Written by tomtomcan

May 21, 2012

Thomas and Maryanne had been chatting for a while and met for lunch and coffee a few times with the discussions progressing to the point where they each had an insight into what the other liked sexually. The mental connection was great and they both enjoyed the thought that there was the possibility that something physical might happen at some stage. After sporadic online chats one week Thomas flicked her a text suggesting they meet for lunch the following week - and that she choose the venue. Maryanne responded and suggested a cafe in the suburbs on Thursday.

Thursday arrived and, as he drove out of the city Thomas mind wandered - he began to think about the lady he was about to meet for lunch. She was younger than him but with a mature mind and a liking for most things sexual. In addition to chatting they had exchanged a few explicit pictures. One of these in particular had peaked his interest - the photo in question had shown her breasts and it was obvious that she had a nipple piercing.

After a 20 minute drive he arrived at the cafe and parked his car. Unlike the other patrons who were dressed casually he was wearing a smart suit and shirt (but no tie) and his broad shoulders carried the suit jacket well. This, and the fact he was a taller than average, made him stand out a little. Looking round the cafe he saw she was seated off to one side so he quickly walked over and asked her if she wanted a drink then went to order a flat white for himself and a hot chocolate for her.

Over lunch they made a little small talk at first and the conversation moved on to the point where her nipple piercing came up. Maryanne told him that the piercing had been sore when initially done but that the pain was worth it as her nipple was particularly sensitive to touch and that this quickly excited her. Hearing this, and being a male, he told her that he would love to see it at some stage. Her only response was to laugh a little.

Shortly after this the topic of sex toys arose. He knew she had been planning on going shopping with some girlfriends so he asked whether this had happened yet and, if so, what she had purchased. Maryanne giggled and blushed a little before saying that yes, they had been shopping the night before and she had purchased a new Lelo vibrator (at great expense) as well as a moderately sized dildo. She went on to say that her new dildo did not have the impressive girth of Arnie - the pet name for one of her friends dildos (looking at Arnie was enough to bring tears to most guys eyes as well as a sense of inferiority). Laughing, he said he would like to see her new purchases some day. With a sly smile she looked down at a stiff paper bag on the floor by her feet (the sort that expensive shoe shops give you when you buy a $600+ pair of women's shoes) and said "have a look in the bag - but don't lift anything out!" as she pushed the bag towards him.

Not knowing what to expect he opened the top of the bag to see both the dildo and vibrator sitting in it. He reached in and touched them before finding a switch and flicking it on. The vibrator started to wiggle and vibrate as they do when you turn them on however this still surprised him. He quickly turned it off - not wanting the other cafe patrons to hear what he had in his hands. Both sex toys were impressive with the purple vibrator having multiple speeds and functions.

Smiling at her he said "They are both out of their packaging. Have you tried them out?" Her reply was to smile at first and then she told him that she had, in fact, taken the day off work to try them out - hence there meeting in a suburban cafe rather than near her work. "And they work great - in fact I was nearly late for lunch I got that carried away!" As they both laughed he cheekily said that he would love to see the toys in action one day. Without saying anything she stood up, paid the lunch bill at the counter and looked over her shoulder - gesturing to him in a "follow-me" manner as he admired her calves that were accentuated by the high-heels she was wearing.

Not knowing what to expect he followed her outside to his car where she said "I hope you have a clear diary this afternoon - get in your car and follow me." Not needing a further invitation he opened his car door and jumped in. In the short drive to her house he called his two afternoon appointments to tell them that something urgent had come up and that he would get back to them on Friday to arrange another time.

They parked their cars and met at the front door. She quickly un-locked it and pointed him to the lounge as she walked into the kitchen and took a bottle of wine from the fridge (Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc - it had been on special at the supermarket that week). She returned to the lounge carrying the wine bottle and two glasses and saw that he was sitting on the sofa with the dildo in one hand and vibrator in the other. She stood just in front of him and smiled.

