Written by Michaelmas

Mar. 26, 2016

My hot tongue softly licks your nipple as my warm moist lips wrap around the tip of your breast still wet from your evening swim!

On the rocks still warm from the summers sun we have been waiting for you, watching you climb out of the water. Your man and I have been sitting there enjoying a beer while you swam! Now, still dripping wet, you come to sit down between us and have just reached over to grab your drink when your tit slipped out of your bikini top! You were reaching over me when that happened! Shocked and face flushed you looked down at me as I smiled at the sight of your naked breast only inches from my face! The moment passed and you didn't mind at all as I reached up and cupped the soft flesh, tweaking your nipple between my thumb and fore finger, giving it a tender squeeze! You responded by leaning over just a little more while taking a drink from the cooler and your and the tip of your breast pressed against my mouth! Cool and wet from the lake swim you taste good! Your nipple reacts quickly to my touch and hardens a bit between my lips.

This did not go un-noticed by your man sitting on the other side of you! You kneeling over me, he had a great view of your bottom! Your thighs still moist from the swim, glistening in the sun light, he brings his hand over and gives your ass cheek a guick hard slap! You squeal with delight and react by pressing your tit against my face! Your man pulls your bikini bottoms down over your hips revealing to him your naked bottom! This all happens rather quickly! We can blame the spontaneous actions on our part on the summer heat and the beer we've been drinking while watching you! The both of us are quite relaxed at this point and you don't seem to mind the attention! From the lake you know we've been watching you while you swam! Wondering what we've been saying as you in turn, watched us sitting in the sun!

In the mean time I have managed to untie your bikini bra from around your back! Your confined bust now exposed tingles in the warm air as the water on them starts to dry! Looking up I see the smooth soft flesh of your breasts! Pale in comparison with your tanned chest and belly, the skin of your breasts looks delicate and tasty! Your man's attention is otherwise occupied as he has placed is hand between your soft thighs and managed to slide a finger, perhaps two, inside your warm pussy! That takes your breath away as his attentions get your hips moving! You move back pressing against his touch and his fingers slide deeper into your sex! You are aroused quickly in the suns warmth! Your pussy already well lubricated by your own juices makes it easy for your man to slide is fingers back and forth inside your sex, you clamp down pressing the muscle of your pussy against his fingers! This really turns you on! In turn you twist your body around so my mouth no longer has access to your tit. You lean down resting your breasts on my chest! Your ass cheeks spreading a bit opening up you pussy just a little more! Your guy now can tickle your clit which excites you even more!

With your chest pressing against mine, you kneeling on the towel, your free hands reach over and pull my cock from from my shorts in one quick motion! You are anxious to take my now hard cock between your lips, just as you are anxious to feel your lovers cock slide deep inside you, between the lips of your warm pussy. You want to be fucked!!!

You don't ask politely and your man doesn't hesitate to kneel behind you and guide is erection with one thrust deep into your sex! I can feel you react as your body jerks forward and your breasts press hard against me! Your head slides down and with my cock in your hands you guide your mouth to the head of my erection! You now have two men inside you...