Aug. 23, 2018

It was the way she was lying on the bed that made Mark do something he never would have dreamed of doing, otherwise.

Beth was asleep. Napping after a hot afternoon at the beach, she lay on the top of the bedcovers, still in her bikini. She was dreaming. Dreaming of a lover, by the looks of things. On her back, her knees were raised, legs splayed open, and her right hand was pressed to her stomach, her fingers just under the edge of her bikini bottoms. She didn't move, but the pose was arresting. Her bedroom door was only open a crack, but Mark couldn't resist looking in, when he initially caught sight of just her legs through that thin opening. The sight before him now had stopped him dead in his tracks, hand still on the door. He swallowed, started to back out again, feeling like a trespasser. As he began to step back, Beth moaned quietly in her sleep, shifted her legs from side to side slightly, and her hand moved lower. Mark stopped.

He could feel his pulse pounding in his ears. His face felt hot, and there was no denying the stirring in his shorts. Beth looked like she was begging to be touched. Instead of back away, Mark took a tentative step forward.

The resort room was a time share. Beth's friend's owned it, and she and her husband had invited Mark and his wife along for the trip. They were good friends, but it also helped cut the cost. They'd had a wonderful week so far, swimming in the surf, enjoying the hot sun, the awesome food. And rum... lots and lots of rum, which they seemed to be able to drink without getting too tipsy, the heat burning off its effects faster than they were used to. Mark's wife and Beth's husband were out at a rock-climbing lesson, and wouldn't be back for hours yet. At the moment, though, none of these things were in Mark's thoughts.

He felt himself drawn into the room, closer to the bed. He was suddenly, achingly aware of how attractive a woman Beth was. Her bikini covered her in all the right places, but Mark needed no imagination to see how beautiful she was beneath it. Her curves were outlined exquisitely, and as his eyes swept over her, he could see her nipples were hard, reacting to whatever dream she was lost in. Without thinking, Mark found himself moving closer, drawn by her sexuality. She moaned again, her hand now slipping beneath her bikini, her legs widening a bit more, and Mark was barely able to stifle a moan of his own as he heard the slick sound of her fingers sliding down between her lips. She was obviously very wet, very aroused, and now Mark was also. His shorts felt tight, so confining, but he dared not touch himself; he knew if he did, there would no turning back.

Did he even want to turn back? Looking at Beth, he couldn't think of a reason why.

Suddenly daring, he slid onto the bed at her feet, his arms sliding up near her hips, between her splayed legs. Oh, to taste this woman. The ties at the side of her bikini beckoned him. Simple bows... he need only pull them... softly... like... that. Mark froze. He'd done it. Her bikini was untied... loose. Dare he go further? Beth answered for him, before he could move. Her hand, already slipping between her moist lips, pushed the bikini bottom down, revealing her slit to his hungry gaze. Her lips were already spreading, already starting to gape open, wanting release. Mark's mouth watered. Her musky scent hit him like the finest perfume, and his lips parted slightly as his tongue darted out, licking his upper lip, as if ready to attack. Then Beth moved again... her legs fell wide open, her fingers moved up, to her clit, began gently rubbing. Mark could hold back no longer. He moved close, closing his eyes, and tasted her for the first time. His tongue slid between her lips, separating them, his nose tickled by her hairs, her scent filling his senses. His erection pressed into the mattress below, suddenly painfully hard, throbbing for attention, but Mark ignored it. He would not free it unless she asked. Asked? His mind considered the thought... if she woke, that is. Then he put thought aside, his hands closing on Beth's hips, sliding under to hold her ass, and then lifted her mound to his mouth, pressing his tongue deeply into her, swirling it, tasting, lavishing it, worshiping her cleft with his lips. Beth responded... her hands closed on the back of Mark's head, fingers sliding into his hair, pressing him hard against her core. Mark feasted. Her hips began moving, now, rolling up against his tongue, her legs widening even more, now almost flat to the bed in an effort to open herself to her dream lover. Her lips parted, her stomach pressing up, arching her back as the mysterious figure laved her pussy from clit to ass. Her movements became more frantic, building, her orgasms obviously rising, and Mark moved his tongue higher, finding her clit, sucking it softly between his teeth, teasing it unmercifully, until with a loud cry, Beth's entire body shook, her pussy spasmed, her orgasm rolling through her like an electric shock. Mark held her, rode through it with his tongue still pressed to her clit, but didn't move, simply held her, until the shuddering slowed, ceased, and the only sound was her breathing, still coming in gasps, punctuated by soft cries. Mark released her, letting her settle to the bed, backing away gently. She looked so peaceful, so serene. He moved to the side of the bed, then, leaning down to kiss her forehead.

"Sweet dreams, love", he whispered. But as he began to rise, her voice stunned him.

"Who said I was sleeping?" she murmured. Mark couldn't move. Not out of shock. Well, not completely. But Beth's hand, her sneaky, quick hand, was now holding his aching shaft, tugging gently on his length. "And who said you were done here?" she finished, a wicked smile quirking at the corners of her mouth.

"Sorry, Beth... I thought..." Mark weakly tried to explain himself.

