Jan. 23, 2017

At the end of the night we jumped into a cab headed back to her place and let free all our inhibitions and desires. She had her top off before we were through the door, turned around and proceeded to pull all my clothes off. As we progressed to the bed room, we were fondling, probing, biting and sucking with all abandon. There was no talking, just grunting, groaning and moaning. She threw me on the bed and started giving me the best blowjob I have had in a long time. With all my pent up frustrations and desires, I try to hold on for as long as possible. But when I am close to blowing my load, she jumps up right on my dick, impaling herself on me. Where she starts to grind me into the bed; until I explode. To my surprise I am still hard and very horny. I roll her over and slowly at first pound into her. I build up my tempo, pulling her hair, smacking her ass and slam it into her over and over again and again. I hold both of her arms behind her and then begin to rail her for all I am worth. I feel the tremors quiver in her body as she starts to cum. This compels me to pound harder until there is no stopping her orgasm. She cums, then I begin to cum again. This time more violently and intense. We lay there, spent and in a euphoric state. We fall asleep spooning.

At sometime during the night I am awoken by someone slowly massaging my dick, and I wake up to an unknown young lady sucking my dick. I look over at Karen and she says this is my sister and we share everything. Pop goes my mind and instant rigid hard on again. Well her sister’s name is May and she is not as good as Karen at giving head, but I won’t complain. I grab Karen and tell her to sit on my face. I need to eat some pussy. She happily obliges. She crawls up over my face, turning around so she can watch her sister. May stops giving me head and slowly impales herself on me. She is tight and very wet. As she is grinding into me, Karen has another orgasm; I found that one spot on her that drove her nuts, so I kept my attention there until she could take no more. They decide to switch places, only this time Karen takes my dick and puts in her ass. May rides my face like a pro. I suck on her lips where they fatten and swell, driving her over the edge. She gushes al l over my face. Karen sees this and starts to pound down on my dick and boom. Her orgasm is a screamer. It lasts for quite a while. She hopes off and May says I am still horny. Fuck me, fuck me now. I say nothing. I just role her over on the bed and start fucking for all that I am worth. I pin her legs behind her head and pound into her. All you can hear is our bodies slamming together with her moans. The tension in my balls is at their peak and as I explode into this amazing woman she starts to cum, forcing me to pound harder until I am spent. And here I lay between these beauties, caressing their bodies, kissing them and thinking to myself, life doesn’t get any better then this.