Written by help_wanted

Feb. 27, 2013

It's late in the evening; everyone has gone home for the night except you! As usual you have stayed later to catch up on work and finish off some bids. It's dark out and you are tired of sitting so you get up and take a walk around the inside of the store, rechecking that doors are locked and lights that don't need to be on have been turned off. You are just heading back into your office when you think you hear what sounds like someone knocking at the back entry door but that can't be unless one of your employees forgot something... Just then your phone buzzes and you look to see that it is me texting you, you smile at that thoughts of me that pass through your mind and the distractions that I have caused you over the last few weeks…, when you hear the knocking again. Forgetting about your phone and my text you walk towards the door and hear someone knock again. You say, "Who's out there?", and your phone buzzes again, you look and its me again, this time you actually read the text and it says, “Hurry up and let me in baby!!!”, you just stare at the phone and the knock happens again and this time you hear someone say, "Please baby, let me in!! It's chilly out here!!..." You realize it is my voice...

So you open the door and there I am standing outside the door grinning at you and I say, "See I said I would come all this way just to see you and suck your cock!!"... You are just staring at me because you can't believe I am actually standing there! (I am not sure if you are happy to see me or not at this point) So I step in, slide the bag I have over my shoulder off and set it on the floor and wrap my arms around you and start kissing you and running my hands all over you, I lick your neck and ear and then put my lips back on yours and continue to kiss your mouth and lick and nibble and suck on your warm lips, all the while I am rubbing the growing bulge in your shorts...you finally respond by wrapping your arms around me and deepen the kiss... We finally stop kissing and take a step apart and you close and lock the door and turn and say, "I can't believe you are standing here!", and I respond by saying, "Well I am and I hope you aren't mad but I figured you weren't going to be able to get away tomorrow to see me and I just couldn't wait another week to see you baby, or to be with you again!!"

You now notice that you are kind of looking up at me and realize I am wearing heels and a jacket that comes down to my knees and my legs are bare and you say, "Awww baby did you get all dressed up for me?"... I grin and blush a little and slowly shake my head from side to side and quietly say, "No, I didn't baby...I got undressed for you! Everything you can see is all I have on...!" You just stare at me for a few seconds, then start to grin and step towards me and push me up against the wall and start kissing me again and then you put your hands down on my bare legs and run them up to my hips as you rub your body up against mine and I moan at the feeling of you pressing up against me.

You then put one of your hands on the inside of my leg and start to slowly run it up under the bottom of the coat I have on and say, "Open..." So I spread my legs further apart and your hand continues up between my thighs to my hot, dripping wet, naked pussy and you chuckle softly and say, "Mmmmm...you are so fucking wet!! I can't believe you are standing here like this!", and I say, "Well I am baby, I hope you are not mad... What do you want to do now? Or do you want me to leave...?" You smile and kiss me again and open the coat and drop your mouth to my breasts and start to lick and suck my nipples while your hand is rubbing my pussy and clit and then you start sliding your fingers in and out of my hot, dripping wet cunt...

I lean my head back against the wall and moan as I run my hands across your shoulders and over the back of your head. After several minutes of you teasing my clit and pussy with your fingers your really start to fuck me with your fingers until my legs start to shake and I am moaning louder and breathing hard and I say, "Baby you have to stop or you are going to make me cum baby...", and you say, "Please do...", and go back to sucking on my nipple and I say, "But I will make a mess on the floor...!", and you say, "It's concrete baby and I have a mop...", so I lean back against the wall and moan as you continue to finger my pussy and rub my clit and torture my nipples with your mouth and other hand. You feel my body start to shudder and my pussy tightens around your fingers, so you know from experience to force them in a little deeper so that I won’t squeeze them right out and I let out a deep moan and say, "I'm cumming...", as I start to gush all over your hand and the floor...when it's finally over and you know my legs are supporting me now more then you are you slowly slide you soaked hand out from between my legs, grinning at me all the while, you straighten up and kiss me on the lips and say, "That was hot baby! Very hot!!", and I grin at you and say, "Yes it was! Thank you baby!", and kiss you again. You go grab some paper towels and clean up some of the mess we made and I pick up my bag and take your hand and follow you into your office.

I drop my coat to the floor and kiss you as I help you pull your shirt off over your head and then I run my hands up and down your chest and tummy and start to unfasten your shorts and drop them to the floor and say, "Lean back against the edge of your desk Baby.", I grab my bag and pull out a folded up blanket and drop it on the floor at your feet, I kick off my heels and kneel on the blanket. I run my hands over your cock through your boxers and you say, "That feels so good baby.", I smile up at you and start to pull your boxers down and let them drop to the floor as your cock springs free, I take hold of your cock with my hand and then I lick it from your balls to the tip of your head, I swirl my tongue around your head a few times and then lick back down the length of it to your balls. Then I lick your balls and slowly suck them into my mouth one at a time and then both together and you moan as I do this a few more times. I let go of your balls and start to lick and suck the tip of your cock and you say, "That feels really good.", and I mumble, "I am glad you are enjoying because I just want to make you feel really good!!” Now I start to take your cock deeper into my mouth and with each stroke I make up and down on your cock I continue to take you deeper and deeper until I am taking your whole cock all the way in my mouth and into my throat and my nose is pressing up against your pubic bone and your balls are against my chin with each stroke. You are now leaning back some on your desk, breathing heavily, with one arm behind you for support and the other is on my head stroking my hair and the side of my face as you moan and gasp and mumble incoherently… All the while I keep sucking on your cock, deep, steady, taking you all the way in, I am also playing with your balls with my hand, gently stroking them and lightly squeezing them. My other hand is slowly running up and down your leg and up across your belly and chest.

I continue bobbing my mouth up and down on your cock, changing up the rhythm and the depth of my stroke and the amount of pressure I am applying by sucking harder as I swallow you and then releasing the pressure for the next couple of strokes...all the while you are moaning softly and whispering words of encouragement and praise and running your hand over my head and through my hair. Your body is starting to glisten as a thin film of sweat starts to form on your body. I am licking and sucking the head of your cock and I suddenly swallow your entire shaft all the way down to the base, sucking on you hard and I feel the muscles in your legs tense and you grab my head with both hands and start to buck your hips forward, I wrap my arms around you and hold on tight and you empty your load down my throat and I swallow every last drop of your cum and continue sucking on you greedily to make sure I get every little bit of you!! I feel your legs shaking and know you must need to sit down so I slowly slide my mouth back and release your spent cock and look up at you. You are breathing kind of hard but smile at me and say, "That was awesome baby!", and shift from leaning on your desk into your chair. I lay my head in your lap and we just sit there quietly for a bit caressing each other.

After awhile I feel you shift a bit in your chair and lean forward a bit, then you sit back and ask, “What else is in that bag you brought baby…?” I look up at you grinning and you can tell from the way my eyes are twinkling that there is more fun in store for you before my late night visit is over…