Oct. 28, 2018

Jake and I had previously set up Lisa with men (and women!) whom she didn’t know – strangers, in fact. By and large, however, we had vetted them or had taken measures to ensure that Lisa was safe and was pleasured in various ways to meet her needs. We were convinced that we had taken her to “the edge” more than once. But she continued to seem interested in our schemes; she wanted to continue to push the limit.

So, Jake and I racked our minds. Then I had an idea.

“I remember you and Lisa telling me that you used to get on the highway and have her flash truckers,” I commented. “Did you ever pick up one of the drivers?”

“Oh no!” Jake replied.

“Would she accept?” I queried.

“Let’s see,” he responded.

Jake and I hatched the following scheme: we would make a “4-sale” sign for the back window of his car, our burner-cell-phone number – now connected to the car’s Bluetooth system - clearly displayed. We would hit the highway and see what happened. Next, we talked to Lisa. She was skeptical.

“I doubt that would work, but it might be fun just to haze the drivers a bit. It’s been a long time since we did that, Jake,” she replied, thereby justifying her interest.

That evening around dinner time we headed out. Lisa wore a zipper-front red dress with no underwear. The idea was that she would simply unzip and flash – showing full frontal nudity with the courtesy dome lights ensuring better visibility.

We pulled up beside our first big rig within minutes. Lisa zipped down her dress, Jake honked – twice – and Lisa gave the mustachioed, middle-aged trucker as good a view as she could. No reaction. We continued up the highway. We came across truck after truck and Lisa tried different ways to show off her wares. She even stuck her naked chest out the passenger-side window. About a third of the drivers responded. Several smiles or grins, many thumbs-up, but also several looks of surprise, many of them bordering on shock and disapproval. Thirty minutes went by, then an hour. No takers. And no OPP, so no one had reported us to police.

Then Lisa had an idea. She recovered the “4-sale sign” and placed it at her feet. As Jake pulled alongside a truck, Lisa would flash the driver (including one woman) and hold up the sign. Several trucks later, she received a fist-pumping “thumbs-up” and a somewhat rude waggle of the tongue. Lisa held up the sign and pointed, then she mimicked the “call me” gesture. The trucker laughed, pretended to lick her, waved and drove off.

She tried the same technique for several more trucks. Nothing.

“Well, it might have been fun,” complained Jake at the wheel, “but this isn’t working.”

We agreed, and Jake set off down the highway looking for a place to turn around and head home. We were just pulling off the roadway into a gas station when the cell rang.

“So, what you guys sellin’?” came the voice over the speaker phone. “I saw the sign the lady held up and the rather interesting stuff that she seemed to be offering. I’ll buy some ‘a that!”

We soon learned that the caller was running a truck called J & R Hauling out of Peterborough. He was parked just ahead at a service center along the highway, he added. We pulled back onto the highway and began looking for our mark. A few minutes later we saw the pull-out and the truck. We parked alongside. Lisa smiled nervously at him.

A tallish, well-built man with a military-style brush cut and a 3-4-day growth of beard stepped out of the truck and came toward us. He looked fit and was maybe in his mid-fifties.

He opened the conversation, “So, you the guys with the interesting 4-sale sign?” We rolled down both passenger-side windows and admitted we were. We assured him that we wanted no money, just straight sex with a stranger.

“Hey, whoa there! I’m not into guys,” he protested.

“Neither are we!” Jake rebutted. “But we may want to share her with you.”

“Not sure about that…” he hesitated. “Any chance I can inspect the merchandise up close?”

Jake smiled at his wife. She hesitated for only a moment before slowly pulling down the zipper of her dress. She unhooked the top and bottom clasps and opened the dress, exposing herself to the stranger.

“Nice! Nice indeed!” he sneered and fondled one tit, then the other. “What ya have in mind?” And his hand slid down to her pussy. Lisa sucked in an unexpected breath. I noticed that our customer had inserted his middle finger into Lisa’s cunt. “Oh, and all greased up and ready to go!” he commented. “By the way, I’m Ross, the “R” of the J & R Trucking.”

We introduced each other. Lisa tucked herself back into her dress. Since he was about to stop for the night anyway, Ross suggested a motel room – his treat. “A lot more comfortable than the sleeper in my truck, especially if we get a little rambunctious,” he suggested.

Room 160 at the Greenwater offered two queen beds, a clean shower and lots of towels. It was a bit awkward at first. The four of us kicked off our shoes. Jake broke the ice, “Why don’t you two get naked and jump in the shower.”

“Allow me,” Ross offered and, after undoing the top clasp of Lisa’s dress, slowly ran the long zipper to the bottom and freed the pin from the tab at the hem of the dress. He stepped behind Lisa, slipped the dress off her shoulders and reached around to cup her tits and roll her nipples between thumb and index finger. His hands dropped to her pussy and he leaned into her, kissing her neck. Lisa shivered slightly and turned around and kissed him full on the mouth. As they French-kissed deeply, Ross struggled out of his jeans, boxers and socks, a thick, uncircumcised cock emerging fully erect from under his shirt. Lisa pulled off his Tee while the object of her attentions stepped out of his pants and underwear. She reached down and stroked his cock. They continued kissing and fondling each other.

At Jake’s encouragement, Lisa and Ross finally disappeared into the bathroom. Jake and I heard water running but not much else. Moments later, they emerged and headed to the bed nearest the door. Ross lay Lisa on the bed and, after a few moments focussing on her tits and nipples, worked his mouth and hands down her belly to her pussy. He pulled her legs open and propped them up on his shoulders. Starting at her calf, he kissed his way down one thigh to her pussy lips and, tongue first, dove into her wet cunt. He licked and sucked her down there, using his lips, tongue and fingers to search out all the sensitive parts of Lisa’s love box. He flicked his tongue back and forth across her clit, sucked one pussy lip into his mouth to suck on and then the other, shoved a stiff tongue or a couple of fingers into her twat. Once or twice, there was a finger inserted up her ass. More than once I noticed his hand disappearing partially up her cunt. Often, he would then insert his fingers into Lisa’s mouth or rub his pussy-juiced fingers across her lips. Lisa sucked the fingers hungrily.

