Written by Lonelyguyguelph

Oct. 2, 2013

My head is still spinning from the actions of the night before. She was right, anticipation made the night a whole lot better. When I finally saw her walk into the restaurant my cock nearly busted through my pants. She was wearing a tight low cut top that made her girls look like they were screaming to be released. She had on a pair of come fuck me heels and a very nice skirt that let my mind wonder. I tried my best to remain calm and not appear too excited, but I was more than willing to say skip dinner as that’s how horny the sight of her made me.

All i recall through dinner is her placing her hand on my lap and leaning in to whisper "I want you " then the two of us racing out of the restaurant and home. I don't remember finishing dinner or even paying the bill for that matter.

We barely made it in the front door and on to the couch before my tongue was darting in and out of her mouth as I slowly started to remove her top exposing a sexy red bra. I took my time slowly kissing and caressing her neck, running my hands through her hair. She changed positions on the couch so that I was now behind her kissing her neck and massaging her breasts through the bra. I slipped the straps off her shoulders exposing her milky white breasts for the first time and a pair of erect nipples begging to be licked. She turned around and stood up facing me offering them one by one to suck on. I could feel them getting even harder with each suck and soft moan.

I slid her skirt off and ran my hand between her thighs against her red silk undies that were moist from all the excitement. I slid them aside and massaged her mound with my hand and felt her wetness increase as I continued to tease her with my hand squeezing her lips together and releasing them. I parted her moist lips with my thumb and forefinger and exposed a dripping wet clit.

I took it between my fingers and ground it slowly between the fingers as her moans became increasingly louder and her body shook in preparation of her orgasm. I slowly jerked it like it was a cock till I felt her body buckle beneath my touch and she begged to be eaten. Obliging, I hungrily devoured her pussy like it were prime rib bringing her close to ecstasy again. She almost knocked me to the ground as she lost control .

She looked at me and made a move to unzip my pants zipper and released my now engorged cock. I felt her mouth wrapped around my member tightly and almost blew my load immediately. Sensing this she grabbed it in her hand and clamped down on the shaft while shaking her head no. She dragged me over to the couch and sat me down before climbing on top and mounted my pole. In it slid as she bucked her hips increasingly faster till I felt the pressure mounting in my cock and needing to fill her with my juices I moaned loudly as I came.

We both collapsed on the couch relieved, I fell asleep with her on my chest. When I awoke she was gone but a note was on the coffee table “Thanks for an incredible time, my pussy is still throbbing. Hope to do this again soon”