Sep. 26, 2016

We move to the middle of the bed I lay back down on my back, your on all fours over my body your hips above my head, Your wet juicy pussy just out of reach of my tongue, I raise my head the tip of my tongue just reaching your lips the strain is to much for my neck my head falls back on the bed, I try this a few more times, your gigging like a school girl at my attempts to reach you, you lower your body and hips but just as my tongue can fully reach, you pull back up laughing out load, " Ahh you tease" , you lower back down allowing my tongue once again to slip between your lips, my tongue and lips feeling the warm juices the taste of you filling my mouth, I feel you hand on my cock slowly stroking, I wrap my arms around your thighs reaching my hands up spreading your lips I push my tongue into your honey hole, as I do that I feel my cock slipping into your you warm moist mouth, I feel your tongue working around my cock as your head moves up and down, I run my hands up to the small of your back pulling down, my mouth and tongue working faster and harder licking kissing and sucking your sweet wet pussy, your also working faster and harder, your now taken my cock fully into your mouth from head to balls, I feel the head of my cock reaching into your throat, every few storks you pause to suck and lick around the head, I shudder a little each time thinking ' oh hell that feels so good",

we're both moaning with pleasure working furiously to please one another, heads hips and body moving pulsating faster and harder to the point of no return, We CUM, I bury my head into your pussy drinking you in, like a desert survivor with his first drink in days, as I cum you force my cock just a bit deeper taken me all in, we pause for a few seconds just enjoying the moment, then collapse on the bed like two pzize fighers who just want 12 rounds.