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"I guess I'm still a curious silly teenager"
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Published 4 weeks ago

My first sexual experience other than masturbating happened when I was sixteen years old. I remember it being a hot summer day, my best friend Johnathan and I had spent the early evening playing tennis over at our high school courts. As darkness set in we decided to call it a match and head on back home. He lived right behind the school so we headed to his apartment first before I walked over to my apartment about ten minutes away.

It was now pretty dark and we were both sweaty and tired as we walked across the football field. We decided to rest on a grassy knoll while enjoying the much welcomed cool evening breeze before heading over to Johnathan's building. We just sat there talking for a few minutes as both of us laid back just staring at the stars. I remember there was a full moon that night. Like most teenage boys we started talking about the girls at our school we would like to fuck. Neither of us up to that night had ever fucked any girl.

At least I knew I hadn't and had Johnathan, I am pretty sure he would have told me.

There were plenty of hotties to who we both agreed would be the perfect girls to lose our virginity to. There was one in particular named Lisa we both really liked.

Lisa was a year older than as both of us, she was pretty and she liked Johnathan. They had already spent a couple of spare periods in the far corner of our huge school library making out. Johnathan had removed the ceiling's fluorescent light tubes so they no longer worked.

The corner was now very dark.

Lisa had a perfect set of firm teenage tits and beautiful cleavage. Johnathan described to me how she would open her shirt to let him play with her tits while French kissing him and rubbing his crotch. I was so envious of Johnathan as he told me how Lisa had been on the verge of giving him a blow job right at the back of the school library two days earlier. However, that was before a couple of custodians showed up and began moving vestibules around so the carpet could be steam cleaned later that night.

Lisa had just gotten her shirt done up as they approached where she and Johnathan were sitting. The custodians were both startled as they did not expect anyone to be in the dark corner. Johnathan told me that he was pretty sure they knew what he and Lisa had been up to sitting in the back of the very dark library without any books.

I could feel my cock getting rock hard while Johnathan was telling me his story. It was clearly obvious from the bulging mound in my shorts.

Without any warning, Johnathan reached over and put his hand casually down my shorts, and stroked my erect cock a couple of times. Johnathan pulled his shorts down and he too was also rock hard. I was in shock at what Johnathan was doing as he took my hand and placed it on his dick.

I wanted to remove my hand immediately, but I didn't.

Instead, I stroked his cock while at the same time pulling my own shorts down. Johnathan placed his hand back on my dick and began stroking me. We both stroked each other's cock in unison, as Jonathan stroked my cock faster I also stroked his faster. I remember vividly seeing our clear sticky precum in the moonlight glazing the heads of both our cocks.

Johnathan's cock was bigger than mine, he was longer and thinner. Mine was a bit shorter and thicker. Stroking each other's cock was feeling so good and I didn't want to stop.

Johnathan began kissing my mouth; I had never been kissed like that before. It was turning me on even more. I knew we were both on the verge of orgasm, I wanted to cum so bad, I knew It wouldn't be long before I exploded.

Johnathan told me he wanted to suck my cock and he wanted me to cum in his mouth.

I was appalled, I told him that I wasn't a faggot.

I immediately pulled back, pulled up my shorts, stood up and I went home. I could not believe Johnathan actually wanted to suck my dick.

"Only girls would ever be blowing me," I told him.

As I walked home I could feel cool wetness in my shorts. I had not climaxed so I knew there was a lot of my precum from Johnathan stroking my dick.

As soon as I got home I had a shower and went to bed shortly after.

While lying in bed I could not get the evening's events out of my head, it was all I could think about. I began to feel myself getting aroused and hard all over again. I took my underwear off and I began touching myself, but this time I was not thinking about Lisa or any other girl for that matter.

Instead, I could only think about Johnathan sucking my cock and me sucking him off, both of us cumming in each other's mouth.

I closed my eyes and stroked my dick faster. Within a couple of minutes, I shot wads of my warm cum all over my bare stomach. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced from masturbating. There was so much cum. I tasted the cum in my palm, it was salty.

I then licked my palm completely clean.

Johnathan and I never spoke of that night again and we remained best of friends. I too was able to join Johnathan and Lisa in the library the following week. Lisa also let me feel her up, and kiss her bare tits. Her nipples were erect and hard like pink pencil erasers. They were so firm and beautiful and I will never forget Lisa. She was the first girl's tits I ever played with when I was sixteen years old.

Johnathan never did get his blow job from Lisa because within a couple of weeks she had moved away from our school.

Lisa just disappeared, never to be heard from again.

As we got older both Johnathan and I moved on with our lives. We both got married and just eventually drifted apart.

The events of that night after tennis, I had completely forgotten about and I deliberately put them out of my mind. I was just a silly curious teenager and I didn’t want to remember that night with Johnathan.

Over the following decades, I have enjoyed hundreds of wonderful blowjobs from a variety of attractive women.

Later in my adult years I still enjoy masturbating, but today I always watch porn while pleasuring myself. One afternoon I was home alone and started watching a threesome which was one of my favorite go-to categories. I liked equally watching an MMF clip of a woman pleasuring two dudes as I did watching an FFM clip with a guy and two ladies.

For whatever reason on this afternoon during the MMF video, the two guys began kissing, stroking and sucking each other in the hot tub while the woman watched and fingered her pussy. I immediately became so aroused and turned on and within minutes I was cumming hard into my hand.

I continued watching the movie up until the guys began fucking each other in the ass. I was completely turned off watching guys fucking each in the ass.

From that afternoon I masturbate quite regularly watching videos of good-looking straight guys making out, stroking, and sucking each other off.

I know how aroused and turned on by the thought of having a man's cock in my mouth makes me feel. I equally love the thought of cumming in another man's mouth.

I guess that makes me an orally bi-curious man.

I would like to exploral my curiosity.


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