Sep. 26, 2016

I walked into the room just as you are finishing your workout Your facing me, my eyes widened feasting on every line and curve of your body in your tight fitting clouths, drinking in the site from head to toe, your ample chest heaving as you breathe heavily, I see the outline of two very nicely shaped nipples, my eyes follow down to your waist and hips and the two small bulges of your lips like two little pillows under a tight cover, you see my reaction you smile and turnaround saying "I need to stretch" you widen your stance a little slowly Bending forward sliding your hands down the back of your legs, starting to get aroused I stepp forward hesitat for the moment thinking to myself " should I a touch her", you see me hesitate straighten up look over your shoulder and stick out the tip of your tongue, then look away again, I move closer placing my hands on your hips our bodies touching my chest against your back I whisper into your ear " you look hot" you smile and say" Well I have been working out" we both laugh and, I kiss your neck just above the shoulder you taste salty sweet you tilt your head to the side saying" that feels nice" I softly kiss up your neck to your ear kissing the lode tracing the outside edge with the tip of my tongue I hear a little giggle and an "Mmm" I slide my hands from your hips around to your tummy still softly kissing your neak, my hands move up cupping your breasts my forefingers tracing the outline of your nipples, you place your hands over mine as I squeeze your breasts leaning back into me you tilt your head back sofly saying "Oh Yes" feeling my arousal against your butt cheeks you push back slightly, I give a little "Mmm'"you giggle saying " I need a shower" puching my hands away you walk towards the door, I'm standing their thinking " the what the Hell just happened" then I hear " are you coming? " ,A big grin comes to my face.

You turn on the shower "that'll take a minite or two to warm up", you move towards me we embrace we kiss tongues wreastling in each others mouths, I run my hands down your back, finding the eage of your top then slip them up and under we kiss for a moment longer then the top comes up and off dropping it to the floor, Your nipples looking more pronounced through the sports bra, I look in to your eyessaying" I knew you had sexy eyes" at the some time moving my hands back to your breasts lightly pinching your nipples between my fingers, I help you remove the bra your breats jiggling as they fall free, I say " WOW there awesome" , I lkiss your lips your cheek then down your neck down your left breast to your pink perky nipple kiss then trace around with the tip of my tongue before sucking it into my mouth I hear "Oh Yes" as you place a hand on back of my head pulling me closer, My hands are now in your waistband slowly pulling your pants down, you release my head, I kiss and lick my way down your body, I get down on my knees pulling you pants all the way down, you place your hands on my shoulders as you step out them, the reach down grabbing my shirt pulling it up and off, as you stand there I stare for a moment at the neatly trimmed Treasure trail, a trail I'm about to follow I lean in kissing your pussy lips slip my tongue between your lips feeling how wet you've already become tasting the sweet juices that are you, I tease your clit with my tongue, your hands are on my head as you slowly move your hips back and forth, the room is filling with steam, I feel your hands gently pulling me up, I stand you undo my belt and pants letting them fall to the floor, we step into the shower, I watch as you run your fingers through your hair allowing the warm water to run down over your body, the water following the curves of a woman, you have your back to me, step closer once again kissing your ear nack and shoulder one hand around and up to cup your breast pinching the nipple a little harder this time other hand moves down following the trail my middle finger slips between your lips the others on each side sliding slow up and down, My hard cock pressing against your back, you turn to face me we kiss deeply for a few moments, you then move around me turning me at the sametime so my back is to the shower blocking most of the water Saying " my turn" you get down on your knees taken my hard cock in your hand slowly move your hand back and forth watching my fore skin cover and uncover the head of my cock, you smile up at me " it's been sometime since I've played with a foreskin " at that you pull the skin back and gently lick the head, I moan " oh that's good" you smile a mischievous smile your eyes looking up into mian and wrap your soft lips around the head of my cock your tongue playing with it in your mouth, I moan a little loader "Oh God" , you stop you have that mischievous smile again "do you want me to stop" , "hell no " comes the replay you slip my cock back into your mouth a liitle deeper this time,