Nov. 15, 2017

As the aircraft comes to a complete stop and the flight attendant reaches for the door, all thoughts narrow to one simple fact. We are on vacation with no worries in a tropical destination; the heat unbearable at first as it engulfs the fuselage only to be embraced as a welcomed relief from the cold Northern climate from where we once came from. The thought of a week in the sun without our kids and being totally free to explore and be ourselves. A week to rediscover who we are and our love. Finally at our destination resort and after unpacking a few things we get accustomed to the vacation feeling walking to all the restaurants, bars and pools to see what we will do for the next week of nothingness.

Following a nice dinner we walk on the beach holding hands and exchange a few intimate kisses trying to rekindle the fires of passion slowly making our way to the room. Once in, we embrace each other and continue our kissing slowly groping and undressing each other as we make our way to the bed. Your body accented by the soft glow of the moonlight as you stand naked by the bed, a slight breeze blowing in from the open balcony doors. I kneel in front of you softly kissing you towards me as my arms wrap around your legs and buttocks driving you closer exposing your clitoris for me to lick. A soft moan escapes as you grasp my head and arch back reaching for the bed as you lay on your back and widen your legs granting me full access. Feverishly you reach for my head drawing me up passionately kissing me tasting your juices feeding the fury within you. Kissing my way up your torso finding your neck, I easily enter you as we hold and kiss each other as ecstasy builds you push me off and tell me to lay on my side as you change positions and reach for my erection kissing and the licking the shaft as I return to licking your soft lips in a sudo-69 driving you more wild than I’ve seen you in a long time. Feeling a sudden rush, you convulse slightly getting on top of me ensuring I enter as deeply as possible slapping our pelvises together finally succumbing to an explosive orgasm. We lay there motionless kissing each other as our bodies are covered in a light sweat.

As the week progresses you go to the spa for the second time and each time come back glowing and frisky. With a hug and long kiss you grin and tell me that you tell me that you met a nice woman who also frequented the spa and during the time together in the steam room she sat next to you and started chatting as she lived in Toronto with her husband. Before you knew it she was slowly rubbing her body and breasts caressing all the beads of sweat from her as a slight moan escapes from her parted lips with shut eyes as she seductively mouthed this steam feels soooooo good. Not sure what to say you just smiled and tried to look away feeling a slight tingle shoot through you. She is slightly larger than you and does not seem to have any inhibitions which oddly enough you find extremely erotic. She leans forward as she runs her hand down your breast to your nipple saying she was moving a hair. Frozen and not sure what to do, you feel your nipple swell and ache for additional stimulation. Your conversations get more sexual and find you both have much in common yet can’t find the way to express your desires and she is interested in exploring her bi side and hesitant to take the plunge. She then says that she and her husband are talking about including another couple in the mix which has been making her over sensitive to arousal from the thought of crossing that line with her best friend and she was hoping that you would be interested. Shocked and speechless, you grab for your towel and get ready to get your massage in the other room. Not being rude you smile at her and tell her you’re flattered and you’d think about it unconsciously shrugging your shoulders up and down jiggling your perfect breasts blushing after realizing what you did as she laughs herself.

As the massage therapist rubs your flawless skin the thoughts of the previous conversation flood back as images of you and her exploring each other before being introduced to her mystery man are making you quite arouse and you feel your pussy lips quiver as the therapist moves her hand up your inner thigh stopping shy of your hidden treasure. Walking back to our room to change you feel relaxed and in a state of permanent arousal. Every step taken is sending ripples up your leg and resonating to your clit. Subconsciously your steps become more pronounced pounding your clit with waves of pleasure. Back at the room, you were set to take a shower and change before going to the beach. You find me stepping out of the shower and move towards me. Without a word, you sink to your knees and take my limp cock into your mouth. Your soft lips and warm mouth lightly pull at my awakening member as it engulfs and becomes fully erect. You stand and slip your bikini bottoms off exposing your beautiful round ass and lean forward onto the marble counter as your hands reach around and spread your cheeks revealing your freshly waxed pussy lips glistening with your sweet nectar. Taking a step forward, my cockhead easily breaches your love canal and slides in as you let out a slight moan. Within a few strokes your hands push the counter as they slide knocking a few of our toiletries to the floor your mouth gapping as your body convulses a few times. With this, I slam my rigid shaft a few more times and release my pent up semen deep into you as if a shaken champagne bottle was forcibly uncorked. Both needing a shower now, we step in and turn the warm cascading water once more, as you recount the story of the woman you’ve met and find that the thought is not foreign to me and quite exciting. That tingle comes back to you and our lovemaking becomes more regular and passionate from a shower quickie to what seems like the entire night filled with oral, massage and intercourse.

