the shower, your head bent down as the water hits the back of your neck and travels down your back and flows over where my cock enters your ass. Harder I fuck you, you pushing back against me, all the while I am rubbing your clit and pussy with the soapy cloth. Your breathing is fast and hard and I know you are close. We cum together, your ass pressed up against my pubic bone, my crotch hair against your ass, my cum filling your ass with each spasm. You are shaking as you climax and the water runs over our bodies and your clit tingles with excitement. You stand up and my cock pops out, the shower rinsing away the soap and cum. Holding onto the wall you say, "I love fucking in the shower. Let me wash my hair while you get ready to fuck me back against the wall."