Written by Anonymous

First Time
Jul. 20, 2019

After Talking about fantasies and playing games role play and dirty talk, she finally agrees to try a different cock it took some time searching and showing her pictures of different guys on this site large cocks seemed to be further east of AB, we travel to different parts of the provinces and finally just by chance we meet a guy while having dinner. First it was like excuse me and he walked by us I noticed him check my wife out and she did as well not many people in the restaurant we were in he sat at the table across from us. My wife and I ordered dinner. We talked about the rain we’ve had and he just kinda joined in. We talked back and forth for awhile then I invited him to join us. He was very friendly and good looking. After about an hour and a Half we got up to pay our bill. And he did the same. I whispered in my wife’s ear if she would like to try him out. She blushed and said how do we do this. I told her let’s see if he watched porn, surprised that he did and I invited him to our room to enjoy some wife share porn movies relaxed on the couch I initiated the talk about having sex with her he was kinda caught off guard but said yes. So we began to feel her up undress her she was spread eagle and he inserted a finger in her she moved up to meet it. Then it was on we undressed and he ate her out she was eager and wet he moved up and put a condom on and man he had a big thick cock. He was extremely gentile with her slowly the head went in it filled her up she tighten up from the initial pain he worked it slowly deeper and just let it sit there. Finally she began to move on it. And relaxed he went deeper till it was balls deep and left it there again the he began to pump in and out in and out she was wet. And he began to pound her faster harder it was making squishy noises and she came hard she pulled him in and grinned up to him and it continued again she cane. We took turns on her for something like 2hrs. He showered and left. Oh what a night. She admitted to loving it and now we’re searching for another hung guy. We hope to find another guy soon.