Jan. 14, 2018

I saw the poster on the bulletin board outside the Airport Plaza Hotel, which is not so much a hotel anymore, but rather a low-rental housing facility on the upper floors and an expansive bar and strip club on the main floor.

I called Frankie and Ted immediately.

“Ready for your next adventure?”

“Uhhhh, just what do you have in mind?”

“Amateur stripper!”

“Amateur what?”


“O come on! Who would be interested in seeing…:

I cut her off, “Hey! Remember the night with Nap as ‘Frankie the MILF’ from the Web site? Just listen for a minute. I think you might like this idea.”


I explained that the Plaza was having an “amateur talent night”. There was a $25 registration fee to enter an amateur striptease contest with the winner taking home 50% of the value of the fees. However, the ladies could stay in the club afterward and “dance privately” for any of the customers at $10 a tune. I felt obliged to point out that in Ontario, unlike Quebec, the dancers got completely nude, although one dancer or the other would sometimes keep on a cup-less push-up bra, stay-ups or crotch-less panties.

“Surely, we can find you a costume and we can even practice. You know, choose a costume and some music, use a pole to practice the moves. Besides, who says you have to hang upside down from the top of the pole. The guys in attendance just want to see your tits, ass and pussy.”

Once again, Frankie’s love of the risqué took over. This was definitely at the edge and, although she debated and hesitated, it seemed like she wanted to come around to our collective weird sense of adventure. After all, she’d been out dogging in public and she’d been a hooker on

“Come on, Honey! Let’s do it!” encouraged Ted.

“Ahhhh! I need to think…!”

I hung up the phone, determined to let Ted work on Frankie while I did the research to ensure the success of my plan should she accept. On-line, I found a lacey, black, cup-less bra, crotch-less panties and matching stay-ups. For a cover-up, I suggested a sexy black satin quarter-sleeve intimate. A nice pair of heels would be the final touch. I checked with Frankie and Ted. Ted immediately approved, while Frankie, still not quite on board, fussed about sizes and styles. A couple of days later, Ted phoned. Frankie had eventually conceded, leaving her hesitation behind. In fact, thought Ted, she now seemed excited by the idea. The next day, I ordered the outfit and then went to the Plaza to pay the registration fee. Then I got to work picking appropriate music. Yes, there was a Web site for that too.

Three weeks later, Ted and Frankie showed up at my place. It was Tuesday. The “contest” was the next night. While Ted hauled their stuff into my condo, I showed Frankie the “special tool” I had installed in the large main bedroom.

“A stripper pole!?” she exclaimed. “You’re kidding…!”

“Well, in fact, an exercise pole, but I’ll admit I couldn’t tell the difference.”

I showed her how to operate the sound system and, on the bed, I had laid out her “costume”.

“Go ahead, get all gussied up and try the pole.”

She appeared a few minutes later, looking absolutely sexy – a true MILF. Ted and I coaxed her back into the bedroom. I turned on the player and her first song cranked out of the speakers. Neither Ted nor I could pretend to know a lot about stripping, but we made suggestions as best we could, some motivated mostly by our growing erections. Frankie was trouper. She practised for several hours over the next day and a half. Then, it was Wednesday evening and time to head to the Plaza where Frankie was sixth on the programme.

We arrived just as girl #2 was starting her set. She was obviously nervous and of slight figure, but, even though she was very athletic, she received but a cool reception from the two dozen or more men (and three women) in the audience. We later saw her providing private dances. Although it wasn’t clear what she was up, she certainly had become very popular.

Girls #3 to #5 were competent enough – a young black girl with large breasts and large ass, a middle-aged Clairol blonde with fake tits and a 20-something, frumpy red-head with nice tits, shaved pussy and a flat belly. And then…

“Folks, let’s hear some noise for contestant # 6, the lovely MILF, Frankie.”

