Written by RuckBogers

Nov. 20, 2014

When we met I knew there was something about you. Something I needed to experience. The attraction was there big time, but I knew I had to play it slow.

I realized from your look and body language that you're not easy - and that's the way I like it. I want to earn what I sow. No hand-me-downs, no put some money-down, no free plays for this man.

I want a real woman. Someone who knows what she wants and is not afraid to say so. Someone who is open and honest and does not play head games with her mate, someone who is sexual in a sensual manor.

Someone like you.

As we stood in line to get our coffee’s I could tell from the way you moved your hips, and the slight flushness of you cheeks that the attraction was mutual. You did have a long look at my offering, nothing to obvious but just a fraction too long for me not to notice. I had to wonder just how much warmer and wetter your kitty just got. Oh how I wanted to find out.

I couldn’t help but wonder what your lips tasted like. I wanted you to press your body against mine so I could feel the firmness of you breasts and take in the smell of your hair and perfume all at once. Just a little hug would get me there. Perhaps I will get one when we go our separate ways.

After a coffee and a nice conversation we say our goodbyes with the intention to meet on the weekend. The hug finally comes.

The smell of your hair and perfume goes straight to my mind sending a little body fluid to my brother down below. At the same time I feel the firmness of your breasts as they push into my chest. Oh, oh. We embrace for just a fraction longer than would be called for. It is a good thing I am wearing my ¾ length jacket, and I quickly zip it up after we hug.

The drive home is no better for me as now my brother down below is FULL. In fact he feels like the skin could split if any more fluid goes his way. I don’t know that I have ever had an erection this hard before. I pull into an empty parking lot and making sure that no one is looking, I move him into a more comfortable position beside my left leg.

I get a block away from the parking lot when I feel the wetness of my pre-cum. Wow it feels like there is a lot there. I look down and see a wet spot in my jeans.

I can’t stop thinking about you. I envision us – naked and in the deed.

It started as soon as I walked into your place on the upcoming weekend. You answered the door wearing a shirt that showed off your beautiful breasts and tight pants that had my mind tripping over your curves. I come in, close the door and you greet me with a deep kiss. Finally I get to taste you. From my mind to my brother down below – instantly and full on he is awake. After we kiss you see this, smile and ask me to come in and sit down. The sexual tension in the air is thick and has us both intoxicated.

Oh, shit. I almost rear-end the car in front of me. Easy boy, don’t forget that you are driving. Ok, I just have to concentrate for a few more minutes to get home. I look down to my left leg and see that my jeans are much wetter from the pre-cum pumping out of my raging hard-on. I’m so happy that I wore this jacket and that I make it into my apartment without crashing into something.

It is a quicker than normal pace for me to get into my suite. Shoes and jacket come flying off and I’m strait to my bedroom. The pressure must be relieved.

You come back into your living room with some beverages in hand (Damn those curves have gotten me hard) and sit beside me on the couch – close enough that I can feel your breast pushing into my arm. I tell you how beautiful you are and how turned on I am. The way you smell only adds fluid to my already rock hard cock. And here I thought it was hard on the drive home earlier in the week.

I can see that you are turned on, as your nipples are hard and erect under your shirt. You have that look that no man can mistake when a woman is turned on. We start to kiss; our tongue’s wrapping around each other only turns us on even more. As we continue to kiss, I reach over and squeeze the outside of your hip and hear a lovely moan as I do.

You reach down and move my hand to your breasts. We both let out a sexy moan as I squeeze your firm chest. We make out on the couch like this for some time before you stand up and take me by the hand and try pulling me to my feet.

I refuse stating that I’m not ready to move off of the couch just yet. I tell you how I like to be teased and how I want this to last longer. You smile and ask me what we should do. I stand up and unbutton your shirt to the bottom, careful not to expose your breasts. I sit back down on the couch and motion for you to straddle me.

I move the back of my hand to your pussy as I start to kiss you between your breasts. The heat is intense, so I apply a little pressure and hear you moan in pleasure. I explore your breasts until you can’t take it anymore. The sucking of your nipples, the pressure of a gentle squeeze that sends shock waves to your clitoris has your pussy dripping with anticipation. I move my hand back there to find the wonderful dampness that is you. Now it is time to move from the couch.

You lead me by the hand towards your bedroom, however I stop us in mid-motion. I press my throbbing hard-on into your left cheek as I reach around you, sliding my hands from the outside of your hips to your pleasure center, squeezing and applying just enough pressure as I go to ensure that your knees buckle… just a little.

I don’t dwell down there as I move my hands to the top of your stretch pants and slowly move them inside. I blow into your ear and make a small snack of your earlobe. As I slide my hands under your panties moving downward, I am careful not to go to the center. I let my thumbs move between each leg any your piping hot kitty while my pinky fingers stretch to the outside of your legs. I squeeze the top of your thigh to the response of a low deep moan.

Damn! The smell of your hair and perfume are intoxicating; your moaning and the weight of you pushing back on me have my heart pounding harder and faster every second. My cock feels like it is going to pop from all the pressure.

I whisper deeply into your ear “Are you ready?” You sigh and push yourself even harder into me. I slide my tongue into your left ear and press my thumbs together until I can feel the stiffness of you clitoris. You let out a moan that has me knowing I am getting you there. I move my left thumb down and my right thumb up at the same time several times before you shutter with your first orgasm. Your breathing is high as I stop so you can catch your breath.

Now it is time to move to the bedroom.