Written by Sherrie

Jun. 15, 2018

Being a nurse I work 12 hour shifts 7:00 pm to 7:00am. Four days on and 3 days off. So I relish my sleep and was quiet annoyed at 9 AM to hear hammering coming from outside my window. I had forgotten Mrs. and Mr. Wilson were having a ramp and a pergola and deck built in preparation for Mr. Wilsons return after suffering a major stroke. So I knew I wasn’t sleeping any longer and sucked it up and got out of bed.

I peeked out my window and was greeted with the site of 3 gorgeous guys building away. Feeling much more encouraged I put on a tank top and my daisy dukes and decided to do some much needed weeding in the flower beds.

It didn’t take long to get noticed as I stepped onto the patio. I tied my long blond hair back and proceeded to get some work done. As the morning progressed and the temperature rose I couldn’t help but notice the workers had lost their shirts and was very impressed by what I saw.

I was very hot and sweaty myself and dirty from the flower beds so I went over to the water hose and started to clean up. I couldn’t hear the hammers anymore and saw them watching me. Being the vixen I am I made sure to get as much water on my chest as possible making the t-shirt sheer leaving nothing to the imagination.

I yelled over and ask the guys if they needed something cold to drink and they all yelled yes in Unisom and started climbing down from the roof.

I returned with beer for everyone and we chatted about the Wilsons and I learned all about them. Steve, Randy and Allen were very nice guys and gentlemen but still couldn’t resist looking at my wet braless shirt. I enjoyed the attention and the easy flirting.

Break time over they returned to work and within a few minutes I heard a cry of pain. I ran over and Steve was dripping blood everywhere. I ran inside and got my first aid kit and cleaned him up. But he definitely needed some serious stiches. He headed to the hospital and Allen and Randy were left to work alone. They worked taking turns going up and down the ladder to make cuts slowing work to a crawl. I was raised in my grandfather’s workshop so I knew my way around tools. Knowing the Wilsons needed this done by the end of the week. I volunteered to make their cuts. After a few cuts they could see I knew what I was doing. And every time I handed a board up I gave them a full view down my shirt which was met with an appreciative smile.

We finished up in a couple of hours and I offered the sweaty guys a swim in my pool to cool off. They accepted and stripped down to their under wear and jumped in. I went to get beers and towels and change into my bikini. They were chatting and stopped with their mouths hanging open when they saw the g- string bikini. I teased them a little and turned around bending over to sit the towels down giving them a full rear view. I definitely had their attention.

I walked into the pool and handed them their beer. Then I dove under the water and saw my bikini had the desired effect that I wanted on both of them. I could see they both had bulging hard on’s.

I swam up closer and emerged from the water and said I see you guys like my swimsuit. They both blushed and started to turn away but I said there is more to see if you want. They both nodded and I reach around and untied my top letting my full breasts free. Their shyness seemed to evaporate and they both smiled and each one latched onto a nipple, sucking and nibbling till I thought I would lose my mind.

I hear the gate open and I know I timed all this just right, Dan is home from work. I say hi baby, I am so glad your home. The look on my guests face is priceless. They totally think they are busted. Dan walks over and leans in and give me a kiss that still after all these years still curls my toes. Dan says I see you found some new playmates. I nod and turn and reach for their cocks which have lost most of their impressiveness. I make all the introductions and start stroking my boys back to life. Which I admit doesn’t take much work on my part.

Dan takes a seat on the closest chair to the pool and enjoys the show. I drop down into the water and take turns with the hard cocks before me. The moans let me know I am doing a good job. I get them both close to exploding and I pull away and lift myself onto the side of the pool and lay back as I ease my bikini bottoms off. When I spread my legs and give them full view they move in quickly and Allen and Randy take turns rubbing my clit and licking me to a full blown orgasm.

I look up and see Dan has undressed and his cock has grown to full size. He reaches down and takes me the arms and pulls me up and into him. Randy and Allen hurry out of the pool and join us.

Dan picks me up and kisses me deep as he takes me to a lounge chair and lays me down. All three men are all over me, Licking, Sucking, touching me everywhere. There is something so mind-blowing having six hands all over and not knowing or caring whose hands are whose. I came so many times I lost count.

All at once I am on my hands and knees and Randy is entering me from behind and I take Dan into my mouth and give him the blowjob he so deserves. He cums quickly deep in my throat and I swallow every drop and seeing this makes Randy start to cum. He pulls out and cums all over my hips. Allen moves in and flips me over on my back spreading me wide as he lifts my legs onto his chest and shoulders. Dan and Randy stand on each side of me and I take them one at a time into my mouth to clean them up.

Slamming into me hard and fast Allen doesn’t last long. Dropping my legs he pulls out and cums all over my stomach. I look up at these sexy guys standing over me and I am very happy I didn’t get to sleep in.

We all sit and have a couple of beers and then Dan and I decide we are going to build a larger deck. Guess I won’t be sleeping in next week.