Jun. 12, 2016

The relentness storm past through Southern Ontario leaving a blanket of white in its wake. The sun had come out bright as can be without a cloud in the sky, Natalie had drove her kids to school and her husband had decided to brave the roads and head to work. Natalie decided the roads were a good enough reason for her to take the day off. Maybe she would do some shopping later once the plows had done their jobs. She sat at the kitchen table enjoying her coffee planning her day off when her phone chirped. Derrick was messaging, apparently he had decided that the drive wasn't worth it and he was going to 'work' from home today. "Feel like a road trip" he messaged. Natalie replied "are you crazy? The drive is so far and the plows haven't been by yet" as karma would have it, she no sooner got the words out of her mouth and the plow cleared her street. Gratefully, her neighbor finished his driveway and was on his way over to clear out the mouth of her drive. She sent another message, "where did you say you lived again?". Derrick promptly replied with his address. Hair still wet from her shower she headed out the door knowing Derrick liked her wet hair look. Before she had left, she had a bath and shaved herself smooth all over, put on her favorite bra and panty set and did herself up. She knew what was going to happen once she got to his house, there was no sense trying to kid herself she was going for coffee. When she arrived, she was greeted by the distinct aroma of apples and cinnamon. Dinner was cooking for this evening and it smelled wonderful. All the blinds were pulled and music played softly, sensing Natalie was nervous Derrick took her in his arms and gave her a big kiss and hug. Relax, we are going to have fun. He gave her a glass of wine, not one to drink in the early afternoon, Natalie quickly took it and had a sip to calm her nerves. These were extenuating circumstances. When she finished her wine, he took her by the hand and led her upstairs. The window in the spare room was 7'x7' so it was impossible to make it dark but Derrick preferred that, he wanted to see this pretty lady. He walked up behind her and cupped her breasts in his hands, and pressed his body to follow the curve of her body. Natalie shook a bit at first but after she let out a nervous giggle she was

fine. He turned around and kissed her as he began unbuttoning her blouse. Slowly and methodically he had her standing in front of him in bra and thong panties in no time, "mmmmm, you look yummy!" he said. He turned her body and laid her on the bed pulling of her thong as he slid his hands from her face down her body. "May I proceed?" he asked playfully, she paused. "Yes, I think you should" she replied. He removed his clothes and she quickly glanced at his erection as he slid into the bed on the other side. He slid in close to her and ran his fingers through her hair and pulled her in for a kiss, long and sensual turned to hard and urgent quickly and his hand moved from her face past her lacy bra to her inner thigh. He ran his finger from inner thigh to inner thigh right above her clitoral hood. Involuntarily, her hips moved with each pass of her opening. He began to kiss his way down her neck and collar bone. She shivered with goose bumps as he tickled his way past the collar bone on route to her magnificent breasts. He deftly freed her toys from the bra with a flip of his fingers and the bra fell away but for the shoulder straps. He slid the rest off and got up and straddled her in one quick motion. Grabbing both tits he squeezed then together and leaned over flicking the nipples with his tongue. Slowly he teased the nipples and she hissed, "bite them". Derrick obliged, and reached over on the night stand and grabbed some heated oil. He drizzled a few drops over each nipple and an immediate heat sensation invaded her areolae. Kneading the oil into her breasts she groaned at the response her flesh was having. The massage continued all over her body and 30 mins later her body tingled from head to toe with sinful warmth. Next he grabbed an edible oil from the drawer of the stand and massaged it onto his cock and her sumptuous cleavage. Slowly he slid between her breasts and began a slow rhythmic motion as he fucked her mouth through her tits. Hard as iron he slowed the tempo pulled out and thanked her for that. He had been dying to fuck her transcendent chest since he first played with it that day in the car. This beautiful creature needed some more attention. He slid between her legs and began his affront. At first he laid there and looked at her splendid womanhood. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her sex and she groaned. Suddenly, he flicked her clit with his tongue she shuddered. He slowly began to lick the folds of her pussy always ending with a lick, suck or bite of her clit. "I want to taste your cock" she purred. He reached up and pinched her nipples

as he jammed his tongue inside her. He pulled out and said "you will soon enough, trust me". He continue to enjoy the taste and scent until her thighs began to tense, furiously he assaulted her clit knowing she was close to climax. He slid his fingers inside her and rubbed her g-spot to accentuate her orgasm. She exploded, and screamed "OH FUCK!!" Derrick continued the oral attack until finally she had to push him away. Sensitive would be an understatement! Derrick grinned from ear to ear and asked "how do you like me now? Natalie pushed him back so he was lying down and began her own quest for taste. She quickly licked the head of his cock with purpose. Then swallowed him in one easy motion. She continued to suck his cock greedily, "that's a good little whore, you suck that cock. You like that cock in your mouth don't you bitch?" "Mmmhmmm" is all you can articulate with your mouth full so that is what she said. I reached around and began fingering your pussy as you continue to lick and suck me. "It's time for some 69 I say" without a word you maneuver in order to straddle my face. We both continue to perform on each other, I lick you from front to back and stab at your ass with my tongue. I slide two fingers into your pussy and one is poking at your rear entrance. Licking and sucking you down and back I finger both holes and keep your ass lubed with my tongue and your pussy now two fingers in each hole my tongue flicking rapidly on your clit you cum again. You roll of off me and lay spent. "Fuck that felt good" "we aren't done yet". I move to between your legs and enter you balls deep in one easy motion. Your pussy hot and soaked on my member it feels amazing, I pull out to just have the head inside you, short quick strokes never getting more than an inch past the head. "Fuck me!" "Patience Sexy, you’ll get what you came for" I moan. Then without notice, four balls deep thrusts fast and hard then back to just the head. This goes on for ten minutes with the wait between thrusts getting shorter each time until he is pounding his cock deep inside with each thrust. The screams of "fuck me, fuck me harder" and "oh yeah, oh yeah fuck that's good" compete for air time in the room. You orgasm one more ear shattering time and I abruptly come to a halt. I slide myfingers inside and coat my cock and your cleavage in your juices and begin to fuck your titties once more. Knowing I won't last long I fuck them hard and fast then pull out and cum all over your tits and tummy. Then collapse beside you. I catch my breath and sit up I start licking my cum of your tits and tummy and feed it to you in a sloppy wet cum filled kiss. Exhausted we pull the covers over us for a

little slumber. I had preset the alarm for 2 so we wouldn't sleep too late. When we wake, I run the shower in the attached bathroom and we shower each other clean. Kissing and caressing each other in our sexual gratification bubble. We towel each other off and get dressed, I walk you downstairs and to the door. We kiss and I say, "You got to love karma". You smile and say, "We should do this again soon". "I'll keep my eye on the forecast".