First Time
Aug. 3, 2019

Hi moved to Winnipeg in July of 2019. I played on side now and then for two years due to husbands poor stamina and barely cums before moving here. I could not sleep so decided to go for a walk when my husband was sleeping at 1am in the morning. I walked to a small park off of Portage Avenue having a smoke and relaxing for a few mins there behind the Living Prairie Museum at the park. No lights there so very dark. Two guys came by asking for a smoke. One shone his cell phone at me and said wow you have a nice rack can I touch them. I said sure; I was very horney. He was touching my shirt but then he got behind me and started playing with my tits and pulled off my bra.

Next thing you know they were both sucking and playing with my tits. I don't know how old they were, but sounds like they were in their 20's. They asked me to lay down. Then they removed my shorts and panties and took turns eating me out getting me all wet. Then one guy started fucking me and fucked me it seems like 10 mins and I cummed. Then the other guy was fucking me well I sucked on the other guys cock. His cock the guy who was fucking me almost made me cum in 2 mins cause he was very thick. They both took turns fucking me for about 30 mins, luckily I had condoms in my bag. Then I told them to lay down on the swing there its a big flat thing a metal plate. Told them to take out their cocks and i sucked them both until they cum and sucked their cum. they put their cocks back in the in their pants and left.

I never have threesome like this in my life. Had some fun now and then when i lived in Surrey BC when husband working enjoying different guys 20 to 60, but this was a big turn on.