Written by Michaelmas

Mar. 26, 2016

Curled up in your favourite chair, the fire going, with the wind and snow blowing around outside. What better time to be sitting across from you sipping a glass of wine. The warmth of the room combined with the relaxing effects of the wine have an arousing effect on me as the light from the fire gives your skin a nice warm glow. Your loose fitting robe falls open a bit as you lay back in the chair as your head falls back against the soft cushion the cleavage of your ample breasts is now exposed to my view! You are aware that I am looking at you. You can see that my interest is peaked and you tease me a bit by opening up your robe exposing your full breasts. Arching your back over the chair as you stretch your body in an effort to get more comfortable your breasts lay flat against your chest! Your soft flesh glowing in the fire light your nipples harden a bit as the are exposed to the air! You let your legs drape over the front of the chair, your feet now resting on the floor, the length of your body is now exposed with your hips hidden under your robe! You know you have my attention! Your hands start exploring your naked body! Starting with your full breasts you massage them slowly with the palms of your hands. Pressing the soft flesh against you chest your breasts are more than a handful as your fingers glide over your exposed nipples! You squeeze each nipple between your thumb and fore finger as you manage to turn yourself on with your touch! One hand slides down your belly and between your legs cupping your pussy as you put on an arousing display for me! You cup your sex with your hand and as you part your legs your pussy lips open enough for you to easily slide a finger into your waiting sex. You press hard against yourself, tickling the inside of your pussy with your finger the palm of your hand resting on your clit! I'm more than aroused at this point! My cock pressing against the inside of my jeans aching for release as your performance before me continues. You start to move your hand hand in a circular motion around your mound and your hips react to your touch! Your hips rotate as you push hard against your pussy and you draw your now wet, slippery finger from your sex and start to gently tickle your clit! Your legs spreading apart a litlle more! You are quite an exhibitionist as you start to masterbate more energetically arousing yourself with your touch! More than I can stand it is time I unbutton my jeans. I pull out my erect cock and wrapping my hand around its length I start to pull up and down its hardness! From across the room we start watching one another mutually masterbating for our own pleasure turning one another on in the process...