Sep. 26, 2016

You stand and say " the tubs a bit sore on my knees, lets goto the bed" we turn off the water, you lead me t oa bedroom leaving water droplets along the way, we reach the bed, i'm standing at the edge the back of my legs touching the bed, you smile laugh then push me back to fall flat on the bed, I'm grinning like a cheshire cat,you reach into a drawer pulling out a vibrator, holding the end in one hand you stand one leg across the other swaying slightly moving the tip slowly down your breast to the nipple and with an almost innocent look and tone of voice say "you did say you wanted to use one of those on me ", " yes yes i did ' comes the replay" , I start to sit up, you puch me back down straddling acrooss my tummy, sitting straight holding the toy from end to tip turning it in your fingers " oh I didn't say i was going to let you... just yet" with that you turn on the toy to a low setting, moving the tip across your soft luscious lips down your neck cheast breasts to your now hard and erect nipples, I slip my hands up to the top of your thighs, useing my thumbs I play with your pussy lips softly pressing and rubbing feeling the wettnes, I slip a thumb between the lips to find your clit, you moan and lean back to allow better access, I move my thumb down between your lips pressing a little harder rubbing a bit faster then back to your clit you lean back further you drop the toy beside me useing your arms to brace yourself, my whole hand now between your thighs fingers and thumd working in a scissor motion you moan loader, I can feel your juices run down my fingers and hand, with my other hand I pickup the toy laying the edge on the front of your thigh moveing up then down the inside of the thigh then back up the inside of the other, still on a low setting I hold the length of the toy between your lips against your clit, moaning you thrust forward, your looking at me mouth open panting slightily, I turn up the setting on the toy, you gasp moan "Oh god" tilt your head back rocking your hips forward pressing against the toy, as I use it's full length up and down between your lips, now useing the tip on your clit down to teasing your honey hole with the tip back to the clit then back this time slidding the tip in you just a little, your looking at me again biting your lower lip, I turn up the setting, your wide eyed as I slip the toy in furher, the thumb of my other hand play with your clit as a slid the in and out of you going abit deeper eachtime, turning the setting to its max I slid it all the way in, you almost sceram, hips rocking you lean forward hands on my shoulders pinning me breathing heavily you stare into my eyes, saying "take it out" I do as you ask, you move back a little letting your pussy rest along my now very hard and throbbing cock, you lay your body against mine, hip slowly roucking slidding your pussy up and down on top of my cock, we kiss you then wisper in my ear " I want you in me" at the sametime I feel the head of my cock puch into you we both moan me saying " Oh yeah I love that feeling" , our hips rocking back and forth up and down moving in harmony, fully enjoying the pleasure of eachother,