There was moderate applause as Frankie’s music blared into the large, semi-dark room. Frankie climbed the four steps to the stage and grasped the pole. The spot light picked her up. She pushed her back against the pole and started gyrating her hips, moving her hands from her belly, over her cover-up to her tits, sort of holding them out as an offering to the crowd. There was a loud wolf whistle – coming from one of the young women sitting at the edge of the stage just a metre or so away.

As the song ground on, Frankie danced around the stage, slowly untying, one by one, each of the five ribbon-like ties of her cover-up. Then, it fell open and she slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to her waist. This provoked a couple of cat calls, another whistle, some applause and a somewhat insulting “Go home, Granny” from a drunk at the back of the room.

As Frankie’s cover-up dropped to the floor and her first song ended, we noticed the bouncers “assisting” the drunk to the door. Ted and I felt much better about the event at that point. After all, the staff was going to keep everything civil and safe, and Frankie had done well at the beginning of her “show”.

While she waited for the next song to cue up, she wagged one tit and winked at a small group of male friends in front of the stage. She elicited a tongue wag from one of the fellows. The second song began and Frankie continued dancing and primping around the stage, rubbing her nipples to keep them hard, holding them up for the crowd. About mid-song, she reached back and undid the clasps and approached the young men at the front of the stage. As she neared the edge of the stage, she dropped the bra and tossed to the young men. “Great tits!” shouted one of them and brandished a $10 Ted. She moved in, took him by the hand, laid him on his back on the stage and told him to put the tenner in his mouth. She then climbed onto him, across his hips, and, just as her second song was winding down, took her tits in her hands, bent over, ran her tits across his cheeks and ultimately squeezing them together to snatch up the Ted.

“Got ya excited, eh, young man!” she added as she got up, squeezed his crotch and walked back to the pole as her third and final song began. She later explained that the youngster had had a raging hard on.

Frankie didn’t wait long into her last number to seductively slip her panties down, first down over her ass, then, after sitting on the floor on the middle of stage, lifting her legs straight up, lining up her crotch into the beam of the spot light and sliding the lacey garment past her thighs, knees, ankles. She was butt naked. For a moment or two, her panties draped over her shoulder, she pranced about the stage, sticking close to the perimeter so the audience could get a close look. When she heard that loud whistle again, she moved in front of the young woman and her male partner.

“Thanks for the compliment!” she said. Then she slunk down to the floor, keeping her legs tightly closed, and turned to face the couple. “Closer look?” she quipped. And before she could receive any response, she took one tit in one hand and, spreading her legs wide apart on the floor, took one pussy lip in the other hand and showed her pink, moist cunt. The young lady whistled again and was joined by her boyfriend. Frankie moved back to center stage, directly in the spot light again, and, just as her last song was winding down, opened her pussy lips wide again, for the whole room to see.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” cried the announcer who now seemed to have recognized that there were women in the audience, “let’s make more noise for Frankie. Contestant #6, Frankie the MILF.”

After her three songs, Ted, Frankie and I huddled in the dressing room. In the meantime, contestants 7 to 11 were on stage doing their numbers, while a couple of the first performers were busy soliciting customers for private lap dances.

“What should we do now?” Ted asked as Frankie was starting to get dressed.

“We can just be part of the audience or we can get Frankie back out there offering lap dances.” I replied.

We discussed the pros and cons, and, time and again for next several minutes, the question of “pushing the limit” came up.

“Let’s see if there is any interest,” Frankie ultimately decided. And out we went, back into the bar. Frankie had put her dance costume back on.

We found a table and order beer. We had barely taken a couple of mouthfuls when a young guy sporting a Queen’s U jacket approached.

“How much for a private dance?” he asked.

“$15 for one song, but no touching - uh, you know, her kitty,” we replied almost in unison. And off the two of them went. Ted and I followed and stood on the outside of the half-wall separating the dance booths from the main hall of the bar.

As they waited for the next song to start, Frankie sat on the man’s knee. The guy offered a $20. “I don’t have change,” she replied. “That’s OK,” he said as he started feeling her tits, “let’s do two numbers.” He produced another $10.

