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Two Balconies Down

Day 87....self isolation


3 minute read

The sun's rays poured through the windows and a balmy breeze stirred the curtains. I stepped out onto the balcony to enjoy the day and raised my face to the warmth. A familiar scent wafted about and could hear the bubbling and inhale of a bong being put to good use. Curious, I leaned over the railing to see who was sharing my sunshine. Two balconies down... over to the left.....He was tanned...that natural dark vigor that you see on summertime mediterranean types. And he was au naturel.... not an awfully young man but the build of a fit and muscular middle aged ram. I continued my voyeuristic adventure, binoculars at my fingertips. He lounged on his terrace... sunglasses obscuring his face , a relaxed countenance , lips parted, sublime. I watched as he lightly traced his fingers over his stirring penis....the head was beginning to bulge. He wrapped his hand over the length and gave it a hard squeeze and it bobbed up, full and glorious! A few more enthusiastic rubs and could see that this was indeed a healthy specimen.His hand fell away and I could see his throbbing erection beckoning. I stood transfixed, holding my breath ,and tightly clutching the Bushnells. I felt a surge of desire for this unnamed swarthy male. so blatantly exposing his sexuality. He did not seem to notice me as I continued to spy. I pressed my legs together tightly to enjoy the swelling of my blossoming vulva. I heard his balcony door slide open and another man stepped out handing him a drink. They touched glasses and to my surprise the new fellow leaned in to kiss my sunbather. Within a flash all clothes were off and I witnessed the second erection being softly stroked by my muse. Then all hands on deck! They embraced in a powerful embrace..... Light and Dark... pressing and rubbing their cocks together. The younger fellow wore two sleeves of tattoos , tribal, and had a charming curl to his stock. I could hear the urgent slap of skin as they enthusiastically jacked each other. It started to sound wetter and their breathing was ragged . Their muscles tightened and bulged from effort. They kissed again... more brutally this time. I could sense the raw testosterone. Musk was in the wind. The darker man stepped back... a rigid column of masculinity. I could feel his wanton aggression from where I stood.... The second slighter male lowered to his knees. He held the engorged erection of his host and ran his tongue down the entire length... he flicked it playfully and then with purpose, enveloped it with his mouth.. his lips settling in the groin of the owner. He slurped as his partner rocked back and forth. They groaned together.the cock of the kneeling gentleman was leaking onto the balcony floor. The sheer carnal desire was wonderful to witness! I was aroused and slid my hand down the front of my tights. I was slick and hot. I coddled and fluttered my clit between my fingers. I was salivating so I generously wet my fingers with spit and continued to tantalize myself while keeping my eyes on my masturbating heroes. They had switched...the lighter man was sitting in the chair and my robust neighbour was on his knees...,frothing at the mouth as he swallowed the curled cock of his friend... He drew his lips over the glans... in and out ...up and down.. the receiver let out a guttural cry and his body jerked and his cum shot onto his buddy's face... three long threads of cum painted the tanned face...He licked his lips... licked the shiny orb of the satiated cock and then lifted his eyes to me above and grinned. The orgasmastic young dude looked up at me and smiled brightly.... then deflated and sank back into his chair. Fait accompli! and I... nipples pressed like diamonds against my t shirt gave one last twirl on my baton... and let it roll.......My body shaking... I leaned against the rail... pants around my ankles.... wet to my knees.

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