May 28, 2017

Greece had been on my bucket list for years. On my fourth day on the mainland, about 30 minutes outside the city of Patras, I stopped for refreshments at the village of Kaminia. I was tired and was not looking forward to the big city. I noticed a little inn just off the road. Several cars and motos were parked outside. A good sign.

English is present everywhere in Greece, at least in the main tourist areas. But Kaminia? Nor so sure. So Imagine my surprise when I was greeted by, “Well, hello fellow Canadian!” The Maple Leaf on my camera bag had given me away.

Kip was from a small town just outside Kingston. After the lunch crowd of locals cleared out (her Greek was quite fluent), she sat down at my little table and we chatted. We shared life stories, the good and the bad. After a marriage break-up, she had spent the past two years or so helping her Grandmother and her cousin manage the hotel and restaurant. She introduced me to her cousin Apostopolus (she called him “Aposto”), the manager-owner and his wife Magda, a slim blond woman. Both of them were hospitable, polite, well-spoken in English and both seemed amused and intrigued by Kip’s interest in me.

Finally, I excused myself. “I have to find a place to stay. I’d rather not try to navigate Patras at this time of day,” I explained. “Could you recommend a place here?”

“Hey, come back around 8:30, just before sunset, and I think I can help with that.” She then explained a few things I could do in the area that would fill up the next five hours or so.

At 8:45 I walked back into the restaurant. Kip was waiting at the bar. “Come on,” she invited. “Let me show what I have in mind.”

She led me around the building, up a set of stairs, across a little balcony and into a rather small but charming studio. “You like?” she asked.

“Absolutely! How much?”

“Well, that depends. This is my place. My bed’s in there, but you're welcome to the day bed out here. Breakfast included. Interested?” I was.

She cooked me a nice meal and we worked on a supply of excellent Greek wine. As we got to the bottom of our second bottle, she was getting friendlier; I was getting interested. Her hand was constantly either on the back of my neck or somewhere on my thigh. I figured I may as well reciprocate. My hand soon found its way onto her shoulders, down her back, over her hips, onto her thigh. And then I made my move. Or maybe it was she who did.

She put one arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. Our lips met, opened and our tongues met. There was no turning back now. The kissing got passionate, her hands found my chest, then my crotch while my hands pressed her soft breasts. We were sharing tongues and liquid.

She began unbuttoning my shirt. I unbuttoned hers. Fair’s fair! Just as I slipped my hand under the cup of her brassiere and began caressing that soft flesh and hardening nipple, I heard, “Kalispéra! Kip?”, a male voice, and then, “You-hoo!”, a female voice.

It was too late to hide. Aposto and Magda were in the room and heading towards us, laughing and pointing a “naughty finger” at their misbehaving cousin. Magda plopped herself down next to me while her husband circled the sofa. She fondled her cousin unabashedly and dropped her other hand to my crotch. My diminishing erection reversed itself. Meanwhile, Aposto had his hands inside Kip bra and was busily caressing her tits. As he started to pull off her shirt and undo her bra, Madga tackled my belt and fly.

Before we knew it, Kip was naked from the waist up and Magda's mouth was heading for my cock. I pulled her shirt out of her slacks and searched for buttons along the front. I lifted the shirt tale, unclasped the bra and pulled both shirt and bra over her head, exposing her small breasts and hard nipples. She sucked; I caressed her tits and watched as Aposto seduced Kip, unbuttoning her pants and slipping them off all while trying to undress himself.

At one point, Madga simply got up, stripped off (nicely trimmed slightly blond bush, pouty lips framing an exposed clit) and proceeded to take off my pants, jockeys and socks. We were both naked and, I noticed, so now was Kip. Aposto had kept his socks but was busy at Kip’s crotch. DATY – yum. Magda knelt down between my knees and returned to sucking and stoking my cock, all while using a free hand to fondle Kip whenever and wherever she could.

There was a loud, intake of breath. Aposto was fucking Kip right next to me, cock slamming into her, each thrust making a smacking noise as his hips encountered her ass. Kip’s ample tits flapped back and forth with each of the thrusts, her nipple now hard and erect. She moaned consent. Not to be outdone, I presume, Magda climbed onto my lap, grabbed my cock and put it into her cunt. No permissions, no ceremony. She was tight, wet and smooth. Ride-em, cowgirl.

The four of us fucked for several more minutes. I was concentrating on Magda and her smallish tits and tiny, hard nipples. Magda said something in Greek. Then I felt motion beside me. Aposto was getting up. Then Kip’s hand reached out to me.

I moved over to her, leaving Magda to her husband and replacing him in Kip’s arms. She took hold of my cock, jerked it several times, pulling the foreskin back over the glands and rubbed it a couple of times over her clit and lips, then reached forward, grabbed my hips and pulled me forward. My cock easily filled her pussy. She smiled and let out a little moan. I began fucking her slowly, my hands roaming over her tits and belly. She moved one hand down to her clit. And we continued fucking, my hips driving down toward her to maximize my penetration, her hip moving up to meet mine.

“O my God! Look” I did. Magda was leaning over the arm of the sofa, ass in the air, spreading her cheeks and Aposto was sticking his cock into her ass.

I looked at Kip. “When in Rome…that is, when in Greece?” I enquired.

She pushed me back, got up, went to the other arm of the sofa and assumed the position. I got behind her, slathered my cock with saliva and, dipping a couple of fingers into Kip’s vagina, with her cum, aimed my cock at her anus. Although she was tight, it only took a few seconds to penetrate her ass completely. I was amazed when I saw that all 7 inches were tucked into that ass. My hips were pressed hard against her ass cheeks. There was another “Mmmm!” and a laugh as both women responded to their being ass-fucked at either end of the sofa.

As Aposto and I moved in sync in and out of those two beautiful asses, the girls themselves were touching each other, even pulling a bit forward on the couch to kiss and hold each other. As I took in all that was going on, especially the increasing stimulation on my cock, I knew I was not far from orgasm. It was Aposto’s roar that did me in. As he ejaculated into Magda, I let loose as well. As my cock moved back and forth in that narrow space, our cum oozed out of her anus, down her pussy lips and onto my balls.

Satiated, the four of us collapsed onto the couch for several minutes. Then Magda and Kip began to kiss and caress each other. Magda took her hubby's cock and began to suck. Between mouthfuls, she dared Kip to take me on. My erection was fading, but once inside that warm, moist mouth, it rose again, almost to its former glory.

There was no orgasm to be had, so the girls fled to the bathroom to shower and clean up. About a half hour later, our guests were gone and Kip and I were naked in her bed. We kissed and caressed each other and just lay there for some time, taking in what had just happened.

I was just about asleep when I felt her take my penis and start to masturbate it. “Surely, you’re not done!” she growled.

No, I wasn’t.