At one point, Jake looked at me and smiled. We both stripped off and climbed onto the bed with Lisa and Ross. Lisa was so focused on the orgasm building up in her pink, wet cunt, that she barely noticed Jake introducing his erection into her mouth. Although one of her hands was helping stimulate her own pussy, there was an unoccupied hand. I placed my cock in her hand. A moment later, Lisa was being worked on by the three of us. Jake was in her mouth, I was getting a somewhat distracted hand job and Ross was licking pussy lips and clit like a man possessed.

Lisa was now orgasming and squirting, so she barely noticed that Ross had abandoned anything oral and, cock in hand, had placed himself between her legs. Before she could even think “condom”, Ross’ cock was deep inside her. She moaned and eased out of her first orgasm. Ross would give a half dozen good hard shots, driving deep into Lisa, then back off, even withdrawing, rubbing lips and clit with his cock head, before slowly pushing his cock back toward her cervix. Then, several more hard, frantic shoves. And the pattern repeated itself – several times, his hands savaging her tits or pressed hard on her throat. Lisa was on the verge of a second orgasm. Each time Ross moved into her, she pushed her hips and butt up and toward her ravisher, meeting each thrust with obvious enthusiasm.

Just as she obviously climaxed, Ross pulled out. As she became fully involved in her own orgasm, squirting, of course, but just shaking with pleasure, both Jake and I lost our contact with Lisa. Ross flipped on to his back, waited for Lisa to come down from her orgasm and then drew Lisa on top of him. She reached for his cock and guided him back inside herself. She rode his cock for several minutes before Ross pulled her toward him and begin slapping her ass and deep French kissing her. Immediately, Jake got behind his wife, spread her ass cheeks and shoved his cock up her ass. I was less than satisfied with a half-done hand job, so I positioned my erection near Lisa’s mouth. The scene unfolding in front of me was interesting and ensuring that I continue to be hard. Occasionally, when Ross let me in, I was able to get close enough to get a half-done blow job.

Both men were fucking her hard, Ross in Lisa’s cunt, thrusting upward as best he could and Jake in her ass slamming against her butt cheeks. Lisa grunted each time Jake drove himself home. A few minutes later, Jake exclaimed, “Ah, fuck!” and he filled his wife’s asshole with cum. As he pulled out of that tight spot, several drops of cum dotted Lisa’s ass. Jake flopped back on the bed while Lisa decided to work toward her own orgasm. She began bouncing up and down on Ross’ erection, her tits bobbing up and down. Just as she began to dribble her own juices down Ross’ cock, orgasm seemed to take them both. I sat back and watched them go at it.

“Ah, fuck! Ohhh…ohhh…. Fuck!” I wasn’t sure who said it, but both of them were in full orgasm.

Ross himself grunted and pushed up hard. Lisa pushed down hard on his cock and squeezed his cock with her cunt. He froze there for a moment and then his whole body shivered as he released his huge load of trucker cum into Lisa’s twat – it had been a long time, he later explained to justify the strength of his orgasm and the quantity of cum. Lisa stayed impaled on Ross for several minutes as she worked through her own body-shaking orgasm.

Finally, she got off Ross, cum running down her leg and dripping onto the bedspread, Lisa noticed me sitting on a stack of pillows masturbating.

“That’ll never do, Sweetie!” she exclaimed as she took my cock, first in hand, stroking it gently to its aspired hardness, then into her mouth, covering it in saliva, swirling her tongue around the base of the glans. Ah, heaven!

It took only another few minutes, before my own orgasm grew. Lisa was an excellent cocksucker and she was about to prove it again. I noticed that Ross was busy behind her, extracting cum from her ass and cunt with his fingers, then spreading it over her ass cheeks and back.

It was too much for me. “I’m cumming!” I said and was prepared to pull out. Lisa just masturbated me more firmly, sliding the foreskin back and sucking hard on the end of my cock. I exploded into her mouth. She sucked harder then slipped her lips up and down my cock using her spittle and my cum to lubricate my cock. I could barely hold on.

A few moments later, the three of lay on the bed, Lisa sort of in the middle between Ross and Jake. Ross still had a finger or two in Lisa’s pussy.

It was Jake who stepped up. “Time for us to go, guys. We still have to get back to town.”

After we were all three dressed again, Jake and I shook Ross’ hand; Lisa kissed him deeply, open mouthed. Ross palmed her tits and pussy – again.

We pulled back onto the highway heading for home, Lisa and I in the back seat. We were all silent for awhile. Then Lisa commented, “Interesting experience…”

“Yeah,” I replied, “but all I got was a blow job!” I had meant it as a joke. However, Lisa reached over, put one hand on my crotch and tapped me on the cheek with her other hand.

“Poor baby!” she mocked. “Let’s see what we can do about it.”

She unzipped her dress from both top and bottom, exposing her tits and pussy. She reached over, undid my belt and fly and started yanking my pants down around my knees. Lisa gently stoked my cock, encouraging it to full size. Making sure her tits were in my face, she sat on my lap, guiding my cock into herself.

“Happy now?” she inquired. I mumbled my consent in spite of a mouthful of her left tit.

As she bobbed up and down on my cock, she turned back to Jake and, with a grin, ordered, “And you, my darling husband, keep your eyes on the road!”