On the fourth day, I notice you looking at another man at the pool. Intrigued I ask you what you think… You say Oh nothing and go back to your book. A few seconds pass as I tell you “It’s ok for you to look and fantasize… hell if you want to have a fling go ahead – I’m not jealous… just tell me.” You look at me shocked at my comment, glad the chairs next to us are free so no one could overhear what used to be a taboo topic. A few minutes later he comes walking towards us with two drinks and asks if the chairs are taken, you waive him to sit down as you notice his firm abs. A woman with a sun hat comes strolling and sits next to him taking her wrap off exposing a two-piece bikini that she wears well for her curvy size, to your surprise, it is Sam the woman from the spa as you smile at her and greet her with a surprised. Hi, I didn’t recognize you… sorry. She laughs and waives off your comment suggesting she has a bathing suit on. We exchange pleasantries as they introduce themselves as Jim and Samantha and immediately we connect as our backgrounds are very similar. We decide to meet them for dinner at one of the lounges later that evening.

As we get dressed for dinner, I wrap my arms around you and kiss your neck feeling the warmth of your body and firm breasts as you slap me my advance away whispering after dinner. We meet our new friends and walk to our table, Jim commenting on your outfit as Sam smiles in approval. As the dinner goes we decide to go for a walk by the ocean afterwards. You mention you forgot your wrap in the room and excuse yourself to go and get it as Sam asks Jim to get hers also as it will get cooler. You get up glancing at me as we both exchange a smile and both walk out leaving Sam and I at the table finishing our deserts and chatting away about what seemed like every topic under the sun. We wait for a little while and then get up and walk out the restaurant to sit by the bar and order a drink. As we finish the drink we see both you and Jim walking back joking and chatting up a storm.

As we walk on the beach hand in hand you whisper I have something to tell you. We say our goodnights and walk back to the room. I ask you what’s going on and you tell me that Jim kissed you at the door and that you didn’t want him to stop. You recount that he held you close and caressed your body, his hand finding its way under your skirt and playing with you while still kissing you deeply. You massaged his manhood and surprised at it’s length but nicely shaped and slim. You both caressed each other as he started sliding his finger in your wet pussy rubbing your clit and your hand sliding down beneath his dress pants grasping a firm hold of his cock stroking it as he arched and came in your hand with mounting passion with each kiss. Jim kissed you once more and mentioned Sam had wanted him to test the waters so to speak and grinned expressing how warm they were… Turned on by the story we kissed and within seconds it seemed we were naked. I turned you towards the bed and bent you over wanting you from behind surprised to feel how excited you were as your juices were dripping onto me as I entered you. We made love like wild animals that night as you described what happened and told me you might want to be with Jim, to feel him convulse in you.

The next morning, I awoke as you were getting ready to go to the gym for a workout, I told you I loved you and I’d be making a coffee before breakfast. With my cup in hand, I walked onto the patio and stood by a chair watching, feeling the sun on my body. The sides of the patio are high enough that no one could see unless they were next to you, and the same for the neighbours unless you are close to the wall. A familiar voice sounds as I snap out of my daze and focus on the Sam’s voice. Surprised I looked and saw she had stood up as well and was also enjoying her morning coffee with a sheer wrap around her. The early morning sun making the fabric almost disappear caressing her breast outline. She asked me how my night was questioningly obviously looking me up and down as I stood there nude… Stammering for an answer, I laughed knowing there was no way to cover up and say it did not happen as I looked down and back up to her. With a smile, Sam mentioned, I’ve always wanted to sunbath nude, I should try that as well reaching behind her neck and letting the covering drop to the chair, her ample breasts freely swaying as I looked at them, so perfectly shaped, surprised at the size of her nipples, so inviting to suckle. Standing there soaking up the sun trying not to move too much so she would not see my penis getting more engorged trying to calm down, I told her it was great how was yours? She giggles as her bare breasts jiggled and replied wonderful – hopefully the rest of our vacation will be more of the same she adds. We chatted for a few minutes trying not make my growing excitement apparent. I’m empty, time to get showered up, hope to see more of you Sam said as she winked and turned into the adjoining room vanishing from my sight.