Frankie stripped down with a minute or so, placed herself between his legs, sat on his lap and gyrated to the music, placing her head on his shoulder, pushing her back against his chest and pumping her ass against his crotch. He busied himself with her tits, nipples, bare thighs.

As the first tune ended, he suggested, “Let’s turn you around.” Frankie faced him, shoved his legs together and sat on his lap. Her tits were about the level of his face. She moved closer, her tits in his face, his mouth found her nipples, her hips gyrated back and forth on his crotch. His hands roamed over her back, ass and upper thighs. And the second song ended.

“Thanks, Sweetie!” Frankie said as she stood up. He smiled and groped her pussy. “Ah, ah! Against the rules! Sorry!” and she smacked his hand playfully, gave him a peck on the cheek, took her clothes and her money and walked back to the dressing room.

She came out to our table a few minutes later, still dressed in the black outfit she had worn on stage. “What’s up? You ready to leave?” Ted and I both asked.

“I kinda enjoyed that. Let’s see what happens,” Frankie replied.

We were about at the last mouthful of beer when the young couple that was earlier sitting at the edge of the stage approached our table. In the background, the DJ announced the winner of the contest, the frumpy red head who was already very busy a couple of booths over, servicing one of the young university students.

“Excuse us. I’m Shelly and this is Rob,” the young woman apologized. “Could we ask you something?”

“Of course,” the three of us responded in unison.

“Well, my husband and I have always talked about a threesome,” the dark-haired, 30-something replied. “Would you like to dance for us?” she asked.

So, Frankie went back to the booths and Ted and I followed. Frankie sat the couple together on the padded bench and, cued by a new tune, started her dance. The clothes came off quickly. To Frankie’s surprise, the young woman was just as interested as her hubby in her naked body, running her hands over Frankie’s thighs, ass, belly and tits. The young husband quickly joined in. Frankie made herself as physically available to them both as she could. By the end of the first song, Shelly had opened her shirt and had exposed herself and both she and Frankie were rubbing tits together while Rob caressed Frankie’s ass. It was getting a little wild in the booth. However, before the second song began, the bouncer arrived and asked the three of them to desist.

“Sorry. Against house rules. Should the fuzz or an LCBO inspector see you guys, we would lose our license. I’m really sorry, but the boss would like you to leave the bar.” He truly did seem sorry.

The young couple quickly left the Plaza. Frankie went back to change and stopped to apologize to the manager. Ted and I waited for her by the exit. Outside, Rob and Shelly were waiting for us.

“We’re really sorry,” Shelly offered.

“No worries,” Frankie responded. “But you didn’t get your money’s worth. Here let me return…”

“I have an idea,” I cut her off. And while Frankie wavered between surprise and anticipation, we were off to my place.

When we arrived, I cracked a bottle of wine, Ted turned on the stereo and Frankie stepped up to the pole. As the music began, Frankie, still in her street clothes started to dance and then strip. By the time she was down to her panties, Shelly had joined her, naked herself from the waist up. Shelly got in close to Frankie, fondling her thighs, ribs and breasts. Then her hands ran down Frankie’s back and slipped into her panties which immediately slid down to her ankles. As Frankie stepped out of the last of her clothes, Shelly stripped off as well, nipples erect on her smallish, firm tits, finally revealing a nicely trimmed, dark bush just below a fluted tattoo running from one hip bone to the other. She was onto Frankie in a heartbeat, pressing her nakedness against Frankie’s, kissing her, running her hands up and down Frankie’s body.

And then Rob stepped up behind Frankie. He reached around both women, caressing them, kissing Frankie on the neck and shoulders, slipping one hand and sometimes two into the jumble of arms to fondle a tit or a nipple. Shelly began kissing Frankie, on the mouth, breasts and, dropping to her knees, her belly and pussy. She reached between Frankie’s legs, pausing briefly to stimulate the engorging labia and clit, and reached behind Frankie for her husband’s pants. It was a bit awkward and even briefly amusing, but a minute or so later, Rob’s pants were on the floor, his long, skinny, cut cock rubbing against Frankie’s ass. He stripped off his shirt and stepped out of his pants and shoes. Then, he got behind his wife, spread her cheeks and started to fuck her, even as Shelly and Frankie were covering any and all bases with each other. Each thrust of Rob’s cock pushed Shelly into Frankie who had managed to embrace the young couple.