"Shush. It's all right." she said, as she sat up, turned herself on the bed, now sitting in front of him. Her fingers released his shorts in a moment, freeing him at last, and Mark gasped as she pulled him closer, her mouth suddenly on him, pulling him deep, her tongue swirling. Mark's body shook as his nervous system screamed in pleasure. "Besides... it's not like this was entirely your idea." she whispered.

Mark realized she'd been playing him the entire time. Not that he cared. A grin spread over his face, and he chuckled, low in his chest, shaking his head in wonderment. "You crazy..."

Beth cocked an eyebrow at him, looking up from where her hand held him firmly, her thumb rubbing under the front of his crown, while her fingers lovingly, gently massaged, then paused.

"... wonderful woman!" he finished, smiling.

"That's more like it," she murmured, then words were no longer possible as she pulled his crown between her lips, circling her tongue under that sensitive boundary line, and Mark's head snapped back, lips parted, eyes closing. His whole body swayed, and his legs shook for a moment as the contact between her tongue and his flesh sent jolts of pleasure through his system. Beth began sliding him deeper into her mouth, rolling her tongue around his head, pulling and releasing with her fingers, her other hand sliding up, into his chest hair, nails raking his skin. After all of the previous build up, watching Beth's orgasm, Mark was already very close to coming himself. He gasped a warning.

"Beth... wait... I'm..." he moaned, his hands sliding to her hair, pressing gently, trying to slow her movements.

Beth only smiled, a wicked gleam in her eye, as she nodded, a muffled "Mm-hmm," confirming what she already suspected. She didn't slow, however. Rather, she concentrated her efforts, paying extra attention to that special spot, her lips and tongue pressing, pulling, her thumb caressing beneath, following the line in his flesh that seemed to cause him the most intense response. Then Mark's fingers tightened, a shudder wracking through his body, and he cried out, a wordless, almost animal cry of release, and Beth felt his shaft pulse, again, and again, his come exploding through its length, erupting into her mouth. She held him, her tongue gently licking, nursing the last of his seed from him, until he stilled. She pulled him towards her, turning, guiding him to the edge of the bed, yet keeping him in her mouth, until he understood, and slowly collapsed sideways onto the waiting sheets. Finally she let him slip from her lips, still teasing his length with gentle swirls of her tongue. She was pleased to see he had barely softened before starting to rise a second time.

Beth maneuvered Mark onto his back, in the center of the bed, then climbed over him, sliding down to rest with her cleft pressing against his shaft. She knew the reaction it would cause. Mark was silent for long moments, looking into her eyes, his own saying more than his lips could have managed. His blue eyes told of hunger, desire, and... contentment. He softly pushed a stray lock of hair from Beth's forehead. Finally spoke.

"Do you have any idea just how amazing you are?" he said, his voice low.

Beth grinned. "Tell me," all the while gently rolling her hips up, then back, milking him back to full arousal.

That boyish grin split Mark's face again. His hands slid down to her ass, cupping her, and he pulled, lifting, tilting her hips, until his crown nudged between her nether lips, just starting to press into her, before stopping.

"I'd rather show you." he grinned, that hungry look returning.

Then he pressed, lifting her, his hands pulling her cheeks apart gently, allowing him to slide deeper. He began rolling his hips up to meet hers, soft, gentle strokes, slowly spreading her, spearing into her until finally, just when she thought he must surely reach her cervix, he stopped, hilted within her. As he lifted his head, his mouth seeking hers, Beth felt him lifting her again, and as their kiss deepened, he began sliding into her in long, gentle strokes. His hands were strong, firm, yet he held her softly, feeling for that perfect rhythm that would once again bring her to climax. His hairs and pubic bone pressed her clit each time he filled her, and soon he shortened his strokes, rubbing it more, pressing and rolling against her. He broke the kiss, his lips seeking her nipple, which he captured expertly, gently teasing, suckling, the additional attention pressing her higher toward her peak. Now they moved together as one, Beth's hands pressing to Mark's chest, the rocking motion pushing her closer... closer. Suddenly her mouth was on his, moaning into his lips as he felt her pussy spasm around his length, her orgasm coming hard, demanding, and Mark slowed inside her, holding her tight against him, until she stopped shaking, collapsing onto his chest.

Slowly he resumed his movements, his own peak almost reached. Faster now, so close, he rocked up into her, triggering another orgasm in Beth, one hand pressed low on her back, his fingers pressing her tight, the other coming around to cup a breast, until with another loud cry he came, pulsing, his seed filling her with a sudden heat, a slickness that she savored until his movements finally slowed, his shaking eased, and they lay together, his length still buried deep within her, blissful. Finally still.

Beth's ear was pressed to Mark's chest, the deep, fast thudding of his heart made her smile. She squeezed her muscles, below, clenching tight around him for a moment, and was rewarded with a gratified moan. One of his hands again slipped down her back, cupping her cheek.

"Like I said..." he breathed. "Amazing."

She rolled her head, resting her chin on his chest, his hairs tickling her a bit. "So," she began.

Mark's other hand pushed her hair back, his fingers coming to her cheek, thumb gently lining her lips. "So?"

"Come her often?"

His bark of laughter echoed into the hall, where absolutely no one of importance heard it.