That night we enter the night club and get into the vibe of the music and have a few drinks. Sam dances over and hugged you saying something in your ear as you laugh. You lean over to me and kiss me deeply and say apparently Sam likes the way you have your coffee in the morning – and so do I; I immediately blushed. As the night goes on, we decide to grab a few drinks and go back to the room and talk in a setting that is quiet. As we enter the room, I steal a kiss and squeeze your round ass, looking into your eyes and saying how sexy you looked to night. We sit and joke around a little, laughing as we empty our first bottle of wine, reaching for another and get more relaxed. Feeling a little tipsy, I get up and walk to the porch as the night air is so fresh and inviting, leaving the doors wide open to get a nice breeze. You are sitting on the couch looking at me as Jim scooches closer to you. I smile back at you with a knowing look that it is your call and if we wanted to explore you could smile. You mouth the words, I love you and turn your attention to joking with Jim. Sam decides to join me and leans up on the ledge in front of me. It is beautiful out tonight, staring into Sams eyes I simply said, it sure is. Giggling Sam runs her hand on my chest and says, looks like they are getting along very well. Turning back, I see you looking at Jim as he gets closer to you and leans to kiss you, unsure you nervously lean back a little until his lips touch yours. Releasing your inhibitions you both start making out as Sam bumps my leg turning my attention back to her. We both smile and kiss under the moonlight. My erection throbbing as Sam can easily feel this through our clothing. Breaking from our initial embrace, I admit to thinking about seeing you this morning and your perfect nipples, as I slide your shoulder strap down uncovering your one breast with a hard nipple eager to be touched. Sam smiles and plays with my hair as I kiss and suckled on her nipple making them more sensitive and erect to the touch. As you and Jim start petting some clothing loosens as you now are laying on the bed your skirt passed your hip exposing your soft skin as he explores your body.

Sam and I exchange passionate kisses our hands roaming as she frees my erection and I uncover both of her plentiful mounds with large dark areolas and thick nipples begging to be suckled more. Leaning back on the ledge her breasts exposed to the night air, I look up seeing this beautiful silhouette as I kiss my way down her stomach to her freshly shaved pussy lips, a slight landing strip of pubic hair pointing the way. My lips meet hers, eagerly lapping up her nectar as a moan escapes her mouth, licking her folds and lightly sucking her clitoris as I insert a finger into her. Her hips now rocking as I lick and play with her stroking her G-spot with my finger releasing a wave of passion within her. She pulls me up and pushes me onto the chair as she gets on her knees finding my erect cock and wrapping her lips on me. A moan escapes my throat as I turn to look at you being orally satisfied as well. I reach down and play with Sam’s big breasts. The view of you being pleasured and the heat of Sam’s mouth was so intense it is all I can do to hold on from erupting. You roll Jim onto his back and crawl on him kissing him as he plays with your breasts with one hand as his other roams and caresses your ass and plays with your bottom hole having seen how this gets you aroused even more. As Sam continues to expertly suck my cock, I hear you say Oh fuck it and slam your pussy down onto Jim hard cock ridding him like never before. You bounce yourself a few times and arch back squealing in delight as his hips meet your downward thrust as he groans in orgasmic delight. My cock gets harder and finally releases itself into Sams hot awaiting mouth not missing a single drop. Smiling she looks up at me and lets my cock head pop out, still throbbing. We get up and gather the shed clothing as we see the finale as your rock your clit on Jim’s cock exploding and convulsing on him as her clenches and fills your pussy with cum. Rolling off of him your legs still spread, his cock still erect, I could see how he was longer than me but not as thick and how it would have been a much different feeling for you as a trickle of hot white cum escaped from your folds and dripped onto the sheets. You both lay there for a moment as you realize you have an audience.