Looking up at her he said "Hmmm - so these work well do they?" "Yes, so well that, as I said, I was nearly late for lunch - in fact I didn't have time to find any knickers to wear" was her response. Without a word he learnt forward a little and traced the dildo up the outside of her calf towards her skirt then moved it to the inside of her ankle before running lightly up the inside of her leg - stopping at the hemline of her skirt. At this point she moved her legs apart a little further as if to encourage him to continue. Seeing this he stopped, sat back and suggested she hand him the wine bottle so he could pour them drinks. With a look of slight frustration she did this and sat down next to him.

He still had the toys to hand as they drank a little wine and chatted some more. After a short time he picked up the vibrator and turned it on - exploring the various functions - before touching it against her inner thigh. "You aren't going to stop NOW are you?" she said as she moved a little and spread her legs. Without a word he ran the vibrator higher up her leg this time - past her hemline, to the point where the gently vibrating head was just touching her pussy. As he did this a moan escaped her lips and she lay back on the sofa and spread her legs apart. He could see that the mornings play followed by the teasing lunchtime discussion and other events had worked her up to a heightened state of arousal. He found this a real turn-on and grinned at her as he touched the toy against her pussy lips. She reached forward and tried to guide his hands so that the vibrator would enter her but he held off - teasing her more - before finally relenting and letting her help him push the vibrator in and out of her dripping pussy.

After a short period of time doing this together he took his hand from the vibrator and stood up to remove his clothes and then knelt in front of her - watching as she pleasured herself with the vibrator. Moving her hands off it he took over control and then lent forward to run his tongue over her engorged clit while continuing to use the vibrator on her pussy. She cried out in pleasure as he did this and her hips rose to meet his flicking tongue. Seeing her state he ran a finger gently over her butt as he continued with the other activities. This extra stimulation was enough to send her over the edge and she came in a rush - pulling his head into her pussy with her hands wanting his tongue hard against her clit. She came and came - waves of sexual tension flowing from her body.

Finally he removed the vibrator from her pussy and moved to sit on the sofa. Wanting to repay the pleasure he had just given her she kneeled in front of him and smiled up. "I want to see that nipple piercing!" he said so she removed her blouse - tossing it to one side - then motioned for him to lean forward. He did so and kissed her passionately before cupping her breasts in his hands as she unbuckled her bra and let it fall to the floor. He fondled her breasts and tweaked her pierced nipple with his fingers before leaning forward and taking it in his lips - lightly at first and then more firmly. His excitement was obvious as his cock was standing to attention. She quietly withdrew a little and then kissed his knee before slowly, teasingly, running her tongue up the inside of his thigh. She did this with one leg - stopping just short of his balls - before doing the same with the other leg. She wanted to taste him but she also wanted to tease him just a little. She looked up at him and could see that he sooo wanted her to continue. Smiling she said "You teased me you know!" before leaning forward and running her tongue round his shaved balls then taking each ball in her mouth in turn before taking his rock-hard cock in her hand.

"Ohhh - I want you to take my cock in your mouth!!" he said. Smiling a little she pushed his knees further apart and lent forward touching first one nipple then the other on the head of his cock before pushing her breasts together round it and proceeding to give him a slow tit fuck. As she moved up and down his cock slide between her breasts and she flicked the engorged head with her tongue on each stroke. All the while he played with her pierced nipple.

After a little of this she sat back and cupped his balls in one hand, smiled at him, and said "I want to taste you" then ran her tongue round the his cock. Finally she took the head of his penis in her mouth and stroked the shaft with her hand. She moved her head up and down - slowly taking more of him into her mouth until he was, at times, fully in her mouth. She gagged a little but continued. The stimulation built and he cried out "I am going to cum!". Her only response was to continue to fondle his balls and suck his cock - occasionally stopping to run her tongue round the head of his cock before taking him in her mouth again.

This continued for a short period of time before she could feel that he was about to explode. Wanting to taste his cum she continued to suck as she felt his cock convulse and shoot cum into her mouth. Without missing a beat she swallowed everything he gave her and then, once he was spent, she kissed the head of his penis playfully and moved to sit next to him on the sofa. There lust was satisfied for now so they sat, chatted, and shared a glass of wine.