Apr. 2, 2017

My body ached for him. Literally. A dull throbbing ache to feel my lover’s strong arms around me and his beautiful hard cock deep inside me. We hadn't been together in ages, family obligations, busy schedules, and now we had a whole morning planned. I couldn't wait to see him again and the luxury of a hotel room for a few hours was making me wet just thinking about it. And he said he had a surprise! I love surprises, especially the kinky ones he usually has for me.

I made myself up and started to get ready. On the outside, I looked like a smartly dressed, attractive, 40-something woman, but underneath, a wanton little girl with primal, slutty desires - black lace stockings and garters, no panties of course, matching push up bra, freshly waxed legs and a smooth soft pussy longing to feel a tongue. Oh fuck ya, I was ready to cum! Black stiletto heels were in my bag for later along with a few favourite toys.

Walking into the hotel lobby, my skin was tingling, electric. It felt like everyone there knew what I was here for. Well fuck them because I was ready for anything and everything. He was in the room already waiting for me - he'd texted me the room number - and I walked in to find him sitting at the desk, sipping a drink. He rose and came to me, embracing me with his muscular arms, holding me tight and kissing me deeply, his tongue hot and teasing inside my mouth. I wanted to push him onto the bed and fuck him right away, but he liked to take his time and please me in unexpected ways. So I held off and decided now was the time to please him, and as he backed away I slowly undressed, noting the effect my sexy underwear was having on him, that telltale bulge of manhood in his pants waiting to be stroked and licked. Down on my knees to unbuckle his pants and slide them down, exposing a rock hard cock that was quickly in my mouth. Mmmmmm, slowly at first, licking the sides of his shaft and teasing his balls. Now holding his balls and taking his cock deep into my throat, slowly back and forth, feeling his hardness, his heat, tasting his delicious precum while feeling myself getting wetter. I worshiped his cock and loved giving it all the attention it deserved, and he appreciated my devotion, telling me my blow jobs were heavenly. I could see it in the blissful expression on his face. He held my hair back and began to move his hips, matching my rhythm, fucking my face as I moaned in sheer pleasure.

“Mmmmm, good girl” he murmured, “but now it’s time to spoil my little princess with a surprise.” And as he led me to the bed I couldn’t help noticing the bed ties and the blindfold! Was this the surprise? We’d done this once before and I came so many times I lost count. Anticipating – helpless but eager, submissively trusting, and desperately hungry for his next touch, the next sensation. “You’re in for a special treat!” he said tying my wrists and covering my eyes. I started to moan.

The pinch on my nipple sent a shock through to my feet! Oh Jesus, this was going to be good. He would play with me, tease me until I could bear it no more, and then finally fuck me until I could hardly walk. I couldn’t wait. His hands were moving over me now, massaging and stroking my breasts, gliding down my stomach, fingers tracing imaginary patterns on the insides of my thighs. Anticipation! My wetness was obvious, my moaning a lusty, throaty plea for more. He massaged my mound until my clit was ready to burst and then touched it briefly with his tongue while I came for the first time.

I could feel his cock on my face now and I turned eagerly to take it in my mouth. But he moved to straddle me instead, fitting his cock in between my tits, squeezing them together and sliding his cock up and down. I could smell his earthy sex, the taste of his precum lingering on my tongue, and I wanted so badly to have him inside me. My pussy was aching to be fucked, from the front, from the back, from the side, on top and underneath – I wanted it all – NOW please!

I gasped and shuddered with shock and pleasure – someone else’s mouth was on my pussy, his (hers?) fingers were opening my pussy lips, and a tongue was licking my insides! “Trust me.” It wasn’t a question. “Uh huh”, I muttered meekly as I came again. “You won’t see this stranger, but you will definitely feel him.” Oh fuck yes! I could feel his magical tongue slapping my clit, circling and stroking it before darting inside me again and again. Fucking me with his tongue while my partner began to fuck my face with his glorious cock. I lay back helpless to move, moaning uncontrollably, lost in primal desires, sexual urges that I would not disclose to my best friends. But here, in this room, I was free to revel in this uninhibited messy sex! It was time to fly my kinky slut flag high.

My legs were up over the stranger’s shoulders next and I could feel the head of his cock barely inside me. My lover had moved to the side of the bed and was nibbling and stroking my nipples which were hard and so so sensitive now, while someone’s (did it matter who’s) fingers played with my clit. All my senses were on full alert, every touch lighting a fuse that would send shudders through my body. Now I was fully wet and thrusting against his hard hot cock moving deeply inside me. Back and forth slowly, feeling the length and girth of it, the hardness of the shaft, the softness of the head. My wetness pouring over it and making it glide so easily. Coming again, pussy contracting and squeezing his cock, euphoric, holding him for the moment. And then they were gone, leaving me breathless!

“The blindfold stays.” he cautioned. “Uh huh.” What else could I say? I wanted to be his good girl, his insatiable slut, his willing mistress. With my hands untied, I was turned onto hands and knees. Doggy! How I love being fucked from behind. Something about that angle, the head of his cock hits all the right places. “Oh yes please”, begging almost imperceptibly. And as one of them sat where I could suck his delicious cock, the other began to eat my pussy. It was the stranger’s cock, a slightly different taste, a different shape and feel and I was eager to have my fill. Sucking on his smoothly shaved balls, I began to softly stroke his cock, feeling its silky softness, teasing open the slit at the head with my finger. My partner was soon inside me, his cock moving slowly back and forth while I began to suck with vigor, giving the stranger’s cock the full treatment, licking, sucking, deep throating. Oh fuck, the head of his cock on the back of my throat. Then a sharp slap to my ass as the stranger held my head in his hands, another slap and that warm tingly hot feeling spreading across my cheeks. My lover alternately slapping my quicky reddening ass and pounding my pussy while I held the stranger’s cock in my hand – does it get any better than this? Maybe.

Could I fuck them both at the same time I wondered? I’m proud of my tight pussy and I work at keeping it that way so I can squeeze my man and feel every wonderful inch of his cock, every pulsing throbbing movement as he cums inside me. So I had to wonder... would they both fit? Would they be okay with their cocks touching – oh shit, just the thought of that and I was soaked again. There wouldn’t be any problem with lubrication, the two of them could probably fit without any problem. And as if they were reading my mind...

I rode the stranger’s cock while he laid on his back, a dripping wet cowgirl moving back and forth over a saddle horn of male hardness. In control for the moment - my rhythm, my movements - lost again in pleasure and sensation, moaning and on the edge of cumming again, oh Fuck. A hand on my back told me to go slowly, my partner guiding me. I could feel him kneeling behind me now, his legs pressed against the backs of mine, his hard cock nestled into the crack of my butt. He pushed me forward and down, my tits resting against the stranger’s firm chest, my nipples on fire from the heat of his skin. As my lover braced himself with a hand on my ass, he began to work his cock in on top of the stranger’s until they were both inside me. Sweet Jesus. Moving slowly I could feel one cock moving in while the other out, then both as one, moving together. “Fuck me, fuck me, oh yes fuck me like never before” I practically screamed. Moaning and cumming. Soaked in sweat, still tasting their juices on my tongue, my pussy dripping and ready to explode. Our tempo quickened as we thrust wildly toward that point of no return, that hot cum filled place of sheer animal lust. Exploding into ecstasy, breathless and with complete abandonment, I moved uncontrollably as they filled me with their sticky hot juices. Holy Fuck!

We collapsed on the bed, completely spent, and the stranger disentangled himself. He cleaned up, dressed, and silently left as my lover snuggled behind me, holding me close, his breath hot against my neck. “You are such a good girl” he whispered and I quietly wet myself one more time.