You look at me with shock as Sam walks over with her dress in one hand, leans over and kisses your cheek while grabbing her husband’s softening cock saying that was incredible, thank you. Jim gets up from the bed and gathers his pants looking at my still wet cock and smiles. Looks like we both got very lucky tonight. I look at you still on the bed in the dim light and smile walking towards you with a renewed erection and kiss you passionately you wrap your arms around me and holding me. Sam gathers their items and thanks us for the wonderful night and mentioned they would let themselves out. Our passion rises as I lay on top of you and easily enter your hot pussy feeling fluid ooze out from the pressure. As our bodies become one and the rhythm starts, we hear a faint closing of the door. I hear you whisper in my ear, thank you before kissing me like you did, I love you so much, your cheeks already flush. Looking into your eyes, I start kissing my way down you hesitantly let me lick your pelvic bone and then your beautiful full lips plump and engorged from your previous play and there is a slight difference in taste as you gasp and scream yes eat me. As we make love you recount how Jim made you feel and caressed you and then you two made love and now I am feeling his reminisce inside you adding to the lubricity and erotic feeling between passionate kisses. Breathless our bodies glistening in the moonlight you roll over and ask me how did it feel to be with Sam? I did peek and looked – it was hotter than I thought – as we kissed each other and feel asleep.

The next morning, you look at me questioning if I was ok with what happened. I sleepishly smile and say I know you love me and I am not a jealous man. As long as we know what is going on and hopefully play together it’s all good – the possibilities are endless. With that you smile and kiss me before going for a morning workout before breakfast. As you leave, Sam walks in with two cups of coffee mentioning that you sent her in to make sure I did not fall asleep again. Sam asked if I wanted a cup; as I replied I would only you have the advantage over me laying there with only a sheet on. Smiling she put the cups down and in one easy motion her sundress hit the floor exposing herself fully to me and slowly crawled into bed next to me. Her warm body sliding up against mine. My erection hard to mistake, she strokes it and tells me I am so wet thinking about this as she grasps my hard cock. I roll her over and kiss her slowly as I enter her for the first time taking both our breaths away as the early morning birds sing in the background almost eclipsing the sounds of the crashing waves. Sam’s plump breasts rubbing my chest with every rhythmic thrust as she rides my hard cock. Her pussy getting wetter and feeling as if it is stretching out as well clamp down adding to the pressure. Unable to hold off any longer I find one of her soft nipples and suck on it and as I explode deep into her, gently use my teeth to pull on it slightly. Collapsing on me, she kisses me and suggests we take a shower before breakfast. As Sam is rinsing off and lathers me up, my erection comes back to life. This time, I turn her towards the cool type of the shower and bend her over slightly as I slide into her still hot pussy. Playing with her ass and rubbing her anus, Sam tells me to stretch her ass and fuck her there. Reaching around the glass wall to the counter, a small tube of silicone based lube was in the makeup case. Allow it to drizzle in her ass, I rub it on my cock and ease myself into her allowing for my cock head to breach her hole and relax a little before proceeding. My hard cock now freely sliding in and out of her tight bottom as I play with her tits with one hand and find her slapping and flicking her clit with the other. I thrust upward one final time as I empty myself once more. Letting myself slip out from her ass, Sam turns around and we kiss under the gentle stream of water before washing up and getting dressed.

Over a late breakfast you mention to me that I must have had a good cup of coffee this morning… we both smile and laugh as you and Jim chuckle afterwards.

Packing our things before the flight back home we say farewell to Jim and Sam and exchange info as they only live in Toronto. We plan on taking a few weekends were we go to wineries or plays and share a room continuing the journey and the adventure together exploring our deepest desires in watching each other, playing as a group and opening ourselves to our bi tendencies without taboo.