Realizing, I suppose, that there was no longer any reason to pretend that a lap dance was in order, it was Frankie who took Rob and Shelly to the bed. Frankie lay on her back and immediately Shelly was on top of her. Ted and I both noticed the offering there of, not one, but two wet, pink cunts, just ready for the taking. But Rob beat us to it. He positioned himself among the four female legs, took his cock in hand and found Frankie’s ready, pink, wet love box. As Frankie responded to being penetrated, Shelly was busy sucking her tits, kissing her open-mouthed, making certain her husband had full access to Frankie. Ted and I watched as Rob pulled out of Frankie, who was now starting to squirt, and thrust into his wife. For several minutes, he alternated from one cunt to the other, sometimes thrusting 5 or 6 times, other times, just once or twice.

We were into the better part of an hour when Ted looked at me, pointed to the bed and suggested that maybe there was room for us. “And maybe we should have some pictures too,” he suggested. I grabbed the camera while Ted stripped down and got on the bed. I snapped a few pictures, stripped off and joined the party on the bed.

Shelly extricated herself from the jumble of bodies and got onto her back on the bed. Ted looked at me, but I motioned for him to help himself while I photographed the goings-on, specially a moment later, Rob, kneeling between her legs, continuing to fuck Frankie and Ted enjoying the beginnings of a great fuck with Shelly. Once I knew I had photographed the humping from all possible angles, I moved closer to Frankie who willingly took my cock in hand, then into her mouth, sucking and jerking, using her saliva to ensure I was well lubricated.

I didn’t want to cum just then, so I flipped onto my back on the bed, leaned over and whispered into Frankie’s ear, “Climb onto me, Cowgirl.” I snuggled down on my back between the two women. She complied and climbed aboard, inserting my cock into her pussy. I pulled her forward and winked at Rob, pointing to Frankie’s ass. Rob looked at Ted, who simply shrugged, busy as he was and enjoying fucking Shelly.

Rob parted Frankie’s butt cheeks, lubed up his cock and her hole with saliva, and slowly inserted his long, thin cock into her ass. Frankie moaned. I lay still waiting to see how the movement on top of me would affect, one way or the other, what was happening with my own cock buried deep inside Frankie’s cunt. As Rob found a rhythm and moved in and out of Frankie’s accommodating ass, I noticed that Frankie had managed some movement of her own and Rob’s cock in her ass made her cunt even tighter in spite of her lubrication. I loved it. I simply had to lay back and enjoy being fucked, Rob and Frankie doing all of the work.

It wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm coming on. I couldn’t do anything until the bodies on top of me removed themselves, so I just let it come. I couldn’t help but notice that, next to me, Ted was plowing into Shelly. A moment later, they came more or less together with grunts and moans, Ted’s cum spilling onto her pussy lips as he withdrew. Then I heard similar noises on top of me. Rob was orgasming, leaving the first squirt of cum inside Frankie’s ass, spewing the second and third shots up Frankie’s back. That was it for me. I came too, hard and fast, inside Frankie who was busy with her own orgasm, but not too busy to find my mouth and tongue with hers.

A few moments later, we were all done. As we lay side by side on the bed, we gathered our breath. Frankie said she needed to clean off. She was pretty well covered in cum, at least on her crotch, ass and back. Shelly joined her in the bathroom and, while the ladies cleaned up, we men commented on our exploits. Conclusion – a great time had been had by all. When the women returned, they concurred. We lolled around on the bed for awhile until finally Rob and Shelly indicated that they had to get home to relieve their sitter.

Ted, Frankie and I settled in for the night. Not much actual sex followed, but Ted cuddled Frankie a lot and she gave my hands full access to her body even while embracing her hubby.