Aug. 13, 2017

What do you do when she asks?

Have you ever met a woman that by her mere presence within eyesight of yourself brings forward an earnest will to pick her up and carry her off? I have, many times. The time instilled in this fictional story was with a young couple with whom I was a passing acquaintance through other friends. Their names were Bob and Brenda (not real) and they were in their mid-twenties. The usual spot to see them was at a local bistro where everyone in the larger group would gather, chat and drink coffee till the wee hours of any given night. In the time that I had know these two, Brenda had at times given me a look and a little smile that not only incited the previously stated urge but much more as in an immediate and immobilizing erection. This may seem normal but, as I'm well endowed, such looks usually left me immobile as the site of an erection within a vanilla setting leads to chagrin and all out teasing.

Now, one night I was hanging out and in came Bob and Brenda. I was there alone as the others had a previous engagement (party) to go to. Now Bob is an average good looking young man of toned proportions garnered from working hard as opposed to working out. Short cropped blond hair and brown eyes he stood to about my chest or in the 5'6" range. Now Brenda was a young goddess with a very tight, lithe body despite her ravenous appetite. Her long brown hair, deep blue eyes and face of an angel left men blinking as she passed by. Tonight she was wearing a tight red party dress and 6" heels that lifted her slight 5'0" frame to a slight advantage over her boyfriend.

Bob turned to me and asked, "So where is everybody tonight?".

"Out for a stag party and probably wasted by now.", I replied with a smile.

Brenda turned to me and asked, "Why aren't you out with them?".

"Hehehe. Like I'd go get drunk in a room with twenty guys and maybe two strippers. You nuts?", I replied with a false grimace.

Turning to Bob (as being rude by openly staring wasn't my thing), I said, "So you two going out to the bar?".

"Yep.", he replied, adding, "I promised Brenda a night of dancing and that place across town is where she wants to go.".

"Want to tag along?", Brenda chimed in, "We might find you a little lady to keep you on your toes.".

"Sure since I have nothing better to do and I'll happily help Bob keep wandering hands off of you.", I replied with a grin.

So off we went. A short cab ride later left us in one of the local drinking holes. Apparently recent renovations had removed part of the tables area and replaced it with a well lit dance floor which was full as we walked in. We hadn't gone but a few feet into the main area than Brenda said over the din of the music, "Over there. They saved us a table. Come on.", pointing to a table where another couple was waving us over.

We sauntered on over and I was introduced to Darren and Debbie. Darren and Debbie were a married couple in their 30's with two young kids at home and had apparently enlisted the help of her sister to squeeze time out for some fun and dancing. Darren was closer to my height at 6'4" with long brown hair and a distinguished beard and muscular while his wife was about 5'10" with blond hair, startling blue eyes and a wrack to match. She was wearing a pink version of the same dress as Brenda's along with what looked to be the same style of shoes. We all ordered drinks and began the usual introductions and starter conversation. By the third round we all were feeling it and the girls got up to go dancing and that was when I noticed something. The girls were dancing in each others' arms and clinging close when I realized the double D's of Darren and Debbie and the double B's of Bob and Brenda, lol. I started laughing and the guys wanted to know what was so funny. So I told them and soon enough we were all laughing just as the girls were sauntering back to the table.

"What's so funny?", asked Debbie and the boys were still in stitches as they pointed to me to indicate that I should tell them. So I did and the look on both their faces was a first neutral and then looking at each other they started to laugh along with the rest of us. So the party continued. The boys danced with their lovers while I scoped the room, finding nothing to compare to who I was with. A little later the girls went off to the ladies room and a little later as I was talking with the guys I felt a hand on each shoulder. Turning around I found Debbie and Brenda each grabbing one of my hands and pulling me towards the dance floor.

Weaving our way through the crowd on the dance floor we ended up near the tables on the other side and began to dance. Me, with my rhythmic side to side of high school years and the girls in the throws of every beat clinging to one another like lovers. Soon enough it was as if they were for Debbie reached over and pulled Brenda's face to hers and they started kissing. As I watched their tongues intertwine and their hands begin to roam each others bodies I felt the twinge. Looking over the dance floor to where the boys were I found them laughing and paying no attention to where we were. As the girls released themselves from their kiss Brenda looked over at me with that look and then I didn't remember how to dance. I cringed slightly as my erection instead of lengthening down my thigh was pressed painfully against my belt. Sensing my discomfort Debbie stepped forward and swiftly pulled down my zipper and reached in and grasped my cock in her hand. With this motion my pain ebbed and the look of surprise on her face was obvious enough that Brenda stepped forward and added her hand to grasping the shaft of my cock.

Debbie turned to Brenda and in a low voice said, "You should have told me he was this big!".

Brenda looked at her friend in exasperation and replied, "I had no clue. I can't even get my hand around the shaft of it.".

Looking from her friend, Debbie looked into my eyes and smiled as she licked her lips and in a sultry voice said, "Well Brenda I guess we'll have to help relieve some of the pressure.". She pressed against me and indicated that I should sit at the table behind us. Which was perfect as the tables there were out of the bright lights. Slowly seating myself in one chair at the back the girls hands were still glued to my cock as they slid into seats on either side of me with our backs to the dancefloor. I looked to Debbie and saw the look of hunger on her face. Looking to my right I almost fell into the eyes of Brenda, that look was back and then I felt the foreskin of my cock slide back as Debbie attempted to engulf it. The look in Debbie's eyes told me to say or do nothing much like the wary look of a dog with a bone, so I let her have mine for the time being. I looked to Brenda again and found her watching her friend sucking on my cock with an envious look on her face. Reaching over I pulled her to me and kissed her. Our tongues were soon intertwined and my free hand was reaching around her slim waist and found her legs spreading to my touch as my fingers slid her panties aside.

Reaching slowly with my fore and middle finger, I began to slide one on each lip of her labia, feeling with each passing moment as they slowly part. I can feel her wetness from arousal as I then lightly insert the middle finger into her vaginal canal and in small circular motions press against her clitoral hood. Soon enough the petals part and I slowly continue as I occasionally brush the tip of her clitoris while sliding my middle finger up and against her upper vaginal canal. I know I can't reach her G-spot in this position but with each pass over her clitoris I feel her shiver in pleasure and moan through our kiss. All the while Debbie is trying her best, using her tongue in interesting ways but unable to get much more than a third of my cock into her mouth. Soon enough she comes up for air. I feel Brenda cum under my manual ministrations and her shout is drowned in our kiss. Parting my hand from its journey I pull back from Brenda and pull Debbie close for a kiss as well and begin my manual ministrations upon her to which she more than willingly concedes.

I no sooner begin to feel Debbie's tongue intertwining with mine than I feel two hands combined encompassing my girth and the pleasurable flicker of Brenda's tongue on my cock head. Debbie already aroused from her oral fixation upon my cock is spread and her clitoris is enlarged as my fingers roam over it and into her. Soon enough her moans and shivers erupt in a hot flow of cum on my hand and as such our kiss barely covers her scream as she wilts against me. Reaching down I pull Brenda away from my cockhead. "Please stop. At this point if you keep going I will explode and I don't think you can handle that load. Kiss me again you sultry little vixen.", I said with a loving smile on my face. I whispered in her ear softly, "You realize of course that you were the cause of this?". Smiling mischievously she replied, "I know".

I kept alternating my probing tongue on the two of them until Debbie began to perk up. So resituating our clothing and my erection slid in the right position we slowly danced our way back to the table. Here we found both Bob and Darren leaning into each other asleep and snoring. Apparently another seven rounds while we three were "dancing" had kicked the boys over the edge. So waking them up slowly I helped the girls get them up and moving to the door. Soon enough we had them situated in the second last row of the bus that headed to Debbie and Darren's home. Meanwhile we three were ensconced in the last row with the boys inadvertently blocking the drivers view.

Not that I doubt that the driver knew what was up. But soon enough while kissing Brenda I felt Debbie reaching in and pulling my cock free in the low light. Now with a better view of the charge in her hands she exclaimed, "I'm riding this thing home tonight.". Reaching into her handbag she pulled out a normal condom. Leaning over I whispered in her ear, "That won't fit. Here use this.". As I pulled out my spare tire as it were and let her work it over the tip and onto my shaft.

She leaned forward sliding herself into position in front of me. I slid her dress up and her panties aside and let her slowly work the head of my cock with one hand with the other on the back of the seats in front of us. Slowly she was pierced and as she reached the limits of her vaginal canal in one go she whimpered and then started to slide back and forth on my hips. Looking to my left I saw Brenda's eyes bulging in fear and excitement at her friends' pleasure. Seeing me stare down at her she reached across and started softly stroking my balls while leaning forward and kissing me. At that point I didn't care who saw us as I felt my pump being primed. Soon enough I was close as I felt Brenda's tongue sliding along the edge of my left ear and then as she nibbled it, I came with a loud grunt as she had put her hand over my mouth to muffle my orgasm. I could feel Debbie shaking, her hips grinding ever faster and just as she was about to cum Brenda leaned over and started kissing her. I could feel her orgasm as her vaginal walls pressed tighter and tighter on my shaft until her muffled scream was covered in the kiss.

As the quakes of her orgasm faded Debbie slid off my half erect cock and rearranged her clothing. I slowly closed my eyes for a second to focus when i felt the condom being slid off and two hot mouths working on it. Opening my eyes and looking down I found both Brenda and Debbie looking up at me as they cleaned the cum off my cock. Licking and slurping up the load they had worked up in me and smiling as they said in unison, "Thanks for the meal.", and smiled.

End of Part One.

Can you guess what will happen in Debbie's house? I'll leave it up to your perverted imagination for now.....